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    As there is a rather large amount of misinformation and name calling around, and in an attempt to actually be logical amongst this group, here are some basic descriptions and information.

    Jarmods - This is a class of mod that edits base files, whether they use an API like ModLoader or Forge or SomethingMythical, if they make base edits, they are a jarmod. Since a jarmod edits base files it will inherently be incompatible with other jarmods that make edits to the same base files, even if those edits are for a different purpose. In essence, any mod that makes base edits is actively not caring about compatibility as the very act of making base edits means that the mod *will* be incompatible at some point.

    ModLoader - Is a jarmod that acts as a very thin API making a small amount of base edits to allow mods to achieve adding in basic classes such as new blocks or items and so forth. Its API does not allow for a good deal of functionality, hence why many ModLoader mods end up turning in to jarmods, and by doing so they instantly lose a great deal of compatibility. This is not an open-source mod and has no license that allows distribution, thus you require authorization directly from the author to redstribute. In essence, a mod can make calls 'to' modloader to do something in the base classes instead of needing to make those changes itself. Without modloader you could only, for example, have one mod that adds new blocks since they would conflict otherwise (it is more complicated than this, but this is the gist of why it exists).

    'Clean Mod' - is a set of classes that are loaded by some form of mod loader, that then make callbacks to a mod loader to perform functionality within the Minecraft system, such as registering a new block type. If a mod starts to make edits to base files due to the limitation of the mod loader it is using, it then is no longer a clean mod and becomes a jarmod, thus losing potential compatibility with anything that edits the same base classes.

    ForgeModLoader - Is a jarmod that performs similar, but different functionality to ModLoader. It does do everything ModLoader does, but it is a clean room implementation (meaning it was made only be seeing how mods 'use' modloader, but without looking at modloader itself) of modloader, however it also adds in higher functionality. One of its defining characteristics other than adding a few new hooks above beyond ModLoader is the concept of a 'coremod'.

    FML CoreMod - Is a type of mod that can be loaded like a normal mod, however it makes minor edits due the java class bytecode for only what it needs. Basically this allows a mod to make a base edit, without actually editing the base class files. Since coremods are to add their own custom hooks it should always remain compatible with any other coremods. Jarmods, since they edit base files themselves, are still wholly incompatible due to the poor design of such a mod.

    Given these definitions, it should be obvious why any mod that is a jarmod is inherently of poor design since it would not remain compatible with anything else that edits similar base classes. Thus it makes sense to create a set of hooks to let multiple mods interact with similar functionality to the base system, and since you need a hook to begin these classes to load you would then create a loader as well, hence a Mod Loader is born. The single-authors Mod Loader's capabilities are highly limited since it cannot possible fulfill the desire of every single base edit of every single mod out, thus a group of mod authors come together and combine what is needed to make an expanded set of hooks, hence Forge was born. Forge allowed any modder to submit new hooks, and after cleaning them up and making them properly generic for maximal usage the new hook is then added to the ecosystem for use by any and all other mod authors. The other mod authors, by seeing what hooks are available, get new ideas for new gameplay mechanics and it drives creativity even higher. However these hooks, although useful in preventing base edits and encouraging compatibility, still do not let the mods properly work together as there are a multitude of ways to access inventories, a multitude of identical blocks such as new ores amongst the mods. You then start creating compatibility layers on top of the hooks to allow for identical things in different mods to be treated as one, such as the Forge Ore Dictionary, which allows for any block or item to be registered by a unique name such as 'ore.copper' and any other mod that has a copper block can use yours and vice versa with no extra work required, thus increasing compatibility even further. These layers help reduce a massive amount of programming that would otherwise be needed by the modders by consolidating it in to a single, useful location, thus saving time. More ideas such as this are thought of and included and it spurs creativity even further.

    Now, say there is a mod that edits a base class that forge also uses, by this mod being so poorly made so as to use a base edit that suddenly prevents an entire eco-system of mod authors that work well together from running with this mod, all because this one mod was not made well enough. Not that it is a big thing in any case, there are many mod ideas, and many programmers, and new ones coming all the time, and with the information available it is quite obvious that proper programming methods help let everything work together. In essence, just staying away from becoming a jarmod means that you should remain fully compatible with all non-jarmods, which is good, since jarmods themselves are not compatible with other jarmods either.

    The question of bloat is also an odd one. The API's exposed do not cost anything if not used, and the designs presented can even make the game run faster. So the question is actually 'why not'? Only thing it could possibly break is a jarmod, of which is already designed to be incompatible anyway.

