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    You can become a sponsored server on minecraftservers.org, this will show your server on the home page, at the very top, you can get an example here. In order to become sponsored, you must big on it, bids can go up to around $30, and as low as $8, it differs, currently it is sitting at $8; you can big here. Looking at these servers, they have large numbers, and to me seems like a great deal. Another alternative is youtube, this is free, but if you want to get the most out of it, you should look into purchasing video editing software, which can range from $30, to $50 depending on the quality.
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    I enjoy your style, it has a touch to it that makes it a bit special, well done, you have talent.
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    posted a message on getting new desktop PLEASE HELP!
    The PC you are looking into is a low-end gaming computer, and for minecraft you are looking at around 50 - 80 frames per second, I too suggest you build your own, you will find it is so much easier than it sounds, I have put together a PC ranging in your price zone.

    Case: Fractal Design’s minimalistic Node 304 Mini ITX case (~$90). There are plenty of cheaper Mini ITX cases out there, but Fractal Design’s build quality, noise minimisation and cooling qualities are excellent.
    CPU: AMD or Intel. AMD processors tend to be less expensive, so we’re picking the AMD A8-3870K, a solid 3GHZ processor that won’t break the bank at around $90.
    Motherboard: ASRock’s A75M-ITX is a highly-rated mobo, it’s fairly inexpensive too (~$90).
    Graphics Card: Sapphire’s take on AMD’s Radeon HD 7770 (~$100) won’t be running games at 4K resolution, but it won’t have a hard time running most games at good settings in 1080p either.
    Hard Drive: A 7200 RPM drive is fine. For this build, should be good running with a simple 500GB Seagate drive (~$60).
    Memory: Memory: Corsair Vengeance CML8GX3M2A1600C9 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3, probably the best and cheapest RAM you will find, 8 G is plenty. - $69

    Power Supply: At ~$70, you can’t really go wrong with their CX 600 series.
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    Quote from Jexter

    The batch will be finished when they have reviewed every applicant's application, also it is none of your concern how close the batch is to finishing, just be patient many people have applied just like you.

    I believe you are mixed up between the apparatus and the batch, the batch is gathering applications, the apparatus is the reviewing.
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