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    posted a message on 20-30 fps when in windowed and fullscreen, switching between them gives a limited time fps boost.

    So i was playing project ozone 2 recently with a few friends, and i was getting around 20-30fps at all times in both windowed and fullscreen, all settings are at the lowest and render distance was at 4, the weird thing is whenever i switch from windowed to fullscreen it gives me a smooth 60fps for about 3 seconds then drops back down to the usual framerate, does anyone have any idea whats causing this or how to fix my lag? The game usually only uses about 40% of my cpu at all times and is only using about half of the allocated 5gb's of ram.


    CPU: AMD A8-3870 APU

    RAM: 8GB

    GPU: Radeon RX 550

    Posted in: Java Edition Support
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