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    @elsweyr_sands Looks great, thank you for sharing!

    Legend has been updated recently:

    Legend Turtle Farm

    Legend End City

    - Firework Crossbow
    - Turtle Egg
    - Turtle Eggs + Stages
    - Strider Saddle
    - Suspicious Stew
    - Fletching Table
    - End Crystal
    - Dragon's Breath
    - End Stone Bricks
    - Quartz Bricks
    - Tripwire
    - Tripwire Hook
    - Purpur Block
    - Purpur Pillar

    - Egg
    - Bamboo
    - Rails
    - Armor Slots
    - Red Nether Bricks
    - Quartz Pillar
    - Enderman
    - Reticle
    - Font
    - Steak
    - Magenta Stained Glass

    - Cauldron
    - Jungle Door

    And here are a few more screenshots from recent play.

    Legend Plains Village

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    Legend Texture Pack

    Legend is an immersive survival experience
    that keeps the original Minecraft essence, while adding beauty and readability.

    Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/w5Vxwc4

    Get Updates, Leave Feedback, and Preview Upcoming Textures!


    Legend is designed for the survival player. Explosions are more intense, critical hits have more impact, and your equipment looks more dangerous. Each suit of armor you make looks finely crafted, and you can feel the protection it bestows.

    New Armor Models

    Minecraft Armor Items - Legend

    New & Improved Armor!

    Minecraft Phantom Legend
    Fighting Magma Cubes

    Legend Ender Dragon


    Redstone connections are easier to see. Repeaters and comparators are smoother so you can concentrate on your circuitry. Hopper direction can easily be seen from above: in this hopper clock both hoppers face into each other.

    Redstone Hopper Clock


    The health bar on hardcore mode has a gold fringe, both as a badge of merit and also as a reminder of the value of your one life. Regeneration is also more visible.

    Slime hunting at night in hardcore


    All items have been reworked to be pleasing to the eye and are now easier to identify.

    Crafting a Diamond Sword

    Minecraft Swamp Textures

    Copyright © 2013-2020 Joe Collins.
    All rights reserved.
    No redistribution, alteration or derivative works are allowed.

    • You are welcome to use my pack in your videos or reviews, with a link in the description.
    • You are welcome use my pack for your maps with proper credit and a link to this thread.
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    Wow thanks Meringue, that did just the trick.

    It's been so long since I last textured I've forgotten how everything works, I vaguely remember the point of cullface being to preserve system resources. Gonna have to brush up on all the minutia again.

    Another strange thing is the crafting table is shown head on in the GUI, I don't know what would affect that rotation.

    The default texture pack is such garbage, it's a sin they've allowed it this long. Could have a community contest, or use $50,000 of the millions from sales to contract one. And Junkboy's one of the best pixel artists in the industry, but they have him working on scrolls. Head scratcher.

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    Prime is a realistic, default resolution texture pack which retains the original Minecraft essence we all love and began the game with, while removing all of the ugly default textures. I am very picky about textures and haven't found a single pack that I liked, so eventually I made my own.

    Prime has the following design goals:

    1. Form a richer, more mature Minecraft experience.
    2. Block readability, aesthetic, and realism are top priority.
    3. Create a consistent feel that's both smooth and easy on the eyes.

    Prime was formerly called Delicious.







    I'll try my best to keep these updated but it's always safe to assume the current version is even better.

    • You may use my pack in your videos or reviews, with a link in the description.
    • You may use my pack for your maps with proper credit and a link to this thread.
    • You may NOT use or modify my graphics at all for your texture pack if you intend to distribute it to others.
    • You may NOT profit off of my graphics in any way, shape or form.
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    Another Update:


    - Potato Growth Stages
    - Flower Pot
    - Journal
    - Video Review by DullSwordX


    - Apple
    - Beef
    - Bread
    - Egg
    - Ender Eye
    - Iron Chestplate
    - Quartz Ore
    - Ghast Tear
    - Shears
    - Nether Wart
    - Polished Diorite
    - Rotten Flesh

    Check it out. Try it, and let me know what you think of the latest changes!
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    Really Big Update Today.


    - Acacia Door
    - Birch Door
    - Dark Oak Door
    - Jungle Door
    - Spruce Door
    - Bowl
    - Jukebox Model
    - Ladder Model
    - Door Items
    - Leather Armor
    - Alternate Bookshelf
    - Workbench Model
    - Stick
    - Mushroom Stew
    - Rabbit Stew
    - Raw Rabbit
    - Cooked Rabbit
    - Lava


    - Leather
    - Nether Brick
    - Netherrack
    - Nether Portal
    - Big Oak Log
    - Bow Pulling
    - Redstone
    - Slimeball
    - Stone Axe
    - Wood Axe
    - Brown, Cyan, Purple Wool
    - Waterlily
    - Granite, Smooth Granite
    - Iron Axe
    - Iron Chestplate
    - Iron Leggings
    - Wooden Pickaxe
    - Diamond Axe
    - Hoes
    - Stick
    - Bed
    - Golden Axe
    - All Swords
    - All Tools
    - Shears
    - Salmon
    - Better Explosion Sounds
    - Blaze Rod
    - Books
    - Fixed Particle Transparency
    - Fixed Single Chest Bottoms
    - Fixed Jukebox Particle
    - Fixed Christmas Chest Transparencies

    I hope everyone had a good holiday. As always, you can get the latest download here.
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    - Explosion Sounds! (More Powerful)
    - Explosion Animation!
    - Bat
    - Iron Golem
    - Slime
    - Wolf
    - Witch
    - Fireworks
    - Minecart Item Prototype


    - Wood Color Tweaks
    - Fishing Rod
    - Oak and Dark Oak Logs

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    Big Update. It's been a while, but I still have many plans for this pack. I intend to push it to completion, going to work on the GUI soon. It helps me out if you leave a diamond:

    Update 7J14


    - Redstone Lamp
    - 4 Tulips
    - Sign
    - Iron Door Item
    - Sign Item
    - Donkey Saddlebags
    - Horse Armor
    - Command Block
    - Coarse Dirt
    - Tuxedo Cat
    - Nether Wart
    - Fireball Animation
    - Bush
    - Shrub
    - Cauldron
    - Fishing Rod
    - Hotbar


    - Fixed Milk Bucket
    - Fixed Snow- Changed names: Flowers, Blocks, Pressure Plates, Food, etc
    - Workbench
    - Sandstone Top
    - Quartz Block Top
    - Iron Door
    - Break Animation
    - Rotten Flesh
    - Seeds
    - Shears
    - Skulls
    - Swords
    - Axes
    - Shovels

    The workbench is much closer to what I would like. Over time I'll keep refining everything until it looks super tight and consistent. Play with it, let me know how it feels for you.
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