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    assassin10, Notch just might be talking about this very idea, too. Unlikely, but he is being nice and vague about it all.

    Quote from Notch, via Twitter »

    Because players can claim land and might not want those walls. ;) But don't tell anyone yet!

    For all we know, he has fleshed out a colonizing event already. Based on this, we can already tell that he has put a lot more effort than simply a town with NPCs. It would appear that he has, on some level, used Millenaire as a basis.

    But, more on topic, I see what you mean about the smelter, Rockboy. I was merely throwing things at a wall at that point. But I do have ideas for each building's upgrades, if you want to hear them.
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    Quote from weq15

    also Lava can catch Netherrack on fire if the embers from the lava touch any of its faces. Fire can also spread to other flammable blocks if they are directly adjacent or diagonally adjacent in any direction, including other Netherrack butt that will cover the whole Nether in fire because the lave will catch the Netherrack on fire then fire will move then the lave will catch the same Netherrack on fire then fire will move and repeat and repeat and end the end that will cover the whole Nether in fire

    Actually, no. The posts read:
    Quote from sabata2 »

    (Nether fire will move, but not multiply)
    (snippy for space)
    Inert -
    Netherrack that has had its fire move to a different Netherrack block will turn "inert" on all sides until it is not subjected to fire or heat sources for several seconds, with Easy difficulty having a much longer inert time period, and hard difficulty having a relatively brief inert period. (this keeps fire from spreading back the way it came from, and helps keep Netherfire from getting too prolific) If Netherrack has a Mushroom/Mushrave on it, it will be treated as "inert" and neither the Netherrack, nor the Mushroom/Mushrave, will catch on fire. A Netherrack block will immediately lose its inert status if the player hits the block in any manner, unless there is a Mushroom/Mushrave growing on the block.

    And embers do not constantly spawn. There is about a six-minute average wait between them. And eventually the fire will try to jump to something that is not flammable, more than likely, so the fire will stop.
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    Oooh boy. I have seen some very argument-based suggestion threads. But wow.

    First off, I shall jump in to this conversation without introducing myself, because that is the way I roll. Yes, sarcasm.

    Secondly, I agree with kingicarus, it should be flags, not wands. And, maybe instead of a bunch of them, one flag/sign that can be right-clicked once placed, and then re-tuned to whatever the building is supposed to be. You know, a little GUI with basic descriptions, like

    "[Button] House - 9x10 - A house that villagers can live in. Increases chance of new settlers."

    or something to that effect.

    Thirdly, which should have been second, but I wanted the effect, creating a village should not simply be: befriend a village, buy a wand, click. No, make it similar to the buildings. Befriend a village, make it grow to the point where they cannot support themselves, but a flag. Talk to villagers, recruit up to, say ten, go explore. As you recruit, the flag would gain "damage" back, which would allow you to use the flag. And, I don't mean that they will follow you. More, they will return to their house and "pack", aka stand around in the house until you are ready to leave.

    And, say you already have a home, like a tower or a flat house. You want the village to be there, because it was a grand hike to the other village, and you are bored of that kind of thing, and Notch neglected to add Airships. Well, then climb to the top of your house, place the flag, and watch the villagers start crowding around. This is where the villagers would simply teleport to you, given a certain distance from their originating village.

    Anyway, the building you place the flag on (supposing it is made out of synthetic materials like planks and cobble) will become the "Town Hall" (" - Custom - Center of Village. Home of Heroes and Tyrants."). Then, walk downstairs. Find a crafting table, make some signs with redstone in the top-middle slot instead of planks, and go place them. Again, you'll need to know how big everything is. These buildings should also retain their signs once built. You'll see why later.

    That in and of itself should need to be customizable, even if it is just like Millenaire, where you can open the village plans in Paint and re-tool them to your hearts content. Or, like the tower, you can build it and call it what you want. Again, needs to be synthetic blocks, and it should be a sign with Lapis in the top slot instead of redstone.

    Well, that should be fairly confusing byt highly evocative. Or provocative. I'm never sure which. Or if either of them is correct.

