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    I just wanted to give some of my input on the whole 2.0 thing-

    (I'm not trying to offend Viper or the people working on the project- I hold Viper to a lot of respect)

    I don't really think overhauling the map is the most ideal thing to do, for several reasons:

    - You strip the nostalgia away from the old veterans, I loved the old prison for its simplicity yet diversity

    - You give people something to insult, sure if you keep the old prison people might say "Wow lazy" but at

    least you can say "this is home" "this prison has supported us for 3+ years", as opposed to having people

    say "wow this map is so ____" "I can't stand this new prison" "I miss the old prison"

    - People never really quit because of the map, most people quit because they got bored or peoples' friends left

    As for the whole genre being "dead"-

    Its true, anything will die at some point; it happens.

    However I do think if Convicted takes the proper direction in terms of change, maybe it can

    go back to being how it was in 2011-2013. I'm all for updating SOME parts of the prison,

    but completely making a new prison doesn't seem necessary- I think all the effort should

    be poured into improving game play/longevity and fixing the holes that killed Convicted slowly.

    TL;DR- The old map wasn't what killed Convicted

    But that's just my opinion.

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    I have died, to enjoy the sweet release of death- But I reanimate myself over and over to enjoy that feeling again

    I hope everyone is doing fine, except for Jill

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    I've quickly recognized who you are, and frankly I won't be doing anything to you.
    It's really obvious who you are, seeing as how I've seen so many rants from you.

    I only answer questions if they're asked properly and I have the opportunity to;
    And you act as if I have no freedom to play other games?
    I play games for entertainment, and Convicted is one of the reasons I play on it.
    But that doesn't mean I won't play other games like League.

    If anything, I usually take breaks from Convicted so my entertainment feels renewed
    once I get back on. But to see a post like yours makes me face-desk.
    You've been having problems with the higher staff for AGES now, if you don't
    like how we do things here; you don't belong here.

    You expect us to act professional, Viper never intended for this server to be professional.
    Viper intended for this server to be fun; and if you can't follow by the rules set by the Wardens,
    you can fly away. Shoo!
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    To those who abused the sand block :
    (Even though this message is really late)

    I banned you guys not because I was angry over you getting duped XP;

    Merely only for you guys being very scum-like. And that you would abuse an
    opportunity that shouldn't have been. I was much more relieved when people started
    fessing up, rather than hiding and saying they had no idea about the XP block;
    when they did indeed use it.

    Some have said it was YOUR fault for keeping the opportunity up,
    but frankly; I would think it otherwise, Dachimp has told me that the block was
    accessible to players a day before it was reported to me. Viper was the one
    who changed the C_Foyer, but he probably didn't think of a cmd block
    in the C_Foyer before deleting my C_Foyer event. I don't blame Viper though,
    he probably just wanted to make you guys a C_Foyer and had no time to look
    through stuff like that.

    Again, I could really care less of how much XP you got off of that,
    I was just upset that you guys were being dishonest and didn't want it
    to get fixed. I was especially upset with the veterans and guards who
    I thought were loyal, but oh well.
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    @ Scientin

    That's cute Scientin, you think you're a veteran.
    I don't know who the hell you are, and I'm pretty sure
    its safe to say you are not known on this server.

    The fact that Zoid and you have supposedly been here
    for almost a year is just a blatant lie, Zoid is an A.
    Seeing as he invited you here, I would expect you being a rank near him.
    I'm just taking it that you two may have taken a break on Convicted to be
    presumed being a player here for almost a year.

    All your arguments are just assumptions of me thinking I'm better than you,
    which I never stated, nor do I think.

    And when I mean by time, I mean time used to
    argue with the likes of you; this is a empty fight.

    Go scurry along now.
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    @ Scientin

    I would just like to say for the record;
    I've been around here for more than a year on Convicted,
    As far as I know, this server hasn't been left "fruitless,"
    if anything, so many seeds are among Convicted.
    (I'm referring to seeds to the future generations and as a sexual joke)

    I'm going to keep this short and simple for you Scientin and Zoid,
    because I don't have time for this;

    Good Riddance ♥
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    Your two posts have further indulged me,
    (Zoid's and Scientin's)

    The fact that you Zoid, are on the internet, expect that everyone is nice,
    and to hope there is no cussing is just your little fantasy.
    Zoid this was not the first time you've excessively spammed my name for "help."

