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    Quote from spikering

    If you gave me a button list i could make a list of Xbox minecraft controls

    If it's Minus 1 to the control panel, then for my Xbox360 Wireless controller it's showing up as:

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    Quote from freeshiny

    Also, regarding the performance issues - try assigning the CPU affinity evenly, and lowering the graphics options. I've noticed that even the music and sound might cause a slowdown, so just to be sure try turning off both sound and music in ALL clients. For science :) . Last but not least, you can install Optifine on the one client that is using keyboard + mouse.

    Yep! So I changed the memory allocation to 1024M for all four clients and the Server, and set the server on 'High' priority, and the clients to 'Above Normal'. This seemed to fix the choppy issue for me :), I turned off the Music on all but one client as well (too many songs playing at once :)).

    Also, you have sort of mentioned this already, but there is no way to click "Respawn" after you die.. have to Esc and use the mouse :(

    Wow... getting the bugs worked out and this is gonna ROCK!!!!
    Quote from freeshiny

    (provided of course that one of the players is on keyboard + mouse combo. I can see how it could be annoying if all the players would play on a joypad)

    So... Can one of the clients use the keyboard and mouse... I hadn't tried it b/c I read somewhere that it was disabled or not working and would be implimented later?
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    Alright, I got It working 4-Player Split Screen, using:
    2 Wireless Xbox3 60 controllers and
    2 Logitech F710 Wireless controllers.

    The Logitech didn't have the issue with the view-drift, so I did some digging.

    It turns out that my xbox controllers are showing up as slightly off center in windows control panel, like they have a little wiggle room and don't go back to exactly (0,0) center when the sticks are released. I wonder if there is any way to edit the "Dead zone" so they don't do this? The controllers don't have this issue in any other games, so I wonder if it should be edited in the mod, or a third pary app?

    This is gonna be the best minecraft Mod ever!! Thanks again!!

    Also... on 4-Player, it seems that the priority in rendering is given to just one of the windows, and it renders silky smooth, but the other 3 are pretty choppy and laggy. I gave all the java.exe processes an 'Above Normal' Priority in the Task manager, but it's not fixing the issue. In 2-window mode it doesn't seem to do this, and both windows render seemingly equally.

    BTW- I'm on Windows 7 64-bit, 6 gigs of RAM.
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    WOW!!! This is an answer to my Minecraft Prayers!! This is the ONLY feature of the XBOX version I wanted, Split-Screen Multiplayer. But my PC is so much more powerful than the xbox, and has all the latest features of the newest Minecraft, and.. I already own it, and don't have to buy it again on xbox. I am so glad you have shared this info with all of us!!
    I have installed your mod on my PC now, and it seems pretty cool! I'm not sure what the issue is with the right stick, but I can't seem to get my view to be still, it's always moving slowly in one direction. Right now I'm gonna try getting two windows working at the same time with two controllers (I'm using xbox controllers hooked to PC with the Microsoft wireless reciever).

    P.S. I ran into the same problems as you! I set up Minecraft in tiled windows on one server, and then was like... OH.. it will only let me use one window at a time.. and even If I map the controllers in X-Padder, I still only have one mouse...

    Thanks so much for working on this, I would have never thought to do it this way, nor do I have the programming skill to get it done! I'm really really looking forward to your updates, this is gonna make my minecraft parties alot more fun for my friends who don't own laptops, I've got a 60" Monitor which is like 4-30" Monitors when in 4-way split screen.
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    Minecraft Name: OneSilentLight
    What have you built recently?: A fort with lots of glass and huge windows integrated into the natural landscape of a mountainside. Totally interconnected with an underground cave system and mine, as well as an underwater glass observatory. A watchtower and dock, as well as a waterfall and landscaping with trees and plants. Also spent time making things look natural and "realistic" in that they feel solid and sound.

    Why do you want to come on the server?: I want to have fun playing minecraft with people who are "serious" about enjoying it

    Why do you want to be my partner?: Because I don't like griefer jerks.
    Are you okay with a server like this?: Yes!
    Do you want to do this, although you don't know what will happen?: Definitely
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