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    posted a message on SummerFields - 1.11 Update! (NOW WITH MOAR GROUP EFFORT!)

    Still getting the optifine non-transparent leaves problem even though changelog says it's fixed. This is using both Optifine HD_U_B.1 and B.2 on 1.11. And no, I do have the settings on "fancy" :P

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    posted a message on [LaimaCraft 1.11] - Vanilla - Community Based Server - 18+ Adult Server

    A couple days into Cow Island and things are looking... well, there's a lot of cows. I swear I will build something eventually :P

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    posted a message on [LaimaCraft 1.11] - Vanilla - Community Based Server - 18+ Adult Server

    I tried to get back to the first page to find the forum link but alas it seems the Curse servers are too busy crashing :P

    Sorry if my application is incomplete, I can't find the official form due to the above issue.

    Age: 20

    Tell us about yourself; why we should add you, and where are you from?:

    I'm an agricultural science student and video game enthusiast from Vancouver, BC. I have a lot of Vanilla minecraft server experience, including moderating, building community structures, and running my own small servers. I think I'd be a good fit considering my previous experience on similar servers.

    Why do you play Minecraft? What's your favorite part? What are you good at?:

    I play minecraft because I really like the aesthetic aspects of the game. Interiors, exteriors, little detail pieces are all things I enjoy making. I'm not much of a grinder for materials, unless it's clay to do a build with bricks or hardened clay colours :P My builds typically aren't big but they are intricate and functional. Here is an imgur link to an album of some of my work (all survival). Blending aesthetics and functionality is what I really work to excel at. It's been awhile since I've been active in the community but I'm looking forward to coming back. The reason I asked what MC version the server was running was to make sure I can still use Shaders on your server.

    Do you agree with all the rules above and what you think about them?:

    They are roughly the same rules I've used/seen on other similar servers. I like this ruleset because it keeps it minimal to allow players freedom in most of what they do.

    Why do you want to join specifically this server?:

    I gotta be honest, I'm a bit of a purist in servers in that I don't like Spigot or Bukkit, but the usage of mods is minimal enough here that I'm happy with it. The idea of a mature community where there is still work to be done on community projects etc. really interests me, as that's really what I'm interested in. Also the location of the server (Seattle) is ideal since hopefully I'll have very minimal lag! The community seems quite strong around this server and I'd be interested to be a part of a server that's still got room to grow.

    Anything further you'd like to say:

    I hope to see you in-game soon! Thanks for your consideration, and I understand if I'm too young to be a good fit.

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    posted a message on [LaimaCraft 1.11] - Vanilla - Community Based Server - 18+ Adult Server

    What game version does the server run on currently?

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    posted a message on "Winter;" A Vanilla Survival Server (1.8.8) Hermitcraft/Mindcrack-Like.

    Still loads of space! Bump.

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    posted a message on "Winter;" A Vanilla Survival Server (1.8.8) Hermitcraft/Mindcrack-Like.

    NOTE: I won't be active for a week or so over Christmas while I visit family. Will still reply to messages etc on the forum.

    Aidanhoff here,

    I had some spare time this winter to finally get back into Minecraft, and I decided to throw up a server. I'm looking for a good community of players; will leave things open for now but will consider a whitelist if necessary.

    The idea for this server is to be roughly "mindcrack/hermitcraft-esque," as much of a cliche as that is. I'll be setting up plots around the spawn area (a winter plains/mountain) and you'll be able to choose a lot in the town if you so desire. Of course, you're free to roam around and build, too. There are a few rules:

    • Don't travel outside of a 5000 block radius (for now), just in case I have to move the world file around to fix bugs etc while the server gets started.
    • Don't go to the end. Let's save it for 1.9.
    • Don't grief, steal, etc... don't be that guy.
    • Don't build your main base within 500 of spawn (unless it's in the plot of course).

    I'll be staying roughly on pace with the official updates (eg 1.9 somewhat soon after it comes out) though I will consider something like a delay for optifine if it's asked for- not everyone has great computers. Currently there's an 18-person limit on the server because I can easily afford that for hosting. If we reach that cap, I'll start whitelisting on a first-come-first-serve basis.

    This is a mature community. I'm 20, and I've been on many, many servers like this before (admin'd a handful and ran one other). As long as you can exhibit maturity and respect in your actions, your age doesn't matter to me, but I do prefer people that can be respectful of other's builds and belongings in-game.

    I hope to see you in-game! If you happen to join tonight (December 14th, 10:40ish PST) you'll find me laying out plots.

    EDIT: Done a rough set-up. If you drop by and are interested, leave your IGN on the message board in game. I'll be on again tomorrow.

    IP: Please PM me.

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    posted a message on Mature-Crafters Brand New on March 26-2015

    Hey, I'd be happy to join your server, looks like a good group of people.

    IGN: aidanhoff

    Age: 19

    Skype/Mumble/TS: I have skype and had TS in the past, can certainly get it back up and running.

