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    I really love the new update, but I really liked the old summoner more. I hope you bring him back in as a different mob in a later update.
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    Hey, I'm the guy who requested the mod, here's what I have planned

    I also told quickfingers that I would make the textures and have a friend of mine add the animations and modeling

    all mobs spawn in the ice world

    ice zombie:
    more health than a normal zombie, inflicts slowness, 30 health (15 hearts)

    ice blaze (will eventually get a name that makes since):
    more health than blazes, shoots ice balls, inflicts slowness, 30 health (15 hearts)

    ice golem:
    deals high damage, weak to fire, 50 health (25 hearts)

    more mobs will come later


    sticky boots:
    allows you to walk freely on ice, crafted by putting a slime ball under any type of boots

    ice world ores:
    each have an armor and tool set, don't know what the ores should be yet, any ideas?

    ice-based weapons:
    all inflict slowness, like the ice world mobs, don't know what the weapons should be yet

    elemental bow:
    allows you to use fire and ice arrows

    fire arrows:
    set enemies on fire, strong against all ice world enemies

    ice arrows:
    inflict slowness, strong against all nether enemies

    more to come


    ice world:
    the mod is called ice world for a reason, the entire mod revolves around this dimension, all mobs spawn here, the entire dimension is made of ice, better bring your sticky boots

    blaze lair:
    nope, the ice world isn't the only dimension in the mod, this dimension is a small island, like the end, blazes and ice blazes spawn in this dimension, random patches of ice, fire, and the main boss of the mod, the blaze overlord. You get there by using things called eyes of ice in the ice world in the same fashion as eyes of ender, which take you to a dungeon that you have to go through (unlike the end which starts you at the portal) and place the eyes of ice in the frame.


    ice giant:
    a giant ice golem that looks more threatening and IS more threatening. You create the mob, like the wither, my idea is to make the structure a 4x4 scale model of what you use to make the wither out of a material other than soul sand (something ice related). I don't exactly know how to make the fight though.

    blaze overlord:
    I have this entire boss planned out. This is a gigantic blaze that spawns off the side of the blaze lair. It alternates between ice and fire phases, which forces you to bring your fire and ice arrows, you need fire arrows to damage it in it's ice phase, and ice arrows in it's fire phase. It attacks like the corresponding blaze in both of it's phases. After three quarters of it's health is gone, it enters it's burning phase, the blaze shrinks to half it's size and flies onto the island, turning blue to represent blue fire, a much stronger fire than normal fires. It now shoots fireballs that do double the damage, and since it is now on the island, it can move freely. It can now take damage from anything, but is smaller and a tougher target. Once you kill it, it drops the blaze crown, a helmet that is as strong as a diamond helmet and lets you fly and shoot fireballs like a blaze, and best of all: NO DURABILITY, you can use it for as long as you want

    This isn't a finished dimension mod, though, so feel free to give requests on what to add
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