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    Isn't in my bathroom
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    Sorry guys, just removed white-listing XD
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    Quote from Peanut8Man

    Why cant you just use your voice

    No, but on topic, ShingFling, maybe you can...have a friend have their volume up high...no...
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    Hello people out there, welcome to this thread! This is legitimately my server, so hands off plagiarism people!!!
    ...ok, so the basic details of this server are right...about...here:
    Server IP:
    Port(might need this):25565
    Max Players: 25
    Owners: haloblazer113(me)
    Admins: arshi100
    Mods: braydon765321
    Respected: (none)

    Info on people above:
    Name: Drake
    Skype: live:eightbitmine
    Rank: Console (meaning complete owner)

    Name: Simon
    skype: captainmo9876
    Rank: Herobrine

    Name: (?)
    Skype: Arshi
    Rank: Owner

    Name: Braydon
    Skype: demonicpeas
    Rank: Moderator

    Name: (?)
    Skype: umpypinky
    Rank: Moderator

    So...yeah, come join and have a great time in NinjaCraft!
    I found this server in my Documents and thought I should run it again, when I remembered that I used this server for my friends, as I had premium and they had cracked. Now it is the opposite way around...*sigh* WHY, MOM?!?!? WHY!?!?!
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    RP Name: Drake
    Age: 13
    Race: Wolf(if that is what you're saying...I'll be a mystic wolf, who can talk, but nothing else than that :3)

    Weapon(Must not be from the modern age): Claws (...?)
    Armor: Iron armor meant for a wolf
    Skills: -Running fast
    -Sharp claws
    -Some magic...
    Magic(Optional): Can teleport every 10 seconds with a radius of over 10 blocks and less than 100

    Land:(You can claim a area with the permission from me,optional): Nope :3
    Bio: Um...he was a Human, like you. He was a walking, talking, emotional Human. Like you. Then, one day, a mysterious man named Herobrine raided his house and killed his wife and taken hostage his only son, in the process turning Drake into a wolf. When Herobrine left, Drake wondered, looking for a way to find Herobrine...when he met Mark. Mark didn't realize it, but Drake had followed Mark all the way to the Resistance camp. There, Drake signed up to take back the world...from Herobrine.
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    We have Adventure Mode -_-

    TECHNICALLY the same thing.
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    Quote from 0strichGuy11

    MINECRAFT IS TOO FANTASY!!!111!one!!1!111 rawr insult here n threat here.

    That would be the aftermath.

    RAWR!!! -insert head snappinf sound here-
    On Topic-I honestly think this is downright the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of.
    Hell, why not add Pikachu from Pokemon?
    My point is, a mod should lock this :3
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    I notice that you dont have most of the stuff I had...didn't even mention me :(
    Oh well..Sorry for the possible double post

    Sorry, I'm really mad D:<

    You took out the F in FUN! REALLY?!?!?!
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    In order to do a spoiler, please do [.spoiler] and then at the end do [/spoiler] without the period. Thanks!
    [spoiler]BANANA Like so :3 [/spoiler]
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    EPIC seed that has many cliffs and cliff hangers in the Desert Biome and you spawn in the Plains biome enjoy :3

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    Quote from Acesilentlife

    Trust me I am aware that they are NO where in hell near finished, but the are supposed to spawn in plains biomes so..

    Now that you are FULLY aware of that, all of my arguments are now...invalid.
    (Unless you count EpicSeige's and Herobrine's O.O)
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    Quote from TwentyFive

    I like how the OP is getting so much hate XD

    Same here XD

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    Quote from Cerlied

    I like it all!

    Same here.
    (Ideas are in Dark Blue :3)

    Quote from Phoenix750

    Look let's face the fact... there is only ONE water mob, and some people want more than just a squid. So this is a topic about New Water Mob ideas. This won't just be a topic that takes one thing and copies it. By the way, this is just a re-post of my suggestion for the PC version, with some changes here and there, but I just thought "Why not?" considering 4J Studios said that the XBox 360 version of Minecraft won't be an exact copy of the PC version. I also understand that most of this won't get added, maybe at most, half of it, due to what-ever reason.

    Um...OK, I guess?

    Fixes - Water that is viewed through glass, appears like it is flowing
    Oceans should be deeper
    Light will "travel" 2 more blocks underwater

    The water is fine, thank you. Glass-same.

