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    First: Sniggy, take a breath, man. You've gotten to the anger-fueled part of your forum existence. And it is impairing your eyesight a bit, I think, because you overlooked something.

    Secondly: Hyomoto, you do have a point, but let me give you an actual Minecraft-logic argument in favor of Bloodstone tools, to which you refer about Obsidian. Firstly, Obsidian is only really useful for getting to the Nether. Yes, it does protect blocks from explosive damage, but so so Bricks. And since you can make infinite Stoen Bricks, that frankly look better, the only reason to mine obsidian more is the fact that it does make other items eventually. And adding in everything here would actually make a faster obsidian mining not only useful, but a necessity.

    Also, because of how far into the game it takes to actually get to the Bloodstone tools, the player has probably already made almost all of the objects in the New Nether, and is really getting the tool for the same reason you get a Diamond pickaxe after the first one. And that in and of itself is very much Minecraft progression. Getting wood tools makes wood easier to collect. Stone is better for stone, iron for iron, diamond for everything Overworld. The only one that sidesteps this progression is gold, which is out of place completely.

    The other tools are given Effects to make Minecraft less of a linear game, which is really what Minecraft is all about. Can't mine obsidian but need a portal? Use lava and water! What a move sideways that was. Are you stuck in a desert but need a shelter? Make sandstone! Really, Minecraft has always been about making things accessible from all points, and looking for different, though not necessarily better, methods. Squares, not lines. So, really, the tool sets in this suggestion fit better with the original Minecraft ideas than even some Minecraft-canon blocks made past, I'd say Beta 1.3.

    I would talk about tier'd acquisition, but, really, all of the items in the Nether, save Blood Gem items, are available from the outset in the Nether. Unlike iron which requires you to get stone, which in turn requires wood, the New Nether only needs iron level tools to get any and all of them. So really, where is the tier'ing here?

    TL;DR: Sniggy, chill, read the section on Blood Gem tools. Hyomoto: READ THE ENTIRE POST. I have carefully (sorta) compiled all I know about your arguments. As much as I have read about this suggestion, that is actually not much. I will not foreshorten my rant for the sake of a skimmer.

    Lastly: Some of this may make less sense than I anticipated. I will gladly respond to any challenges, retorts, rebuttals, etc. I tend to type fast and put in a lot of information, but leave out a selection because I assume people have read the appropriate materials, or came to the same conclusions. Obviously, this is almost never true, so I need to add information I did not include originally.

    EDIT: Holy Crap. It's three in the morning where I am, and I just now, after about fifteen hours, realized this was my 42 post. Now there are two jokes in my sidebar. If only Cosmological Constants could be so simple in reality. . . (I think, I really do not understand what that is, aside from the obvious.)
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