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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.0 is completely Unbalanced.
    Iv been reading the posts and thought id add my 2 cents...

    The game has difficulty settings to choose from. They're all easy. Maybe not to a new person or 9yo but thats what easy mode is for. If I was to start Hardcore mode I want to be scared and think "oh boy Im going to die".

    You can argue to have mods, or play without using armour, but the game does come with difficulty settings. Might as well have them work the way they should.

    If someone plays Hard mode and finds it too hard, they should go down a level. Not complain. Its a pity the Devs listen to them so much (from what iv heard).

    Personally I think the game is fine but would like the harder modes harder. :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on 100 sheep and no wool
    Quote from Travuersa

    And where did you find this thing that told you that sheep eat grass in 1.0?

    There are so many patch updates I didnt bother read them all. Figured wool regen was part of the game as iv seen youtube flics with it. Plus Im a returning player after about a year. Iv found so many bugs I wasn't sure if wool regen is suppose to work or not.

    Man, im going on a sheep killing spree... :blink.gif:

    Here we go... 1.1.0 - Re-added sheep eating grass.
    Found on wiki. Sigh, now I find something.
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    posted a message on 100 sheep and no wool
    LOL, thanks for the replies.

    The grass is green with the odd tall grass here and there. I did move a bunch to various area's but no go. They don't like grass. Maybe steak? :rolleyes:

    My version is 1.0.0 from the main site.

    I have seen someone make small pens with 2 adults in each. Feed them hay, they make a baby, baby grows, you shear its wool, kill baby = repeat. Have like 5 pens. But I couldn't be stuffed doing that.
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    posted a message on 100 sheep and no wool
    Hi all,

    Iv been searching the web on why my sheep won't eat grass? I have tried the following:
    - breed tons of sheep
    - keep them in very small areas.
    - keep them in very large areas.
    - move them to a new location.
    - feed, feed, feed them hay.
    - separated some sheep into small communities

    It seems the only way I can get wool is to breed them and shear the wool off the new stock. As it is, I have tons and tons of sheep with no wool. Its ridiculous.

    Oh, and yelling "eat grass ya stupid *****" doesn't help either. :dry.gif:

    Any help would be fantastic!

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