    Underwater Mobs

    Hearts - 1 (that means it has 1 FULL heart)
    Speed - Same as player
    Drops - Fish (what did you expect.... a diamond sword)
    Spawn Rate - Common 4-7
    Always swim in groups
    Spawn Egg - Light Blue, with gray

    Um...you can get these with a fishing pole. You don't need to see them. Unless you add a net, then I'll approve.

    Green Sea Turtle
    Hearts - 6
    Speed - 10% Slower than player
    Drops - Shell 10% to drop (See items for further explanation)
    Spawn Rate - Uncommon
    Spawn Egg - Brown, and Green
    Special - Can walk on land, when on land it is 60% slower than the player

    Doesn't really make sense. Disclosed until future.

    Crab (Breed-able)
    Hearts - 2
    Attack - 1 Heart of damage
    Speed - Half a block per second
    Drops - Crab Meat 10% to drop (See items for further explanation)
    Spawn Rate - Uncommon, don't despawn (once they all die, they die forever)
    Neutral, unless you are in 5 block proximity of it's nest (which is a hole in the ground with sponge), or you hit it
    Spawn Egg - White with Peach (the color, not the food), and two black dots to resemble eyes in the upper-middle

    Crabs? Get a mod. Mojang doesn't need to add crabs.

    Hearts - 6
    Attack - 4
    Speed - 2x faster than player
    Drops - Teeth 30% to drop (See items for further explanation)
    Spawn Rate - Rare
    Spawn Egg - Silver, with black stripe going down the middle

    What the hell would teeth do?

    Sea Urchins
    Hearts - 3
    Attack - Each time it is hit by player by HAND, player will lose 2 heart points and get poisoned
    Speed - Extremely slow, less than half a block per second
    Drops - Broken Spike 85% to drop (See items for further explanation)
    Spawn Rate - Uncommon
    Basically is an underwater version of cactus that can move
    Spawn Egg - Purple, with pink some pink dots

    Nope. Nada.

    "Grave Keeper" Great White Shark (Sunken Ship BOSS)
    Hearts - 50
    Attack - 3 Hearts of damage
    Speed - 1.5x faster than player
    Drops - Razor Blade 100% (See items for further explanation)
    Spawn Rate - Sunken Ship ONLY

    O.O That would be adding a dungeon-like feel to Minecraft...not suitable for me.

    Angler Fish (TRENCH)
    Hearts - 3
    Attack - 1 Heart of damage
    Speed - Same as player
    Drops - Angler 75%
    Spawn Rate - Uncommon, Trench ONLY
    Special - Angler will have a glowing effect, and lures normal fish and then eats them, restores 2.5 hearts to angler fish (will make a sound as if the player was eating)
    Spawn Egg - Black with yellow dot in middle

    Same with the shark.

    Parrot Fish
    Hearts - 2
    Speed - Same as player
    Drops - Coral 15%
    Spawn Rate - Uncommon, only when there are 5 coral blocks or more
    Special - Eats coral (will make a sound as if the player was mining stone)
    Eats 2 coral blocks per day, takes about 3 seconds to eat a single coral block, if it has not eaten 2 coral blocks in a day, it will die
    Spawn Egg - Blue, with dark blue

    I...kind of agree. But why in the world would you need Coral? (me):Look mommy, I have a Coral Breast-Plate!

    Underwater Structures
    Sunken Ship
    Spawn Rate - Extremely Rare 3%
    Chest - Iron Ingot 1-13 100%, Gold Ingot 1-6 85%, Iron Sword 1-2 99%, Iron Armor (whole set) 15%, Painting (2-5) 60%, creeper spawn egg 100%, fishing rod 40%, fish 1-9 75%, and gunpowder (1-5) 30%
    Mobs - All underwater mobs
    Boss- "Grave Keeper" Great White Shark
    Description - The treasure is just as great as the risk, the risk being of course the Grave Keeper, the supposed "guardian" of the treasure... but what would I know those are just rumors

    Again, this would be adding a dungeon-like feel to Minecraft. Not voting. -1

    Same as ravine... but underwater
    Mobs - Trench mobs and normal fish
    Sunken Ship has an increased 5% chance to spawn inside


    Description - Basically villages that have an abandoned/flooded feeling to them, example: no doors, no glass blocks (no glass panels either) will have cobblestone but some of it is mossy cobblestone, and will also be missing some blocks (about 1-4 blocks)
    Can range from an abandoned well and a little house, to an entire village
    Library - Books (1-7) 100%, paper (1-5) 95%, and Ink sacks (1-5) 95%
    Smithy (forge, or whatever you call it) - Anything found in a normal smithy
    Farm House (the little house that appears next to farms) - Iron Hoe 95% , seeds (1-15) 65%, wheat (1-24) 75%
    Description - Ruined buildings with a lot of treasure inside, nothing to see here

    I agree. This would add a post-apocalyptic feel to it...actually, no. How would cows and stuff get on, then? Trees and pigs, oh my!