    Oh, before I go, here are some other descriptions, in a few words, with some ideas of basic dimensions:

    "Timber Plot - 6x6 - Trees grow here for you or your villagers to cut."
    "Quarry - 10x16x32d - Diggy Diggy Hole. And gives you ores." - This may also need a slight re-tool on how it works. Yes, the Millenaire quarry is overpowered. But then, this may just make a small plot of land useless after about six RL hours.
    "Carpenter's Shop - 10x8x8u - Builds walls and tools, so long as it is manned."
    "Blacksmith's Shop - 10x8x8u - Crafts Iron and Gold into useful stuff. Or in the case of Gold, Coin Slabs."
    (Side Note, Coin slabs are what one would make coins out of. A press would be necessary for the Blacksmith or Carpenter to actually mint coins for trade)
    "Farm - 20x16 - This will produce wheat and sugar."
    "Kennels - 10x5x8u - This hunter doesn't hunt. He, or she, brings back wolves for taming."
    "Barracks - 20x20x8u - 'INTRUDER! SOUND THE ALARM' *Ring-ring, ring-ring*."
    "Guard Towers - 8x8x32u - Place two in a straight, unobstructed line to build a wall."
    "Docks - 8x10 - Builds boats, goes fisin'. Produces fish and boats eventually."
    "Market - 12x12 - Brings in money. Depletes rarer resources from all unguarded chests in the village." - For this, use pistons to cap your chests. It does work. You can even make a key system if you try.

    And that is all I am going to make decs. for. You have a few good ones. This might be better for in-game, or might not. I just wanted to do it.

    And, as for the Steam and Electric buildings, you might make different names for them. Or just make it a Rail Stop, and then make it upgradable to Train Station.

    And while I have that subject up, some of the pre-programed buildings might benefit from upgradableness. Like a Timber Plot might get a Timber Mill, which automatically transforms wood blocks to wood planks. Or the quarry gets a Smelting Plant, which makes ore bars and smooth stone. Or sandstone. To upgrade, tap the signs with the right materials.
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    Holy crap I love this mod.

    My only complaints, as have, I'm sure, been pointed out before, are really about certain blocks not working while moving. I am totally fine with chests and furnaces popping their contents to the floor, because I put fences around their tops, so they just drop into the fences, and stay while I fly. Also, Simple Chests, or whatever those are called, can in fact fix this problem (though I don't know if they are compatible), by simply setting the chest absorption-thingy to 1, which will reinsert the items into the chest once it reattaches.

    However, the beds are really quite annoying. I had this lofty idea that, maybe, I could use my airship as a home, not just a vehicle. I don't need much, and I constantly find enough coal and redstone to keep me in maps. However, whenever the beds disappear, they unhook the spawn point, as well. So, if I die by falling or mauling, I get sent back to my original spawn point, which is usually on a different continent entirely.

    You may not be able to fix this without mucking with the bed class, but I thought I'd voice my concern anyway.
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    Good lord, man.

    I think the only way this could possibly be better is if, for some errant reason, you decided to make the next episode an AdventureCraft map. But then, it would also be ridiculously lag-filled and I doubt we would be able to have all the awesome music with it.

    But, so yeah. Awesome map. By the end, I think I had more armor than I could figure out what to do with, though. The crypt was just too full. . . And I almost never needed food because the dogs tanked for me while I ran and hid. Somehow I only lost the two I had on the ONE WORKING BRIDGE. Funny, by the way. Anyway, I think my biggest problem (space-wise) was the fact that I found all but one of the hidden chests. Or, all but one of those I could find. One of them I could not legitimately get to. (Thought about cheating to it, decided not to).

    Lastly, as much as it is a cheap gimmick and would be unnecessary, a random "find this item, get highscore" dealie would be interesting. Or you could make a random Ghast generator just at the edge of the map, fight 'em until you get a sulphur, post. Whatever. It's random, unnecessary, but until the Ghasts, I lost only the leather helmet.

