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    keep in mind, you can't place anything on these ships. Unlike block entities which would incorporate any block you added these would like the boat, which means everything needs to be in in the crafting of them and then, only those components that were crafted in, would be intractable. like the mooring, it's technically part of the, and you can't any more, but it has it's own interaction, just like the helm, and others.

    I think I might give each ship more diversity, as for the Spirit of Freedom and the Sky Fortress. By the time you can build these things, you will probably be so good off, that these would be mere play toys. However I am up to redoing the recipe to incorporate a lot more hard to find items into them so that they are very hard to get in teh first place. Maybe a few diamond blocks?

    Code-tagged because of length.

    Mmm. Just adding harder-to-find blocks is not necessarily the best way of making things balanced, which is what I'm asking you to do. And, yes, you are right. It would take a tremendous amount of resources to build those two ships. But, the idea I had was more about. . .less is more. 
    Minecraft has a good deal of stuff in it. But, let's look at it at  a distance for a moment. You have ores, which are tiered to a specific timetable, usually. Wood, Stone, Iron, Diamond, with Gold somewhere amidst them all. They each have a purpose. Except wool, which really only looks good and makes a bed. 
    So, for a moment, let us look at your suggestions here.
    Carpenter's table - Alright, I can see this. But, I'm with GreyAcumen on the grid size. Keep it to a 3x3, or at most, a 4x4.
    Wrench - Ehmm. Okay, it does what a wrench should, and has a good enough use to warrant that amount of iron (basically a helmet). So long as it can repair on the fly, though. And there is lots of stuff I could go into about that. But, for the moment, let's leave it at "Works atm."
    Small Hull - Okay, it's boat.
    Longboat - Alright, Wood is a renewable resource that, personally, I never have any problem getting. Even when I use vanilla JARs, I usually have a right forest near my base that I can pick from. And a double chest full of saplings that I can plant should a tree not give any. So, it may be wise, here, to instead use our trusty 3x3, even 2x2, to just put two small hulls together. Rationality: You're lashing together two boats into a canoe of sorts. Use tree sap from the trees you just cut down (which is apparently what the boats have been doing all along) to join them.
    Skimmer - Again, 3x3. Boat plus boat plus boat. Fifteen pieces of lumber lashed together with robes, sap and nails. Could be a bit shorter than you have it, too. Something like 5x2x1. I know you want to have a bunch of ships that are not single-block height, but I'll address that in a minute.
    Frigate - Really, I'd say scrap this tier and go straight for the Galleon.
    Galleon - Actually, aside from needing the Carpenter's table at its current recipe, this thing is almost right. However, I implore you to look at the ratios here. At roughly 45 pieces of lumber, the thing takes almost a whole stack.BUT!, it increases the capacity-per-block. You jump from 1-2 capacity-per-block to over twenty capacity-per-block. I would almost say this needs to, like, require whole logs instead of wood blocks, which would still only bring you down to roughly 5 cpb, but it is closer to the 1 and 2 cpb.
    Rudder, Engine, Ballast, Sail - Perfect. Sail over body over Ballast-Engine-Rudder. You have a boat in a 3x3. You can even move the Engine up, and if you are really inclined to it, the helm can be put at the very top with the sail. I know that is not normally where the helm is, but on a 3x3 or 4x4, it would work.
    Helm - I can see it, but a nagging want of "Less is more" says this might be more than necessary.
    Balloon - Okay. I'll concede the balloon. (This took about twenty minutes of arguing with myself to come to)
    NEXT NOTE ON BALLOON: Alright, one quarrel. Maybe include the string in the recipe.
    Mooring - I can see it now: Docks. Finally.
    Rigging - Instead of a component, how about this becomes like a torch, attaching to the back of larger ships. And I can see where this coding would be difficult, though it certainly can be done. This would really be using the Rigging's own features to attach itself.
    Docking Clamps - Erm. Mooring in the belly of a ship, or on the back with a platform. What I'm trying to say is that is might be redundant. Remember that, despite having redstone, this is still pre-steampunk era. Steam can be used, but be careful with it. Vacuum will not become viable for some time after the setting (if I remember my history right). I don't know how to explain it all, but a wheel on the inside of the ship would be a more sound pressurizer. And that would only need the ship to stay afloat long enough for the door to be opened.
