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    posted a message on StanSMP | 1.16.4 Vanilla w/ Coreprotect, Dynmap, DiscordSRV, and one player sleep | Growing, mature community

    Preferred name:

    Age (aren't too strict about this, but we are building a mature community): 22

    Discord tag: bigboyflank#1181

    Minecraft username: Flankington

    Tell us a bit about yourself. What is your favorite building style? Why do you like SMP servers? I'm a really laid back crafter, sometimes I can play for 14hours straight, other times I'll hop on for 5minutes or so, depends how invested I am into a build. My favourite thing to do is building, I really enjoy trying to create something immersive that is fun to explore often villages. My favourite build style is medieval but I branch out into other styles sometimes. I really enjoy SMP servers because you often find the best communities there with a lot of variety and I like getting to know new people, I hope you'll have me :)

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    posted a message on [[Free Your Mine]] | 1.16.2 | Survival | Vanilla(w/ tweaks) | 21+ | DynMap | Discord | Whitelist |

    1. Age (21+ please as we like similar aged players on the server) 22

    2. How long have you been playing Minecraft? Since 1.6 beta, not sure how many years

    3. How would you describe yourself as a player? What motivates you to play? What is your favorite thing to do in game? I'd say the best way to describe me is a silent worker and a very sociable guy, I like to slowly work on my builds (which is my favourite thing to do for the record) in the background and talk to people/ share them with them. My motivation is ultimately creating an awesome bit of scenery that can be explored and enjoyed.

    4. Discord ID? Flank#1181

    5. In Game Name? Flankington

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