    If I recall, this is the 3rd time you've done this :

    The 1st time I was nice enough to do what you requested
    because you did not expect a reply from me.

    The 2nd time I was angered and mocked you by stating
    that you don't need to keep things in private in message
    if it was simply a "plot" reason.

    The 3rd time I was just completely fed up by taking +4 lines
    that were : "Noakii" "Noakii" "Noakii please" "Noakii" "SuperNoakii" etc.

    Then you expect me to be all nicey sweet to you.
    This is how our conversation would go if I replied to you

    aftering saying Noakii for the 5th time;

    Zoid (global chat) : Noakii (x5 lines)
    Noakii (global chat) : ?
    Zoid (global chat) : Can I talk to you in msg?
    Noakii (global chat) : ok
    Zoid (in msg) : Can I ask you something about plots?
    Noakii (in msg) : ok
    Zoid (in msg) : Can you __________ (insert request that was NEVER asked even when I went b!tch mode)

    Do not expect me to not get upset because this is the 3rd time I've seen you drag on a chat that
    does not need to be dragged on.

    - This is what should have happened -

    Good Scenario 1 :
    Zoid (in global) : Noakii I need you to ____________
    -BAM, request completed-
    Good Scenario 2 :
    Zoid (using /helpop because helpop is for HELP) : Noakii I need you to __________
    -BAM, request completed-

    As for you Scientin, I could care less if you both planned to donate 40$ to the server,
    This just sounds like a stupid guilt trip; and frankly a bribe so your friend can get unbanned.
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    Quote from Redstery11

    Well I'm sorry about that, but as I said in my appeal I wasn't aware that you were banning advertisers and you were finished banning when I gave dyn the link.

    *Edit* What I meant to say was I wasn't aware you were banning people who were giving out the links to the live stream.

    1st bold ) I usually ban advertisers on sight.

    2nd bold ) That is advertising.

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    Quote from Redstery11

    Current rank on the server:Guard
    Reason you were banned:Not quite sure. (Ban Hammer has spoken.)
    Warden/Alpha that issued your ban: (N/A if you don't know)N/A.
    Approximate time of ban: (Include time zone)3:14 pm EST
    Why you deserve to be unbanned:I deserved to be unbanned because didn't intend on giving out that link to be banned. Dyn asked for the link, I put it in the chat and I was banned. I'm sorry if I did anything wrong, but if I was banned for putting the link in, I had no clue I was told to stop. I wasn't paying attention to the chat, I was watching the live stream and if it was mentioned, I had no clue.
    Any additional information:I'm not sure if this is a troll ban or anything, but I made a ban application just incase.

    I'm more well aware you were there when we were getting spammed,
    Let us just give out the link.

    If you didn't notice; I was banning those that were advertising on sight.
    There is a reason why we have a /m ; /tell
    And I expected better from a Guard.
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    Just want to put my side on the table;

    I apologize if this makes you more p!ssed at me than I already have you at,
    I chose to moderate on this server to have fun and lend a helping hand;
    and usually my "fun" is considered immature. I can't really help it, and I'd
    rather not act like a fake boring robot to act mature ALL the time.

    On the note of Convicted having a better player count if we acted more mature,
    I could really care less if Convicted had a higher player count than Killion or any other
    server, even if that means making more money.
    Viper created the server for a place to have fun for the community, not to make a money machine.
    The higher player count and higher income would be nice, but I don't think it is everything.
    I'm still here just for the community, and I think Viper and the other wardens would say the same.

    I'm sorry if my fun crushes yours, I use immaturity to keep me young c:
    Convicted still has a very nice and efficient community as of now, so that means
    we're not doing everything that wrong. ;p

    You can leave Convicted if you don't like it, no one is forcing you to stay on here.
    If you like my moderating styles, then thank you. If you don't, that is fine too.
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    Quote from MetallicOxide

    Rant starting NOW.

