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    posted a message on why do people always use abbreviations for short words
    Quote from deathstriker294

    so this is about how people are always using stuff like say glhf or good-luck have fun seeing in how it's not that hard to type good luck have fun and really if it's a short word then you just being really lazy and the fact that you are you can't spell makes me think that you are just a complete retard and or just really stupid and should really go back to school.

    so post your thoughts on this and leave what you think, or send me hate that i will not respond to

    Learn to capitilize, makes you look like an idiot complaining about stupidness when I could say that about you, and also to answer your question: long ago in a far away land people had to stay under a texting limit based on letters. Because of that they had to make abbreviations to help stay under the limit. The abbreviations are still used by some who still actually have those limits, and those of who have a limited time to text when in a hurry. No offense to you.
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    posted a message on Post Your Favourite Cancelled Kids Show
    Teen Titans. This got me into comics more.
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    posted a message on Your saddest moment in a Video Game?
    John Marston's death in Red Dead Redemption.
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    posted a message on So. About those kids... Yeah.
    Those obnoxious kids who wear shirts with the Black Ops II logos on them out at Walmart. The ones yelling into the mic about the mofo who had recently killed him with an OP gun, and how he is going to bang his/her mom tonight. Yeah. Those kinds of kids. What do you guys think of these types of kids?
    Oh, my. Earth, you are going to have a burden on your shoulders in 10 years.

    *Edit: I am not saying that all kids who plays BLOPs 2 are annoying arses. There are plenty of good kids who respect the older age groups. You just have to spend a day or two in matchmaking to find them.
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    posted a message on Is this the end for Minecraft ?
    Cube world is more about exploration and has a more RPG feel, while Minecraft is exactly that: Mining and Crafting. Two different things for two different audiences. Also I wouldn't think MC would fail, because, well over 5 million people play it?
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    posted a message on If you feel as though Xbox is way behind PC, Please Read this Post!
    Quote from Mustache_Guy

    Microsoft is the reason the Xbox 360 Edition is the way it is.

    So have fun trying to make one of the biggest and most powerful companies in the world change how they've worked their gaming company for more than a decade.

    But lets just be thankful MCX360 isn't run by EA.

    "Sorry! In order for you to have access to the diamond tool pack you need to pay 0.99 Cents, or you can buy it with 50 Minecraft Premium points!" -If EA made Minecraft on the 360.
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    posted a message on What Would You Want to Add to Villages?
    Quote from RGBluePrints

    More variety in terms of size and looks of the buildings in different biomes. But in the other hand... Something actually useful would be cool...

    Igloos, treehouses, underwater domes, hobbit hole type things! The possibilities are endless!
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    posted a message on Would Gun Control even help?
    I recently have done a persuasive essay for a class I have at school concerning this. Of course it wouldn't help! I mean guns aren't the only things that kill people right? You could take a baseball bat and just go on a bonking rampage (sorry if im being a tiny bit obnoxious). Gun smuggling operations would be increased because wouldn't people want to be more desperate for guns? Don't even get me started on our "government" blaming violent video games
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    posted a message on Minecraft pe is not doing well
    Yeah well they're not trying to cram stuff into the PE version so that people would think that this is the real deal and download it thinking that this is as best as it can get. They think about if they incorporate the nether into the PE what would be the possible outcomes. Would it work well for ipads 2 and up and crash Iphones and ipods at the title screen, or will they take this step by step making sure this platform is stabilized for advancement. I think that they're doing just fine at their pace.
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    posted a message on Civilization Craft
    Good idea. I would like to add something though: maybe it would be cooler if there are 3 factions with names and they would be added into the minecraft universe meaning factions are the same in each world. You can join a faction and they all have different goals. Maybe for example a faction named Silver Wolves or something would be the "Good" guys just wanting to build relationships with the outer world while say the Hunting Bears are the reckless raiders. Cool concept I definitely think Mojang needs to take a gander at this!
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