    Experience level with MC: Decent, I've played since Beta 1.8. I've done a lot of building and SSP, as well as about two years of SMP on a server that I modded part time (small vanilla like this one). My primary interest is definitely building and landscaping as well as agriculture. One of my favorite things about SMP is the ability to work on community projects, which typically is my favorite kind of building.

    Previous bans: None

    Why I want to join: Now that I'm gonna have some free time this summer after university, I'm looking forward to getting back into an SMP server and working on community projects with a cool group of people.

    Thanks for taking the time to read!

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    posted a message on Solert SMP (15+) (Mindcrack/Hermitcraft/Cube-like server)

    Hi dRawry,

    Nice looking server! I'd be excited to join.
    1. What is your IGN: aidanhoff

    2. Why are you interested in joining this server? I've been getting back into Minecraft recently, used to be on a SMP Vanilla server a lot like this one last year but we went our separate ways eventually (server was always empty, people were getting bored with MC etc). While the server was in its prime though, that was the most fun I've had playing any game and I'd like to try that again. This community seems like an excellent candidate for getting back into that groove.

    3. Why should we accept you into this server? You should accept me because I believe that I'm the kind of player you want on your server; dedicated to a good community and honestly interested in having fun and enjoying the experience of playing with people who hopefully will become good friends.

    4. How often will you play on the server? I'm in university in Canada, so I still have exams until late April, so periodically until then. Once my summer actually starts and I'm just working and taking a summer semester course I'll have loads more time to be on.

    5. How old are you? I'm 19.

    6. Since beta 1.8, and my favorite thing is (or perhaps was, RIP pre 1.7 extreme hills) adventuring and exploring the world trying to find the most beautiful natural locations to build in.

    7. What timezone are you in? Pacific (UTC -8:00)

    8. What is your skype? aidanhoffman

    9. If you plan on recording, what is your YouTube: I'm not sure if I'll actually do a series or not, will depend on how much time I end up having, but here's my YT. I can certainly record server events/games/etc. Here.

    10. Any bans? If so, please explain in detail. No bans!

    Thanks for reading!

    P.S. People who leave half cut trees are just horrible, horrible humans.

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    posted a message on Basic Craft! [Small Community] [Adult/Mature only]
    • IGN: Aidanhoff
    • Age: 18
    • About you: Casual gamer who really enjoys tight-knit community servers.
    • Skills: Primarily building, I have a lot of experience building Vanilla server infrastructure such as spawns and nether hubs from my last server especially.
    • Why you want to join: The last server I had helped create shut down in winter, and with university done I've been looking for another server community to be a part of during my spare time.
    • What version of Minecraft is Basic Craft using (meaning you might have to downgrade client) I'm sticking with 1.7.5 for the present time, so we're good there.
    • Do you have RL skills you can provide for the server?:(ex. photoshop,plugin creation) I created Youtube videos for both server community events and showcases on my last server, and I'm willing to do it again.

    Thanks for your consideration! :D

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    posted a message on Teds World Gen Mods - Realistic World Gen Alpha 1.3.2
    I probably won't upgrade this mod for awhile now that it's on Forge simply because of the hassle of getting shaders working with Forge. However once better villages comes out that may change my mind :)
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    posted a message on Rubies
    If you want rubies why not go the extra yard and extend it to the whole corundum species? Just call it "Corundum" and have it drop either rubies or sapphires for same uses but different aesthetic.
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    posted a message on Some 1.6 first snapshot criticisms
    Quote from KaosC57

    No its not. you would not use the same saddle that fits a pig on a horse now would you? (yes people ride pigs.)

    They're also many different saddle types and shapes for different horses and riding styles. Really making more than one saddle is kinda pointless because they vary so widely that two kinds can't come close to covering it and really only add an unnecessary item to the game. In this instance, gameplay > realism.
    Quote from TheOneFromBehind

    It has been confirmed that donkeys won't be able to wear armor, but instead they will have the ability to place chests on them.

    I got that, at the time of writing I was unaware of this. Thanks for pointing it out, I agree.
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    posted a message on Some 1.6 first snapshot criticisms
    Quote from Balduran

    Carpets sound great in theory, but it would seem that they're using the same texture as wool... Wasted effort much?

    I'd hope texture packs will put little fringes on them at least, with connected textures that'd be really cool
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    posted a message on Some 1.6 first snapshot criticisms
    Quote from Gastroid

    Oh how that matters not.

    If it happens to have a specific name itself I really don't see why they wouldn't use it. For an example if they had called the pickaxe the "stone digger" you would probably have some criticisms. I happen to own horses and know a lot about mediaeval warfare, so this is roughly the same for me.
    For another example for redstone people, if they had called the comparator the "3 input repeater" or something that obviously would have looked silly to people with a background in electronics, which redstone is based off of.
    Quote from Benjamin5349

    As far as saddlebags go, it seems donkeys are getting that feature. You can place a chest on them now, but it doesn't have any function yet. Looking forward to when they are finished for sure.

    I haven't looked too much into the snapshot so I wasn't aware of this, thanks for bringing it to my attention.
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