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    Kids? 😆 I'm 41 years old and Minecraft is INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT!!!!! I'm getting frustrated because every "easy for beginners tutorial" is so far above the beginner level. Not a single one of them is for beginners because you have to know already how to play the game for the so-called tutorial to make sense. By the way, there are no enemies in my game, and it is STILL TOO HARD! I can't do anything because it's nearly impossible to find the right button. You do a search online to ask a question, and you get pages and pages of search results that have nothing to do with the question you asked. You watch "beginners tutorials" on YouTube, and the narrator says do-this-thing-and-then-do-this-thing-see-how-easy-that-was but doesn't say HOW to do any of it. You guys are apparently taking for granted that you have been playing for a long time and have grown along with the game, while new players are jumping into a HUGE game that has absolutely no in-game tutorial, hints, etc. Most games have pop-ups to explain every detail when you do something for the first time, and sometimes beyond the first time. But Minecraft has zero. Absolutely nothing. It's like they don't want us to play, like "haha, you think we're going to let you play our game? Good luck figuring it out on your own. Thanks for that $60 you just blew on a game you can't play."

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