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    posted a message on [Challenge] Castle Building Challenge

    Nice work sdreamer!
    not gonna lie I haven't been working on the stone age, replacing the wooden walls and keep with stone just seems really boring and monotonous.
    I will need to spice things up a little to get my creative juices flowing again, I want this castle to be the biggest grandest thing I have ever made on minecraft and I have lots of great ideas, so I may end up deviating from the challenge a bit, I really want to get this thing looking amazing! Between that and the recent curve balls life has been throwing my way it will definitely take some time but I just want you to know that I am still continuing this challenge. I hope to get back into my survival world shortly

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    Quote from Tunareth78111»

    Just completed wooden age!

    Found a mistake in the Stone age: "redstone can be collected, but cannot be used in circuitry."

    It looks like you updated the rules to not allow iron tools in the Stone age, which means we can't gather redstone until the iron age.

    Also, it would be nice to update this challenge a bit for the current version of the game. For instance, we don't need to build a stone furnace in the wooden age, because we can make camp fires to cook meat! So furnaces can be saved for the Stone age now. Still Loving this challenge, thanks for creating it!

    I'm glad to see you're enjoying the challenge, do you have screenshots of the wood age? campfires in the wood age would be a cool implementation, I didn't think of that

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    At last after a lot of work the keep has been completed! All requirements have been met and I can advance to the stone age, below is a link to my progress with building the keep, upgrading the farm area and decorating the spawn. and the first villager has happily joined my empire, the empire of Eriador!


    And here is a tour of the castle so far as well as all the requirements needed to advance, enjoy!

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    posted a message on [Challenge] Castle Building Challenge

    sorry, it's been a while since my last post, there's been a lot of stuff I needed to sort out irl which has reduced how much time I could play, but I have not been idle.

    Nice start on your castle btw sdreamer!

    I'm still in the wood age and I still have a ways to go but thought I would post screenshots to show my journey as I make this castle, but also, this thing is looking amazing!


    Edit: remember when I said no crazy projects in the wood age? I guess I couldn't help myself XD

    second edit: yesterday I spent the whole day finishing off the wall, I am now excited to say that it is finally complete! here are the pics. I will be taking a week or so off from this world before I return and start working on the keep.


    since I am new to posting screenshots on imgur, let me know if there is anything that needs improving or anything you enjoyed, I will be happy to take your advice and improve how I share my progress

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    ok so it's been a little over a week, I have been making steady progress though I am still in the wood age. most of my time has been spent building the wall which is almost done, it just needs another tower and gate, then I can start working on the keep, but man this is one helluva wall! I'm quite happy with it.
    I have included some pictures of my progress in the link below, enjoy!


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    posted a message on [Challenge] Castle Building Challenge

    man, its been a long time, like 4 years since I last attempted this challenge, I have to admit younger me really tried to outdo themselves on this challenge. I have at last managed to beat vanilla minecraft on hardcore and now I want to get back into building, thought this would be a good place to start. unlike my previous attempts I am going to take a more relaxed approach to this challenge, hard difficulty vanilla minecraft, no hardcore mode and no insane projects in the wood age. lets see how this goes

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    posted a message on [16x][1.6.2]FeatherSong (Updated 7/25)
    Quote from clockwork_lynx»

    Was not expecting people to still be using this pack after all these years! I've since been maintaining the pack for myself; here's a download link to a 1.12 version of it. Many things need updating, but it's mostly functional.

    What's been updated since last upload:

    -updated version number to 3
    -fixed tagline/description ("Warm and rustic.")

    -survival inventory (layout update & recipe book)
    -creative inventory
    -crafting table (recipe book)
    -updated brewing stand
    -shulker box
    -enchanting table

    -redid acacia blocks: logs, planks, leaves, saplings, door
    -grass path side & top
    -podzol side & top
    -Beetroot plants
    -double tallgrass
    -magma blocks

    -removed the random rotations for: sand, red_sand, stone, netherrack
    -made sugarcane colorless

    -armor stand
    -enderman + 3 variants

    -removed "empty" armor/shield icons from inventory
    -added empty_armor_slot_shield
    -name tag
    -Beetroot item/seeds
    -armor stand
    -rabbit foot/hide

    -fixed bookshelf CTM to have oak planks on top again

    probably more that I missed...

