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Man,what do you ever need to know?


I'm interested in mapping,especially in WorldPainter.

I also like palaeontology ,zoology and things like that.

Plus,I'm a huge fan of the Jurassic Park series,including Jurassic World.

Other than that,I love structure planning.

For The Record : 2 F4#@in' C.E.O. Shut Down The M-JC Discussions , I Am Not Going To Let It Pass On , The Projects Will Be - In God's Will - Successful .

The ****in' C.E.O. Duo Will Get Crazy When They Find Out That They Cannot Shut Down AnyThing,So :

I'mma Gonna Fire Ma Freakin' Cannon,And Then,NoOne Will Do Nothing Bad To My Lovely People.

By The Jihader For M-JC ...

Location "Jurassic World"

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