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    posted a message on 1.6.1 - Beach temple - A seed for those who like pretty locations
    Seed: hora da aventura
    Type: Large biomes

    There's nothing too special for those who expect goodies right at the start, but this seed provides a really pretty scenario around the spawn point.

    You will spawn in the border of a jungle, with a temple in front of you, delimited by a beach by the ocean. I haven't explored much - in fact, I'm wiling to stay here for a long time - but the beach seems to stretch a long way. Worth a try if you like this kind of scenario - it might well be similar to what the Portuguese saw when they first conquered Brazil, except for the jungle temple. :Notch:
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    posted a message on Help me name my game company
    [email protected]

    I hope I'm not too late
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    posted a message on Should I give up watching TV? It takes me so much time.
    Quote from Corvo


    The hell kinda anime are you watching?

    Not most of them.

    Seriously though, my judgement might be biased and unfair, so "most" might be too much. The last time I tried to watch airing anime I regretted it. I don't remember what exactly was airing, but everything seemed the same to me.

    Now, about what I watch... The last was Seirei no Moribito, which is wonderful. I'm also a fan of Suzumiya Haruhi series. And of your avatar.
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    posted a message on My story of complete frustration
    Quote from Puppywolf2

    Sorry, you just have to be careful next time.


    Quote from Sloop

    “The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.”
    ― Steve Maraboli

    (I don't know who that is)

    Neither do I, but his surname sounds quite funny. Maraboli. I'll move forward, and this time forward will be west.

    Quote from 0rfin

    I feel bad for you. I've been there! You can't give up...not because of a simple mistake. Go gather them materials, find that snow biome/ice mountain and build that Shinto Temple! If you don't then the game wins and we can't have that can we?

    I'm thinking about creating a new world. At least I'd be exploring something new that way (´・ω・`)

    Quote from Puredarkness

    wait... minecraft is on steam?

    Darn, are you unlucky or what?!

    Nope. I added it as a non-steam game in order to use the overlay.

    And I guess I'm just poorly focused. I forgot about the new command to unmount and didn't associate it to the steam's default key binding...

    Quote from Bubble Kangaroo

    It's not on Steam. You can make it run with Steam though.

    And that stinks. I hate figuring things like that out AFTER I'm dead.

    And losing all your itanz for it, on top of that.

    Quote from lekrosa

    That's why you always quit your world/server, then go back to playing. I once just AFKed in SMP Survival, and someone killed me with all my (best you can enchant xP) diamond armor and tools...

    Games are hard. Life's harder. People are the hardest. :mellow:
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    posted a message on My story of complete frustration
    I rarely stick to the spawn point in Minecraft. In fact, rather than trying different seeds, I prefer to build a temporary base, gather some initial resources and go exploring. Today I decided to go further.

    I loaded myself with four maps and a book to log my progress, as well as about 60 pieces of meat, construction materials and other useful things. At around 12PM today I parted from my temporary base near 286x69x-247, to the south-east, with a full inventory.

    I created the map with the large biomes option, so it often took a really long time to see changes in the scenario. I went through a jungle, a desert (where I found a temple), lots of snowy biomes, mountains... Until I found a specially huge Ice Plains biome, which could well be two Ice Plains divided by one Ice Mountains biome. In the middle of it, nearby the mountains, I found a ravine - so I decided I should build my new home here. It would look great with a shinto temple on the side of that mountain (oh, the plans).

    In order to make sure that I was sort of in the middle of the biome and wouldn't see anything but white from my new home, I kept going east to explore a bit more, until I found an ocean. For the first time I made a boat and went exploring (by this time, my log had already 15 pages). When I finally saw land, I decided to turn back. It was night, so I thought it would be a good idea to wait until dawn to go back ashore and start building my new house.

    I use Minecraft with Steam, so I pressed shift+tab to open the Steam browser and check the forums. What I didn't know was that left shift now makes the character hop off whatever he's riding.

    I went back to the game only to see myself drowning in the bottom of the ocean, with everything I had, hours from home. I didn't take any mob damage the whole game. I have never died.

    As a friend of mine said, "games can be as cruel as real life sometimes".

    I don't even want to play again. :(
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