    Underwater Blocks
    Colors - All colors of the dyes
    Comes in a variety of colors, mine-able with any pick (Decoration, can be crafted into dyes, depending on color)
    Will steadily grow (1 new coral block added every 1 MC day for each coral)
    The above means that for example if you start with 1 coral, after 5 MC days you will have 32 blocks of coral
    There is a 20% chance the new coral block will be glowing coral
    Spawn Rate - Rare
    Spawn in groups of 3-9

    Again, why? How does it spawn?

    Green and/or yellow, grows like sugarcane, except it only grows in water
    See items for further explanation


    Glowing Coral
    Mine-able with any pick
    Produces 7 blocks of light, not hindered by water, only works IN water
    Color - Green in the center with blue around it

    Nope. Not doing it. Since when does Coral shine? (Me):Look mommy, I have a glowing Coral chest-plate!

    The Riptide
    Damage - 3.5 (same as Diamond sword)
    Durability - 1300 (compared to Diamond sword's 1562)
    Special - Gives wounded effect to whomever is hit (causes mob to be slowed down by 40% for 12 seconds)
    Description - A legendary blade of untold power

    Turtle Shell (Chest Armor)
    Same as leather armor
    Special - When a sword is equipped, instead of blocking with the sword you go inside the shell, reducing the incoming damage by a further 50%, but increasing the durability use on the shell by 2x
    Description - How the f*** do you fit in that o_o

    Use - Combined with fishing pole, grants the ability to "deep sea" fish, the water needs to be at LEAST 18 blocks deep, the bob will be completely inside the water, so you will have to rely on the string shaking, and the splashing sound the water makes, and instead of just catching fish, other mobs will swim towards the bob and if they touch the bob they will die and turn into a drop item version of themselves, if you want the actual item the mob drops (barracuda's teeth for example) you will have to craft the mob it self and the mob will be used and you will get the item it usually drops.
    Catch-able mobs - Barracuda, Parrot fish, Angler fish, and of course normal fish
    Craft-able mobs (this means that you can put the mob "item" and get it's normal drop) - Barracuda, and angler fish
    Credit to Jonmcdonald for the idea

    Broken Spikes
    Use - 3 broken spikes= spike trap, place on the ground, and it will do the same damage as cactus and have the ability to destroy dropped items

    Crab meat
    Use - Can be traded with villagers for stuff, 8 crab meat will get you a single emerald (once implemented)
    Use - If eaten raw, will restore 2.5 hunger bars, if eaten cooked, will restore 6.5 hunger bars, AND give "Health Regeneration II"
    Description - Can I hassssss sssssome:SSSS:

    Use - Use on crabs to enable breeding mode o_o
    Use - Can be crafted into green or yellow dye, 50% chance it will be either one

    Use - Used in brewing, gives the potion you use it on a second use (for example, a splash potion of harming can be used twice)

    Mobs caught by fishing rod with angler/ hunger restored
    Uncooked - 1
    Cooked - 4

    Parrot Fish
    Uncooked - .5
    Cooked - 2

    Angler Fish
    Uncooked - .5
    Cooked - 3]

    All of these (the rest) do NOT fit in. That is all.

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    posted a message on Natural Spawning Horses!
    Quote from Acesilentlife

    I'm not using mods. I am playing in 13w17a!

    In this seed, horses spawn without the spawn egg, but there are a lot of issues that make them despawn fast. and since I play the current development version of 1.6, everyone has said they have yet to find a naturally spawned horse. I made this topic

    It's either a possible issue, or Mojang coded it that way. There. Done.
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    Quote from iBuswell

    I think horses would make a great edition to the minecraft animals :) I also think they should add black and white cows too :)

    1)Learn how to spell "Addition"
    2)Um..."Black and White cows" is actually a good idea :3

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