    EDIT: OH! One last thing: I did beat it without dying. No LP, because my computer is barely holding itself together, but I did.
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    Well, if you do not know your specs, which is in "Device Manager" in your control panel on a Windows machine, and "System Profiler" on a Mac, you at least know how old it is, and what OS you are running, right? That can give you a clue. Such as, if you are running a Windows 7 machine, there is something potentially wrong. If you have an Window XP machine, you might not be able to run Minecraft, because it is probably old enough that the minimum requirements are beyond your computer's capability. Though if it is newer than, say, 2006 it should still be able to run it without AdvancedGL.

    Also, if you are running any Mods, that can slow you down.

    EDIT: Holy crap I type slow. Listen to the above posts.
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    Ookay, so I cannot seem to find te property file I am looking for. I've put PropertyReader on, and reinstalled the JAR and mod in case either of those were necessary. No luck.

    I've gone to .minecraft/mods. There is nothing there. Am I missing a step somewhere? Or does someone have a properties file they can post?
    Or did the properties file get left out of a release and we just did not see that part of it? I would not think so, but this is weird, even for my computer.
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    Oh, nonono. I didn't get four stacks of 64. I got 64, 16 per stack x 4 stacks. And there was no problem. I just kinda. . . hid them in each of the sections, and forgot to pick them back up as I went along. So, when I was writing, I went back through and started picking them back up. I was about half way through when I hit 'post'. So, I guess I did not get all of them.

    And I was not counting the Shilva's Room ones. I think.
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    This was. . . awesome.
    It could only have been better if Minecraft had actual people. Or some way to craft dummies. That talked when you right-clicked them.
    But, that would also be unnecessary.

    Again, awesome.

    Oh, and I did finish the entire map. Everything was easily found, including the snowballs that were. . . away from the normal flow of the map. Found 64 of them. . . I think. Four stacks, but I can't see the numbering too well on your pack here. Might think about reworking it so the sign is the paper-covered one. A couple of times I had to put my eyes on my monitor to read them. Only slight exaggeration.
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    Heh. I actually like this idea. Not so much a mob as a block. But I do think it should have a minor purpose, at least.

    Some thoughts:
    1) Cats placed in a room will "protect" the space within about 6 blocks in any direction, barring a wall in the way. Protect, in this case, I would define as "not letting mobs spawn." So that, when you place a cat, the room they are in (well, my rooms) would be free of mobs, including pigs/sheep/cows, even if there was grass on the floor.
    2) Place a Cat Block. Randomly, while you sleep, it will deal 1/2 heart damage to you and wake you up. (And, no, this isn't a stereotype. I have three friends whose cats do this on a weekly basis).
    3) Place a Cat Block. Randomly, while you sleep, if there is a hole to the outside (Cat door), they will drop mob-dropped items in front of their block. So, you live near a spider dungeon? Well, you get a crapload of string. Or, one string, but every once in a while.
    And if the third choice was chosen, the cat would have to meow proudly whenever it got something. Then you'd have to give it a fish or it deals damage for stealing its kill. (Also based on a real-life series of experiences)
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    Quote from Bumber »
    Quote from OmegaVest »
    ~Snip - Midas Tear & Portals~

    Midas Tears only work on ore based items and apples, and destroys anything else. You'd need to spend iron ingots or blocks in order to get gold blocks.

    Quote from sabata2 »

    Any Iron Ore and regenerative items are replaced with Gold Ore [. . .]

    Regenerative items, I think, being stuff like pork and bread. Unless I'm wrong and have missed a discussion on that thread (Got bored about half-way through the 'Gloomwood isn't wood' argument).
    And, the paragraph does mention apples, which are lumped into, yet specifically excluded from regenerative items because it can become a golden apple.
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    Hmm. Now I can add something to the (admittedly a little faulty) conversation.

    My thought was this:
    If the plan was to make it so the portals had to be gold blocks, finding a Midas Tear, as I currently understand it, would be rather. . . fortuitous. Find a source block: Use it on a whole bunch of pork. Pork turns to gold, gold crafted to gold blocks. It would still be a lot of pork or bread or whatever. But by the time a player finds a Midas Tear, I would think they have at least one farm patch up and running. I don't go into the Nether now without a steady supply of wheat and seeds.