    So why would anyone be 'for' jarmods when by their very design they try to break compatibility? When using a proper API can reduce the work that the modder does, and helps them at many turns? That is no doubt a question of intellect. A little research can go a very long way.
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    Quote from ScottKillen

    A request
    If any of you is able to answer the following requests, pleas send me a PM.
    • Hosted CI
    • I would like to offer users access to continuous builds, like some other mods are doing, using CI software like Jenkins.
    • Minecraft server
    • I would like to be able to have a testing server that provides root access and can handle a lag free heavily modded minecraft service for approximately 5-6 simultaneous players.
    I receive no compensation for the development of Extrabiomes, and cannot pay for the above; however, this thread receives lots of hits, I post multiple times a day and my signature is seen here and all over MCF. Our mod is downloaded 20,000+ times per release--so I can offer banner placement in trade for the above sponsorship.

    I have tried to pursue these requests privately, with no luck, so I am hoping that someone will see this request. I won't repeat this post.

    Thank you!

    Development Update
    Development for the 3.0 release for Minecraft 1.3.2 continues. A few issues have been found in early testing and we have yet to add support for the new features in Minecraft 1.3.2 like the new temple structures and new ore. Currently, I am shoring up the API so with the hopes that these changes will help it remain unchanged in the future.

    Thank you for your patience!

    Greetings, the forge CI ( http://jenkins.minecraftforge.net:7070/ ) is available if you want me to set you up there. If possible contact me on IRC when I am around (#minecraftforge on irc.esper.net) or PM me on the forge forums and first give me the following information:
    - What account name you want
    - What you want your first password to be, you can change it when in it
    - What is your repository link (github is perfect, or whatever else is public, if not public then I will need to set you up with an SSH key and so forth first to register them together)
    - Jenkins requires an email to register, so that too.

    I can link it in with the rest of the mods so building will be fast. You will need to setup the jenkins github web hook in github if you use it, or just a standard post-commit hook in whatever else you use, but that is simple.
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    Quote from TheDataMiner

    I agree. MMAPI should be like ModLoader but with more and deeper hooks.

    So... it should be like Forge then you say.
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    Quote from Gamestar1313

    Why not just call it corrundum?

    Quote from Wikipedia »

    Corundum is a crystalline form of aluminium oxide (Al2O3) with traces of iron, titanium and chromium.[1] It is a rock-forming mineral. It is one of the naturally clear transparent materials, but can have different colors when impurities are present. Transparent specimens are used as gems, called ruby if red and padparadscha if pink-orange. All other colors are called sapphire, e.g., "green sapphire" for a green specimen.

    Or call them 'Green Sapphire', 'Blue Sapphire', and 'Ruby' (or 'Red Sapphire' for consistency)?

    Quote from Wikipedia »

    Corundum occurs as a mineral in mica schist, gneiss, and some marbles in Metamorphic terranes. It also occurs in low silica igneous syenite and nepheline syenite intrusives.

    Maybe have it only spawn in marble too? Would make it more rare, could up its availability to compensate, could also color the 'background' of the gem blocks to be marble to match, something different in any case.
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    Quote from nukularpower

    Just a request. I'm trying not to be ranty here, and i really, really love Redpower, but I am pretty frustrated ATM so forgive me if I don't entirely succeed.

    I guess my annoyance is coming from playing SSP for a while with Logistics pipes and then getting back into SMP with only RP2 sorting to run with. All I wanted tonight was a simple way to move ores from a chest to a macerator, dusts to the furnaces, bars to chests. This ended up being a disaster of pipes, wire, cables, and machines, mainly because space was fairly limited due to the room being high up in a tower - and I fully admit to not being anything close to a Minecraft wizard, but it really should not have taken hours to complete this.

    Now, I was in love with RP2 sorting for a good while (till I got used to Logistics pipes, again.) When it started out, it seemed like it was going to be an elegant, fast-build alternative to the old Buildcraft messes that were the only option up to that point. However, as more and more has been added, I feel the system has gotten a bit bloated and unintuitive.

    My main complaint is the sorting machines, retreivers, and etc requiring Blutricity to run. I understand that the Blutric system needed validating a bit a first, but sorting systems get complicated enough without this, especially in tight areas. Why are we to forced to cram a Blutric wire in there too? I mean, there are only so many faces open by a furnace as is in an automated system what with in/out tubes, transposers and such, IC2 cables if using those machines, redwire to trigger the transposers/retreivers/whatever - though at least I can cheat that with WRCBE - the machines themselves, hopefully an open face so as to not look like ****, and so on. And with PR5, the Frame motors and pumps provide enough reason for Blutricity to exist without sorting machines forcing an arbitrary complication into what should be simple builds.

    I'm not asking for RP2 to copy Logistics (though I would certainly love that ;) ) but do we really have to make running a sorting system harder than it needs to be?