    Ram - Necessary only if there are mobs that have ships. I think you state somewhere that you suggest that. 
    Ballista - Again, only necessary if there are mobs that have ships. And, put a cap on how many weapons a given tier can have. Small boats: 0. Longboats: 1 if there is only one passenger. Skimmer: 1 and there can be up to three passengers. Galleon: 4, and passenger count is really irrelevant.
    And see here! You use the 3x3 so creatively here. 
    Canon - OH cannon. I don't see a cannon as necessarily the next logical step. As I have said, I usually opt for "Less is more," but here I think there needs to be another step. Like a catapult that can fire blocks. Otherwise, it has basically the same problems as the Ballista.
    The Ships- I'm not going to go into specifics here, because I think this needs a revamp entirely. Instead of making a whole bunch of specific recipes, make a few base ideas that can be physically expanded. 
    Let's say you have a longboat. Add a ballista. You've got a full boat. Break off the ballista. Now put on a furnace. It won't go. Why not? because it does not become a linkable entity. It can only ever be a block. 
    But now you have a Galleon. It is big, bulky, and comes with very few amenities built in. You want a kitchen, let's say. Great. How do you get one? Well, build it! Here is where the Carpenter's table would really come in, and where "Modular" would. Plunk a furnace or two next to each other on one side of the hull, or a room slot on the table, and you get a furnace room. Put a furnace and a chest, and you get a kitchen. Put rigging, and it makes a dingy room, where multiple crafting tables line a room with rigging in the center. The rigging can either lead outside, up or down. 
    This is also why I advocate having as few decks as possible. Modular requires simplicity, unless you want to kill   :Notch:.
    Some other "room" ideas: Armory, where a few chests could contain cannonballs, arrows, bows and swords. Not to mention armor; Cabin, with a bunch of beds placed like bunks; Quarters, a chest, a bed and some bookshelves.
    Now, about submarines and airships.
    Submarines could be simplified like so: Two of the same small or long hulls stacked on top of each other with a line of ballast between them. In one corner there is a rudder. In the other, an engine. Helm at the top. It is more intuitive, at least, though far from simple.
    Airships are similar, but instead of two hulls, two engines, one at the top, one at the bottom. A hull in the middle. Balloons where necessary, sail in place of top engine to make an "Unpowered" balloon.
    Okay, now to address the glaring thing I have been avoiding. Processor use. Yes, I know, making it this way it rather taxing. The big thing is "modular". I don't like it when people use that word without cause. And my above re-work is exactly that: a cause for "modular". 
    But, if you are going to go big, you need to go REALLY big. In the case of most players, simply adding in the mooring and rigging would be vastly enough to fix their boating experience. A diving apparatus is nice, but would be overly convoluted, I think. Airships also have the distinction of being a better way to travel, but without a great amount of point. Mobs help, but it would still be "I can shoot them down with my arrows, or I can go inside, where my secret tunnel leads directly to my mine without revealing itself so."
    So, it is a nice suggestion, but merely adding a ship to add a ship is. . . It does not track, as it were. SMP is different, mostly because you have a bunch of people that are all going the same way at times. Well, how about a boat train? Or just a small fleet? A bunch of guys with bows can usually take out any problems that come along.
    Now, if you really want them all on the same ship, and you have decided to reject my above ideas (which you probably will based solely on the idea of linking. I know, I get it, it's okay,) then just make a few ships. Three small hulls make a medium hull. Two medium make a large, which has a below-deck. Add a sail, mooring and chest, in that order as you ascend the tiers, and you have a simple, efficient design that still uses single-body without making the game tremendously easy once you reach the point where you can build one (which for me would be about two hours). Then, I have a ship with cargo space, and all I need is a furnace, which still requires a base. But now I have a way to go abroad and mine. I can go search for diamonds in far off lands, or conquer the evils I find there.

