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    A post editor where the save button is so non-functional, to the point where it forces me to double-post, is a broken post-editor indeed. How does that even happen?

    Have you guys forgotten a thing such as clipboard exists?

    A post editor where the save button is so non-functional, to the
    point where it forces me to double-post, is a broken post-editor indeed.
    How does that even happen?

    Have you guys forgotten a thing such as clipboard exists?

    ^ How do you even manage to create a bug revolving around copy-pasting?

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    posted a message on It's official: Ryan Holtz aka theMogMiner is no longer a Mojang employee
    Quote from SpaciousName»
    So that's Microsoft's plan, eh? Fire them off, one by one!?

    Nope, its mojang being incompetent as usual. "Hey jeb, we should really fix these bugs, the game is getting really unstable!" "Naaaaah! Lets just add another rushed-in block that serves no real purpose and players won't care about in the slightest!"
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    The pokemon fandom has to be one of the biggest sources of fanboyism I've ever had the displeasure of coming across on the internet. All the fans ever care about is more pokemon getting a mega evolution (a horrible god-awful cash-grab gimmick thats being milked into oblivion), and stats. The worst part is that anyone who disagrees with a pokemon fan(boy/girl)'s opinion about newer pokemon related things (such as mega evolutions) is almost always dismissed and labeled as a "genwunner". It's a stupid name for somebody that is "blinded by nostalgia" and does nothing but bash anything after the first 3 pokemon games, which were released in the nineties.

    FYI, in case you haven't noticed from my avatar, I'm also a fan of pokemon.
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    posted a message on What would you do if you bought Mojang ?
    1): I'd tell dinnerbone to get his act together and start adding serious features to the game, or else i'd fire him. Everybody hates dinnerbone, so this would be one step closer to repairing the community's seemingly already-broken-as-heck relationship with mojang. I'd also tell jeb to be A LOT more careful with what features he adds to minecraft, how he adds them, and to plan them more carefully, else he's getting fired/demoted and replaced by a new lead dev.

    2): I'd hire a dedicated team of staff to actively listen to the community, mainly on the forums. This way, many suggestion threads on the forums will ACTUALLY be taken into account, and thus not be pointless.

    3): OFFICIAL servers! 3rd party servers are so abused and loaded with corrupt/abusive admins/owners, that its completely unacceptable. Having official mojang servers would give players the option to not have to deal with this kind of stuff. It'd be run by a dedicated team of staff. Rust has this, why not minecraft? Alternatively, I could have mojang staff create a strict set of rules for server admins to follow, and have players report any offenses. Any rule-breaking 3rd party server admins could be punished. This would be tyranny though, so its not exactly an ideal option.

    3): I'd focus ALL efforts in 1.9 towards the fixing of the terrain and world-generation, and actually RESEARCH and LISTEN CAREFULLY to the COMMUNITY this time, instead of creating a pointless update, that didn't even take into account vital details. I'm looking at you, release 1.7! The update after 1.9 (1.10 I think) would remove or make alternative systems for enchanting and potions, seeing as they make pvp so broken and one-sided its not even funny.

    4): I'd have the devs work on several more feature updates for minecraft, based on popular forum suggestions. While thats going on, I may or may not hire/have a team of staff work on the next big mojang title, depending on the choices I make that follow.

    5): Once the feature updates have been completed, I would focus all following updates on bug fixing, until the game is as bug-free as possible, and then optimizing the game as much as possible. If you haven't started crying from realizing where this is going, you'll find out soon enough.

    6): It's time to release the modding/plugin API!

    7): Release the next big mojang game, if it was developed that is...

    8): Minecraft is finished, for real this time, unlike 1.0! The game is virtually bug-free, is optimized so that it doesnt have horrendous framerate issues, and most importantly: is back in its glory days with the classic terrain and without enchanting, potions and whatnot! It's time to abandon development on minecraft! We aren't gonna keep working on it and risk ruining the game again!

    9): I'd make one of two choices here: 1): Continue with business at mojang like usual, making money and expanding into new territory. Or 2): Shut down mojang and declare it a defunct company. I'd prefer the latter.

    There you have it folks, thats what I would do. I have a feeling a lot of people are going to disagree with some of these choices though...
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    Quote from swaglord676»

    I think he meant something more like a thread where people are more specific about where they live than just the continent.

    Exactly, this guy gets it! Thank you Illuminati/deal-with-it-troll/dorrito-eating-mlgpro person!

    ... And a rep point...
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    Quote from Beltir
    Should we have a car section? Should we have an alcohol section? Should we have a fighter jet section?

    That is an incredibly weak argument, because unlike PPNS, those sections don't cover a very broad range of topics. PPNS wasn't just the "US presidents" section, or the "Canadian Broadcasting Corporation" section, it was Politics Philosophy News and Science, which allowed about as much range in topics as General Off Topic, or Computers Science and Technology, or ANY of the OT sections for that matter.
    Quote from Beltir»

    Yes, and we have a section for off-topic stuff as well. The point I was making is that we don't have to have a section that caters to everything,

    So if we have a section for anything off topic, then why do we have a CST section, or a CMA section, or a GG section, or even the FG section? By your logic, the admins should just remove every OT section but GOT, but that isn't such a great idea now is it? The backlash would be unfathomable, like when you removed PPNS. Not saying it should be brought back, this whole post is just for some debating really.