    Anyways, thanks for all your work, Eloraam - RP2 will always be my number 1 just cuz of the logic gates and such. I just hope that there are some ease-of-life improvements coming someday for the sorting systems.

    You *way* over-complicated it. If you do not want to use blutricity or retrievers(why are you using these?) or sorters or so, use filters. A long central bus of a pipe (potentially branching, matters not), with filters off the sides on all to route to areas. Been doing that for many versions, works very well.
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    Quote from MagmaMcFry

    4x4x5 self-powering 4-directional dirigible. Nuff said.

    That is just brilliant, and nicely compact, could easily build off of it. :)

    Quote from Awesomebob74

    Ahh, no nikolite I take it?
    Thanks for the intelligent, mature and respectful answer to my question.

    I just wish el would get off her high horse and give us the option to disable the damn things, or at least build them to blend in.

    Or you could quit being an idiot and do a little research. The World changes (including volcano fixes and more) are slated for PR6.
    Just as an intelligent post should get an intelligent answer, consider the vice-versa. You should quit being so full of 'your'self.
    Quote from kylania

    I have 3 left in my SSP world, yikes! One of the reasons I don't use Teleport Thingies anymore, since it switched from just 3 IDs to 6 instead of using a single one and damage values.

    The EnderStorage mod should fix all your pipes/tubes teleportation woes in regards to items, at only 1 ID.
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    Quote from raa1337

    Indeed. Arcane Singularities are 2 Redstone, 1 Coal, and 1 Glowstone- Not counting the Vis needed to combine them.

    Even with the Arcane Focus: Fire it's still quite expensive.

    The fuel is the costly part.
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    Quote from TheLima

    For those following the PowerCraft's roaster issue, here is the PowerCraft's thread's post i promised.

    I will watch for Eloraam's answer on the proportions matter, here. But the roaster's issue will continue discussion on that thread, so people interested in following this fix's progression, if any, are advised to subscribe or keep watch on that thread.


    RP2 recipes for such things are in accordance with vanilla set up, if PowerCraft is unable to handle vanilla recipes due to its non-vanilla style of instantness, that is a fault of its own.

    IC2 also has something that is furnaced multiple times, as do multiple other mods. Thus why did you ever bring the PowerCraft bug up in this thread to begin with?

    Quote from slip733

    if anyone has any ideas why my sorting machine isnt pulling items from my chest, please let me know, the chest is about 4 blocks away from the machine and its connected using pnuematic tubing

    Sorting machines are unable to pull from a distance, they must be against the inventory. that you want it to pull from.
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    Quote from TheEnlightened

    then why even leave that message in the first place? (this is rhetorical)

    I would love an "upgraded" restriction tube, maybe a recipe with a 3 restriction tubes and 6 diamonds gets you a "customizeable distance tube"

    Uh, why the crap would a restriction tube need diamond? That makes no sense... This is not BC with arbitrary costs that have nothing to do with the device after all...

    Quote from Sodisna

    I have a question about the Rubber Trees. What are the exactly conditions to make one grow? I've tire clearing out an area of 32 x 32 and it still didn't grow. Bone Meal'd it and everything. Does it have to be at a specific height?

    It takes a random amount of a long time, anywhere from a few MC days to up to 2 MC weeks is common, but could potentially take more. Just make sure it has plenty of room, plenty of light, and leave it along, bonemeal does not work on it. :)
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    Quote from Perthais

    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Parse error
    at eloraam.core.TagFile.readtag(TagFile.java:249)
    at eloraam.core.TagFile.readtag(TagFile.java:261)
    at eloraam.core.TagFile.readtag(TagFile.java:261)
    at eloraam.core.TagFile.readtag(TagFile.java:261)
    at eloraam.core.TagFile.readStream(TagFile.java:309)
    at eloraam.core.TagFile.readFile(TagFile.java:288)
    at eloraam.core.Config.loadConfig(Config.java:29)
    at RedPowerCore.initialize(RedPowerCore.java:91)
    at mod_RedPowerCore.initialize(mod_RedPowerCore.java:47)
    at mod_RedPowerArray.initialize(mod_RedPowerArray.java:34)
    at mod_RedPowerArray.modsLoaded(mod_RedPowerArray.java:18)
    at ModLoader.init(ModLoader.java:898)
    at ModLoader.addAllRenderers(ModLoader.java:186)
    at aho.<init>(aho.java:79)
    at aho.<clinit>(aho.java:9)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.a(Minecraft.java:395)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.run(Minecraft.java:732)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
    --- END ERROR REPORT 48a0a8ad ----------
    i changed the generate copper an tin to 0 and got this what happened

    Congratulations! You asked an Excessively Asked Question!
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