    So, tl;dr

    I like this idea. I really do. I just think that, if you are going to make specific recipes, make them simple. Memorable. So that the users do not have to go to minecraftwiki every time they want to build a ship. Intuitive. Balance. Just putting a ship in the ocean does not make the world safe. You still need a harbor, dry dock maybe, and a place to lay your head after the long trip. In SMP, same deal. You can have a crafting table (I carry one with me anyway), and a chest. But do not go overboard (no pun intended) with these fortress-like ships.

    I know I said Go Big. But, go big logically.

    I will answer some glaring points later. Right now, I need sleep, and I await whoever is going to pick my post apart. Just be sure to read it all before you comment. And in the event that you do not, go back and look at your post and reformat from there.
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    Whoa. This "guy" spammed about fifty posts in the last 24 hours. Not even that, really. And they are decidedly spam/troll/whatever. Four to six paragraphs of nothing but Portal 2 Fact Sphere outputs each. And then three to seven links to nowhere in particular, but dangerously somewhere.

    Methinks a mod be needed here, one definition or another.
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    This would be incredibly awesome. But I agree with the first poster: that is a bit too many ships.

    And a flying fortress would be a bit much. You would almost never need to land at that point. The Spirit of Freedom is still, in my opinion, a bit too much, but closer. And, while I like the idea of a ballista in general, I don't like the idea of being able to carry one around. That said, I would probably say I wanted to if I could not. The cannon, again, I like, but I think it is too a little too far. A TNT bay would be cool, though, for the airship.

    Actually, I take that back. I REALLY like the Spirit of Freedom. But, if you do that, take out the "kitchen". And still leave out the Sky Fortress.

    For the ships, yeah, just a little less many. Most of them would only be useful on SMP, unless Notch puts in more companion NPCs.

    Otherwise, I like this idea.
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    Alright, so I made a post earlier with my thoughts on Biosphere. And it is still awesome. Although, I did get frustrated when I spawned on a sphere that had 2 layers of dirt followed by completely empty shell below it.

    Look out down below! Oh wait.

    Anyway, I noticed a few things, that I know others (at least one) have touched on: the domes themselves. Now, I could set the dome to be air, and that would make it so snow and rain fell. Or I could open just enough space to cover the lake in the center. But both of those are. . . kinda annoying to do. Air domes defeat the purpose, in my opinion. That said, I also like snow falling about my snow fortress. (Spawned next to a HUGE taiga :biggrin.gif:)

    However, instead of just complaining, I have a sorta-half-what-I-would-like-to-see suggestion. Actually, a pair of them, a choice, as it were.

    One: Find a way to lower the Snow Spawner (Or start altitude, or whatever) down to cloud height (oddly, most of my snowy biospheres are tall enough to reach there), or to down below the dome top. This is the more difficult (I think) direction. Though it would look awesome, I think.

    Two: Add a property to the config file that controls. . . like a crop function. How many blocks down the dome is cut off. Except for those really BIG domes, this could be used to make a window above it that lets the snow in. This is probably the easier path, but it is little more than TNTing a hole in the ceiling for the players.

    Anyway, something to think about.
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    Quote from RollingPWNS! »
    Are all of Risugami's mods compatible with one another? (sorry if this is a dumb question :SSSS: )

    Most of them. Very rarely does Risugumi use class files from the original JAR (except, of course, the audio mod and modloader) Everything else works fairly well with other mods. Just, some of them will have item ids overlap. In those cases, look for a props, proerties, or config file for either mod, and you can change this.

    And, this has been asked a bunch of times, but considering the pagecount, I'm not going to rant on it here.
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    Downloaded Biosphere. Start new world for test.

    . . . Okay, there's a lava lake next to grass. Seems legit.

    Walk a bit. skree. Ooh! Spiders. Dig down.

    (Text Shrunken 'cause I don't want to spoil)
    AWW CRAP A BATTLESPHERE! I didn't even know that was possible.

    Yet, awesome.

