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    posted a message on Looking for builders and new players for the server, or be both Version is 1.16.1 Java only

    The server I am advertising for is Metrocraft. The server is a unique minecraft survival/dungeon server. You start of playing survival, doing jobs to earn money, buy stuff in shop and grind mobs to trade for custom enchanted books. After some time when grinded up some gear you can start challenging the diffrent type of dungeons we got with diffrent difficulties. Some dungeons needs certain requirements to be done or you most likely will die in the dungeon fast or your gear durability just dissapear. Can you take on all the diffrent dungeons challenges we offer? The dungeons got unique loot, custom textures and custom crates

    So for the builder part we are looking for more builders to work on creating new and more dungeons and improve on what we currently got of builds and upcoming. Always have in mindset everything can be improved and be able to build and have fun during the process.

    If you are interrested trying out the server and have fun feel free to come by, for the server there is alot more planned and alot to look forward to.
    Here is the discord invite: https://discord.gg/Ppuk7tg If you are looking to tryout the builder role and join the team msg System_Check

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    posted a message on | 1.16.1 | Hundreds of Custom Enchantments | Unique Items | Dungeons | Custom Bosses | Land Claim | Economy |

    So I have been playing on this server for about 5/6 days and I am having a good amount of fun. The server gives the feeling of complete normal survival with some few extra stuff to spice it up. Like for example the server got dungeons with special custom loots, ranking from easy to very hard. Easy is like diamond armor is more than enough while the hardest requires potions and full protection 4 and netherite. The server also got some other stuff like tp, shops, and antigriefing and other stuff. The server stay updated all the time and the admin is always around trying to help and improve the server. So, so far I really like this server since the day I started. I highly recommend that more people should join it and enjoy the fun and challenges, and if you want a rank maybe, maybe you get one sooner or later so dont feel preassured to buy anything, there are giveways from time to time and unique challenges.

    So I hope more people will join and I see you on the server, goes under the username NorthernDefender

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