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    posted a message on >Emagination<[48 Slots] [2GB] [1.8.1] [Looking for players, builders, and staff]
    I just need to add the builders and moderators and I'm ready to open the server.
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    posted a message on >Emagination<[48 Slots] [2GB] [1.8.1] [Looking for players, builders, and staff]

    Whitelist Application:
    In order to join the server, you must post a whitelist application using the template below.
    We will review your app and add you to the whitelist.
    You will be notified by a reply or PM (if requested.)
    Builder and Moderator Applications does not count as whitelist applications
    Minecraft IGN: Username
    Minecraft Age: How long have you been playing minecraft?
    Age: Optional
    Country: What country do you live in?
    Purpose for joining: Why do you want to join

    Please help us advertise the server! Advertising the server attracts more users so we will become more successful as server hosters.

    You can help us advertise the server by making a banner for signatures, putting our banners into your signature, telling your friends, or even making videos!

    Feel free to make any banners or videos for the server :smile.gif:

    Credits to ernietinkle for this banner:


    We would appreciate it if you can make a banner for us. We will give you credit for it :smile.gif:

    Builder Application:
    In order to enjoy the freebuild benefits, you have to apply for builder.
    <Your Whitelist App>
    Building Experience:
    Have you build in other servers?:
    What do you like building?:
    Do you hack/grief/troll servers?:
    Show us a picture of your building:
    Builders gets access to build in cities and have their own lots! Depending on how much you build is the size of your lot: Starting is 25x25. You can choose where is the lot.
    Builders have access to the /i command, however they cannot use Bedrock, and TnT.
    Builders have access to kits to give them armor and tools.
    Builders are not to touch other builders project without their permission.
    Builders are also not to mess or help with the regular players time in the server (Giving them log and tools, griefing them with bricks, etc)
    Builders can fly, but they are not to abuse it.

    Moderator Application:
    Want to help us manage the server? Post this application and see if you qualify :smile.gif:
    0/5 moderators are found
    <Your Whitelist App>
    Moderating Experience:
    Why do you WANT to become a mod:
    Why do you THINK you SHOULD become a mod:
    Do you think you abuse players?:
    Why should we trust you?:
    Why is it necessary to have more than one mod?:
    Mods have access to almost all commands.
    Mods are not to abuse players or their powers without permission from the owner and co-owners
    Mods can not command other players to do something unless they are breaking a rule (EX: Make me a sandvich noob, etc)
    Mods are to use correct grammer most of the time
    Mods are to ban only with a VALID REASON (EX. The player was griefing houses, the player was using x-ray hack, etc)

    The post is still being worked on, I spent most of my time on the server instead of the topic post :sad.gif:

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