    Quote from alex123456 »
    I dont want to give up my old world, but this sphere mod is f****** awesome :sad.gif:

    The config file has an enable property. (I think that allows disabling the mod). . . Otherwise, make a backup JAR without the mod, and switch them out when you want to switch back. (I had about six different mod-sets at one point)
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    Quote from sabata2 »
    You all realize both of us were joking right?

    I specifically referenced lines from a joke to emphasize that...

    Alright. . . See now this is why I really hate plain text. You can't tell sarcasm without severe amounts of context. And this could be one of those times, again, and no one would know.

    Referencing only works if the reference is something a bit more common than a simple joke. :SSSS:

    Oh well. I like 1.4_01 now, anyway, so I guess I shall keep it locked there until this gets updated.
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    Quote from Kinetics92 »

    I suppose, but it's not his fault people don't read. What about all his true fans who understand, and support him? Why wouldn't he continue for them at least.

    Possibly because, no matter what, it is never a brick that breaks the camel's back, as it were. A few large pains are much more easily dealt with than a whole bunch of little ones. I mean, he took that whole Neo-Worm thing quite well, and appeared to have a bit of fun with it (despite being called a liar, fraud and cheat). But, continually being asked by people who are essentially taking the fact that this is a HUMAN BEING for granted whether or not the update is finished, gets a little on that human's nerves.

    And, frankly, I feel his pain. Grey, if you should read this, I think it may have been wise to cut this off. Not because it is bad, or makes the game too easy, because in my opinion it does neither. No, I think this should serve as a lesson for humanity (or at least the forum): don't just watch the news and ask the same question the newscasters do; dig, research, and discover on your own (to an extent), or you may find you lose something very dear.

    And dear me, I have gotten into a philosophical debate. Ah well. I need the mental stimulation.

    EDIT: And, err.. I just realized how utterly patronizing I sounded there. I don't mean to be that way. And there is not a really good way to rephrase what I said without taking away from the meaning I had for it all.
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    Quote from Kinetics92 »

    Just because people want an updated version doesn't mean that he has to stop production. I mean, sure it'll get annoying at some point, but when you become popular, people have expectations of you. You can't just give up because the demand is high :\

    Without getting into a philosophical debate, I'll say this: Just because you are popular does not mean that a greater amount of work should be put onto you. If you ask "When do you think dinner will be ready?" and the cook answers "Probably not before your favorite show comes on," you don't continually ask "Is it ready now?"

    So, when someone says "It will be finished when we can, and it probably won't be before X," that is exactly what is going to happen. Yet, people continually ask "Is it ready yet?" without looking at the most recent posts.

    This little acronym is exactly the problem. If you don't want to read all, read some. It could save a whole lotta people a whole lotta heartache.

    So now I'm going to go wipe my tears and update to 1.4_01, since it looks like I no longer need my 2x2 maps.
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    Quote from Kinetics92 »

    Can you at least give us a reason as to why you've asked yofreke to stop production?

    Check the post just above his announcement.

    Quote from Drakeington »
    Could you update this for Beta 1.4_01 / 1.5 (when it comes out)

    And an associated, but not connected post somewhere below it.

    Quote from sabata2 »

    Great. Now look what y'all did now.

    Ya know when that one guy said the consequences would never be the same?
    Well he was right.

    *Looks up, looks down* What is this watery droplet on my keyboard?
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    Oooh. When I installed this originally, I saw the char texture change. First, I thought: Okay, maybe a new skin to make you look more wolfish. It's got a reason.

    I installed it without the texture. I started up MC. Few moments to rez up a new world to play with new toys in. Bing! New world. . . . Tiny arm. F5. WTFUUUUUUUU- Rage quit.

    Few hours pass. I thought back. It's been about ten minutes since then, and I'm still laughing so hard my throat is numb.

    I hope that, if you decide to keep this out past April 1st, change the name a bit. Otherwise, very awesome. I like it a bit more than the "You Are a Creeper" mod. And, despite being a joke, I would very much like to see you flesh this out. That would awesome.

    EDIT: Oh yeah. Take these :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:
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