    My to-do list:
    (that will probably never actually be finished)

    -recipe background gui

    -bone block
    -noteblock, jukebox

    -purpur blocks: block/pillar/stair/slab
    -endstone brick
    -end rod
    -chorus plant, flower
    -shulker, shulker box
    -end crystal

    -nether wart block
    -red nether brick

    -end crystal
    -boat icons
    -various tipped arrows
    -prismarine shard/crystals
    -chorus fruit (& popped)

    -zombie villager(s) to match the regular zombies
    -husks to match skeles
    -pigmen, ghasts, blazes
    -polar bear

    -fix swampland m biome colors?

    -redo spruce/birch/jungle/dark oak doors
    -daylight sensor
    -hinges for iron trapdoor
    -status icons (nausea, hunger, etc)
    -nicer sponge

    List of textures from other packs:
    (they are NOT present in this download - this list is in case you want to hunt them down and add them yourself)

    armor, horses, horse armor, ocelot/cats
    item textures: armor, horse armor, clownfish

    hardened_clay, hay bale

    pixel daydreams:
    tallfern, paeonia, rosebush, sunflower, syringa,
    allium, orchid, houstonia, oxeye, tulips

    default hd:

    (I think I found and deleted all the textures from other packs - if anyone finds one I missed, please let me know.)

    thanks for the link however i am using mc version 1.10.2. is there a download of this resource pack for 1.10.2?
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    posted a message on Nature Makes A Fowl Come Back Mod! World Wide!

    will butterflies be a part of this mod? if so can you add a monarch butterfly?

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    posted a message on [16x][1.6.2]FeatherSong (Updated 7/25)

    this looks like a great texture pack however, when i download it and place it in the minecraft resourcepacks folder or the texturepacks folder and launch the game, i can't seem to access it although i can access all my other resource packs just fine. i even tried unzipping it in the resource packs folder and the texturepacks folder and still nothing! it is available for mc version 1.10.2 right?

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    posted a message on Realistic Fluids Overhaul - Finite Water and Stuff [WIP]

    this looks like a cool mod but i have been trying it out and it causes lots of lag and slows world generation significantly. i was wondering if there was any way you could improve the performance of this mod?

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    posted a message on [1.15.1] Ruins (Structure Spawning System)
    Quote from Jordan_Peacock»


    I made some tweaks to the template, replacing the custom inventory chests with regular treasure chests, and the Blood Magic blocks with some vanilla block placeholders.

    The thing is, when I spawned it in Creative Mode, it SEEMED as if nothing was happening. However, I remember that a long time ago, I ran into some trouble spawning especially large structures via Ruins, where it seemed as if the structure was "kind of" there: I couldn't move through spots where there SHOULD be walls -- but I couldn't SEE them. So, I chose the option to "SAVE & QUIT" then reentered, and -- presto! There is the castle!

    I suspect that this castle would spawn normally in terrain generation but it's going to have a hard time finding a valid build spot. It only has a "basement" of 3 blocks, and max leveling of 7, despite X/Z dimensions of 116x115. That and the acceptable blocks have been set a bit strangely, IMHO.

    Anyway, it's a fascinating structure. I couldn't even figure out how to get to some of the upper parts of it without cheating by flying (or, I suppose, building a means of getting higher), so I'm not sure if it's actually complete, but it's still marvelous in its complexity, and in the creative touches such as representations of catapults and great cannons. Due to its size (and difficulty in fitting in with even minor hills) it really makes me wish there were some even flatter version of the Plains biome (perhaps a "Flatlands" biome, say), where one might have an easier time finding a wide area to build.

    I have to admit that looks like a pretty awesome castle! it must've taken a lot of work!

    I just have 1 last question (for now). if I were to make the shire from LOTR using this mod, would i be able to have villagers spawn with the structure?

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    posted a message on [1.15.1] Ruins (Structure Spawning System)

    does anyone know where i can find the name and picture of all the ruins that spawn in the mod? i want to edit where certain structures spawn but i can't figure out which name associates with which structure.

    also i love how easy this mod is to customize! now i can add my own structures into minecraft without learning how to code!

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    posted a message on The best mods and mod packs

    i found 2 mods that add physics to minecraft and they look pretty cool, however they aren't available for the newer versions of minecraft. the mods are called block physics and finite liquid. i was wondering if there are mods like these but for versions 1.10 and up.

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    posted a message on [1.15.1] Ruins (Structure Spawning System)

    okay i got it to work now. thanks for the help!

    one last thing, do ruins spawn in biomes o plenty biomes?

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    posted a message on [1.15.1] Ruins (Structure Spawning System)

    this looks like a great mod but i am having problems with it. i downloaded the 1.10 version and put it in my mods folder but when i run minecraft the ruins mod doesn't load. all my other mods work except this one.

    plz help

    note: i can't get it to work on 1.11.2 either. is there something i need to install to run this mod?

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