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    posted a message on [SEVERE] Reached end of Stream - 1.6.1
    It's the URL at session.minecraft.net - it records each time any user connects to any server.

    If you go to the URL now you will get a 504 Gateway error.

    It's a Mojang network server error.

    Nothing you can do but wait.
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    posted a message on So What Do You Think of the New "More Sociable" Zombies?
    I like the idea of a swarm of zombies, but it should be executed in a fair way. That is to say, they shouldn't just spawn behind you. Cornerstones of Minecraft include planning and environmental awareness. Having zombies just appear behind you sort of robs the player of the opportunity to play smart. I'd have no problem with zombies that hide really well and run really fast, but I do have a problem if the zombies just materialize behind you to make the game harder.
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    posted a message on Deserts more deserty?
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    posted a message on Windows 8 Solution for the new MinecraftDev.
    Quote from GreenPeas

    Yeah, it's silly internet security kaspersky messing something up. I had figured it might've been my AV but then I saw that other people with Windows 8 were having an issue and thought that I was wrong with my first guess.

    I'm unfortunately still having issues however. I have to disable my AV each time I want to have a go with the snapshot. I added the minecraftdev.exe to my trusted list for my firewall and applications in IS Kaspersky and my computer still isn't having it.

    Hopefully it's just a bug to be ironed out since the launcher is still such a new thing in development.

    Thanks for helping me figure it out!

    Windows 8 has it's own built in anti-virus software. Just uninstall Kaspersky. You don't need superfluous applications on your computer.
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    posted a message on Well done, Mojang
    Yes, I agree on the tinted glass. It would also be a nice addition as well. I am imagining the stain glass windows right now.

    LOL on the relevant username :)
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    posted a message on should horses be changed?
    Quote from ice000breaker

    the horses are piece of crap..
    That attitude is a piece of crap.
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    posted a message on Well done, Mojang
    I was getting a little eager after the April 1st joke, for the next snapshot. Especially since they skipped last week.

    Mojang, you really astounded me as well as my kids (all eager MC players) with the scope of the new changes.

    Congratulations on working so closely with the mod community on this! That is a great formula for success and a wonderful way to get complex content into the game quickly. I hope that the variety of horses foreshadows more patterns on cows, dogs and chickens but if it doesn't I'm still happy with these latest changes.

    Please consider working with some of the other great modders out there that have created airships, boats, villager enhancements and more.

    Thank you!
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    posted a message on New item sprites + New sounds = Bad
    The OP has a legit point.

    Why are developers 'fixing', or more appropriately 'changing', things that weren't broken?

    Did I hear a cry from the community for new sounds and new sprites? No.

    Did I hear a cry from the community for bug fixes, lighting issues, and the Mod API? Yes. Every day.

    Therefore, his complaint is valid.
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    posted a message on Is there a roapmap of future changes?
    Does Mojang post an official list of features they intend to add to the game or is design of future Minecraft features pretty much seat-of-the-pants, combined with user griping, tweeting and redditing?
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    posted a message on 1.3.1 Bugs
    Close Minecraft.
    Go here --> C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves\[Your World Name]\players
    Find your "[MyPlayerName].dat" file.
    Delete it. Or back it up. Whatever, just get rid of it.
    Start Minecraft back up and log in to your world.
    You will have lost anything you were holding, but at least you should be able to spawn anew.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.4 - Baby Zombies
    They look like they will be able to fit through 1 cube holes, like chickens.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.6 New Features & Snapshots Compilation - All you need to know about horses!
    Do baby zombies imply, by their short stature, that they can enter/exit 1 block holes just like chickens?

    Enderman + baby zombie = How the heck did that thing get in?!
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    posted a message on A light sensor. Sends signal when threshold light level is reached.
    Similar to the Redstone Repeaters, in that these could be set at different levels. I dunno, say a lever that allows the light level to be set to 5, 10, 25 or whatever makes sense. Or maybe it has a dial that goes from 0 to 25.

    When the light drops below the set level, the light sensor sends a constant signal.

    This would let us open and close doors at different times of the day or it could turn on a lighthouse only at night. It could make piston-driven stairs occur only during the day or at night, depending on how you set it up. Can you think of a use for it? I know there are a lot more important things to accomplish first in Minecraft, this is just a neat-to-have suggestion.

    Just to add, it could be a way of sending a signal without using redstone dust too. For instance, if a dark area with a light sensor in it was rigged with TNT, as soon as someone opened the door and let in more light (or maybe put up a torch) it would explode.
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    posted a message on 12w28a predictions
    Quote from yoshiisawaffle

    I get the whole 'use snapshots to report bugs/and mojang can fix them before an official release'

    my point is that we are gonna get bugs any which way, so might as well have some fun content to play with, will it bring more bugs in?
    possibly, I'm sure they can smooth it out over time

    I'm glad you're not a project manager in real life.

    Or maybe you are and you work for the government.

    This is the mentality that makes projects over-budget and under-expectation messes.
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    posted a message on The SP/MP Merger Killing Minecraft?
    You are being impatient. If you don't want to experience these intermediate, often buggy, snapshots then don't download them.

    When you post about how impatient you are, you come across as a giant ass.
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