    But, if they are as rare as waterfalls (Which for me is not that rare of a find. . . *Loads new world* *Looks at in-game mountain* Yep there's one), then I suppose that would kinda be like using the- What I called the "form" method of Nether gate-building. If you can find the resources, good for you. If you cannot, you still have to go the hard way.
    :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar:
    :GoldBar: :Purple: :Purple: :GoldBar:
    :GoldBar: :Purple: :Purple: :GoldBar:
    :GoldBar: :Purple: :Purple: :GoldBar:
    :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar:

    Obviously this will not work if Notch does not put in Midas Tears. But I like it. Though it does give a whole too-much-similarity to the portal situation.
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    Alright, I am sorry if someone has said this, but my eyes hurt from trying to distinguish sentences from other sentences in the above posts.

    To stop griefing:
    1) Ocean blocks cannot be picked up. They can only give out Source Blocks. This is already in the OP.
    2) When Ocean blocks enter a 1x1 space, meaning 2 dimensional hole either up or to one side, it can only spawn a flow, not a source. This means that two or more Ocean blocks need to be placed (spawned) beside each other to flood somewhere. Obviously, this will mean that servers have to watch out who gets what blocks, and possibly need to find a way to blacklist anyone from spawning an Ocean block.
    3) Above sea level, no Ocean block may spawn or be placed. If one is attempted, it becomes a Source Block, and harvestable salt drops out of the block ONCE.

    Now for some of my own, mostly original ideas.
    1) If you break a single Ocean block off so it is above the rest of the Ocean (or at least far enough away it cannot reach even with a flow), the block turns to salt.
    What this means is that water blocks cannot be taken from a single Ocean Block. They must either be carted in to the area from the Ocean. However, I don't think this should replace Infinite Sources.
    2) Waves. This has been suggested before, but I came across an idea someone else had (can't remember specifically who), where a flow would go up. Well, a wave would be one of these upward flows jumping one block, and then going a massive amount away until it reaches a shore.
    2.5) Waves hitting a stone beach (yes, they do spawn), should, over time, leave a salt block that can be broken and harvested.

    If I have any more ideas, or if someone thinks I stole one (I didn't, but is may look like I did), I'll reply back eventually.
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    Quote from Scourgeclaw »

    Im assuming this is the same as the Aether Collab?

    Quote from sabata2 »

    Now please, stop trying to assert that the Mod IS the Aether. Especially in the thread the Mod is BASED OFF OF.

    I think someone will continuously have to repost this unless a large-type and red disclaimer is put on the front. For now, this should serve for page 113.

    EDIT: Sorry to make something of a useless post. I like this idea enough to make an actual contribution, but I cannot think of one to make yet. Which is, in its own way, pretty good.
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    Quote from xl9 »

    And then, how about Midas tears only goldify items that can be gold? And why not instead of the chests, in your quick bar.

    Err. . . I'm pretty sure this is how they suggested it, for the most part. Aside from Minecarts, that I can tell. In that case, the minecarts come out as five gold ingots to simulate (or make real, I guess) the cart breaking down into component parts and those becoming gold.

    A little time later: Do you mean to say that Midas tears should not destroy anything? I can see that argument, but having those items not goldable destroyed basically makes the tears a double-edged sword. And this is both a part of balance and a fundamental law of the Nether.

    Oh, and to try to get back to the current topic;
    As more of a side note about eruptions (if they should be included, I can't remember if the idea was to not have them at this point or not), would it be too unbalanced to make the eruptions the only time a minecart/lavaboat would flow UP a flow? The only problem I can currently see with this is that the eruptions, being random, would be impossible to plan anything for.

    But!, to try to make some sense of it: Let's say there is a room that houses your diamonds or some Nether resource that was rarer than normal.You don't want anyone, including yourself, getting there. Except in emergencies, which I would consider eruptions that.

    So, you place a single lava block in the ground about five blocks below with a minecart track in front of it. Eruption. Lava flows up. Minecart flows upward.

    Yeah, unnecessary. But so are massive amounts of redstone to create a cannon that can only have but one use ever. Ah well. See how you like it. Use it if you think it worthy.
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