    You seem to imply that anything past GOT and FG is redundant and uneeded, and that anything posted in the other OT sections can just be posted in GOT, since it's still off-topic. What you fail to realize, is that this creates a massive contradiction to the removal of PPNS, as since all the stuff posted there was still off-topic to the forum in general. So couldn't everyone just post their political, philosophical, news, and/or society stuff in GOT?

    Also, the whole philosophy of this forum being safe for kids, In my very honest opinion, is a load of bologna. No matter how hard you enforce it, people will still break the rules. This means every now and then, a kid will come across a post that drops the F-bomb, or says H-E-double-hockey sticks. Sure, you're limiting every child user's exposure to stuff like this by an extreme amount, but said child will still undoubtedly see a post that cusses or whatever at some point, and the learn to use these words.

    Even if you could enforce the rules flawlessly to ensure every single user does not swear or anything, you'd still have another problem. Ads, which is self explanatory.

    Face it, a 100% child-safe environment on the internet is virtually impossible. This is like trying to watch youtube videos without hearing people curse or make dirty jokes, 100% impossible.
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    Quote from Cheeyev»

    Yes, I agree perfectly with you. Honestly, it was an attempt gone wrong, and now it's impossible to reverse. And look at the evolutions of starters, they start out cute and end out as badass Pokemon, but the Mega Evolutions is just too over the top. I can get it with type and stat changes, but sheesh, it was a stupid move. Now I'll simulate a talk to a Gen-Wunner;
    "Sir, what's your opinion to Gen 6-"
    "IT SUCKS! Kanto was best!"
    "You do know that Jonto was actually intended for Pokemon, right-"
    "SHUT UP! Kanto is best, and is always best!"
    "But those sprites suck-"
    "NO! I like how deformed they are, it's best pokemon!"
    "But it's all grayscale and bleep-bloops you call music are all whats in the game as sounds-"
    "But i like it, because I'm a GenWunner!!!!!11!"
    "But Gen 6 introduced Mega Evolutions, look at Venisaur and friends-"
    "SHUT UP, they hate each other, mega evolutions are stupid, I like normal Charizard!"
    "Geez, there's no agreeing with this guy.."
    Also, I altered a tiny bit of your post, lets see if you can find it? Also, your avatar looks kind of like something ElfCoach drew.

    Haha, greninja'd. He actually was the reason for my defeat on one of my PSS matches in OR. Then again, I've lost in pretty much all of my PSS matches.

    But nevermind that, lets get back to the topic at-hand.

    Yes, I completely agree. The real scary thing about megas is that it's irreversible. Megas are practically their own Pokemon, which means they WILL remain in the game, for every following generation of Pokemon games from now on. Even if game freak came to their senses, and tried to remove megas from every following game, Pokemon would have already gathered too many fans of mega evolution that the resulting backlash would prevent them from doing so.

    Whats also scary about mega evolutions, is that it has seemingly dissolved pokemon as a whole into nothing more than a fan-gathering for mega evolutions. I cannot search anything pokemon related on youtube without seeing mountains of videos on things like mega-evolution-this or mega-evolution-that.

    I swear, it seems pokemon is no longer about the battles and fun of the game, but now about "when are more megas gonna be revealed?" "When is arceus getting a primal reversion/mega evolution?", it's kind of sad.

    When I asked for your opinion on genwunners, I didn't mean the stereotypical whiny gen 1 fanboy, I meant people who like gen 1 in general.

    Now about your second point...

    I think the "genwunner" label needs to be changed. There needs to be both a name for the whiny gen 1 fanboys, and the people who simply like gen 1. For example, I've played the original red version, but does that make me a "genwunner"? No it doesn't, because I've also played crystal, ruby, sapphire, fire-red, pearl, and now omega ruby (ruby was my second Pokemon game).

    Also can I just say that the people who whine about genwunners seem worse than the genwunners themselves? They seem so obsessed with putting down genwunners, to the point that anyone who mentions ANYTHING from gen 1, or shows bias towards it. To put things into perspective, TotalBiscuit, a popular youtube reviewer, criticized the XY starters and compared them to the gen 1 starters, and was labelled a "genwunner" afterwards.

    I rarely even see genwunners on Pokemon videos, yet I see loads of comments insulting genwunners. It's pathetic.
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    Quote from StormCrow1770»

    Oh wait... That was the posters username... I feel like an idiot now...
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    posted a message on Is calling gold 'butter' OK? I think yes!
    I sometimes jokingly call gold "budder", but I never use the word seriously. Yes, it is called "budder", not because it is weed, but because that's how sky pronounces it. It's simply a silly pronunciation of "butter"

    I have no problem with people using the term in a lighthearted fashion, it's when they get obsessed and defensive about calling it that when it annoys me. It doesn't really even annoy me though, it just gets to be a slight nuisance. But maybe thats because the ones that I run into which get defensive about it don't use all caps and such.

    Usually I just say it's gold or something, and they just say something like "No it's butter", but they don't go out of their way to spam it in all caps or anything.

    Long story short, I don't really care too much either way.
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    posted a message on How do you feel about cracked users (NEW POLL!)
    I don't care about cracked users, and honestly, as long as Mojang continues to make millions off of Minecraft, it shouldn't be a concern.

    That's basically my stance on digital piracy. If it doesn't prevent your company from raking in profits, then let people pirate your stuff (digitally of course).
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