    Now, why does Noakii have to have so many ­ing favorites. He is like the teachers at my school. He only responds to Aevil. I like Aevil but Noakii just es me off. He insults everyone and if u reply to him he will ban u like he did to me! He banned me for 30 min! I MEAN COME ON. I was asking him how to join PvP and he didn't reply and I said. "Of course you don't reply" and he went on a rant for me being a ****? I sometimes talk about Jordans with Stealth and he is like Im being cocky? Am I talking to you Noakii? I mean seriously! Mind ur own business. Do ur job not hold favorites. I know my rant is not going to get anywhere but seriously. I have had enough of this CRAP.

    you know I bet imma get banned for expressing my opinion! THATS WHAT NOAKII TEMP BANNED ME FOR AND IS MAD AT ME FOR! I MEAN SERIOUSLY! WHATS THE POINT IF I CANT EXPRESS MY OPINION. No offense to aevil but if he says "Noakii u sux" Noakii will just give him diamond blocks! Be a fair WARDEN!

    I re-call that we made a deal that if you were to be an "ass" I would punish you.
    Half of the time I can't respond if you don't use /helpop or if I'm busy,
    if you haven't noticed, global chat is bombarded with people talking left and right.

    I'd really like to see you do my part. c; oh and LOL
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    Quote from D74rgon60

    Hey builder it's me dragons160 (You'd probably know me already)
    I was banned from TQ,but oddly enough i can enter TQ,is this a normal thing to be happening?If it is then i would highly appriciated if this can be fixed so it's actually a full ban from TQ,if it isn't then i'm really,really sorry.

    ~Thanks in advance ;)

    P.S: Oh and if kirbykid101 is reading this,don't worry i got it handled.

    If your name is on the banned list on one of the quests, you cheated some way to complete it;
    so therefore you're banned from it, if you do enter the Quest then you can be banned
    for a few days.
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    Quote from THEACR

    Does this server do transfers from other prison servers?

    No we do not, sorry.
    It ruins the fun of playing on a prison server if you're starting "fresh."
    Everyone, please know this;
    If you are seen doing something jailable; such as having a sword;
    killing someone; engaging in pvp:

    Fleeing from this via Logging off or Warping away is considered jailable,
    please do not complain if you do get jailed because of this.
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    Quote from jumbo76

    Dear Convicted.

    Around July I will be going on a 3 week holiday. I will be Inactive over this time. While im Gone. If a Warden Sees the need to demote me for Being inactive they may as its there choice.

    I will Post again 1 week before i go
    and 1 day before i go. Then i wont see you for 3.5 weeks.

    Thanks For understanding (If you do)

    ~Jumbo Full Guard of Convicted

    Also Please Fix the Perms in the jail no one can warp out

    I'll make sure you aren't demoted and that your plots; if any, aren't revoked,
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    Quote from DragonzlayerZ

    IGN: dragonzlayerZ

    Current rank on the server: Free (Donater)

    Reason you were banned: Hacking (spider) in Tunnel Quest

    Warden/Alpha that issued your ban: SDangel

    Approximate time of ban: December, 20th 2012

    Why you deserve to be unbanned: Here's what happened. I have been playing on convicted for several months, in that time I never
    hacked or even considered hacking. The reason I hacked in Tunnel Quest that one time is because on another server I play on they allow high ranked people or staff to use Fly or spider hacks. I had Nodus on just for the other server when I came on Convicted. Usually i'm not to bad at Tunnel Quest but occasionally I have a bad day, unfortunately that day was one of them. After failing for several minutes I began to become angry at the game. Like every one knows when your angry you tend to do stupid things that you'll regret later. After failing the iron door jump millions of times I decided to spider back to the button and retry. I was immediately temp banned by SDangel for three days. After that I quickly realized my mistake and was Extremely grateful that it was a tempban. I waited out the three days then happily came back to the server. Of course, I had no doubt in my mind, I would Never hack again, no matter how frustrated I became with the game. I played for about a day, to my surprise I logged on the day after and was perm banned for the same occasion. This is was a horrible thing to wake up to. I know what I did is completely wrong, I also know the convicted staff is pretty harsh on people who were banned, Especially hackers. But convicted is just something I really enjoy doing, most minecraft servers get boring after a few weeks but convicted just never seems to fail. It only gets better for me.

    So to all Alphas or Wardens who see this, I know im at fault. I would have Never hacked outside of TQ. Like I said, I know you guys are extremely harsh on hackers but hopefully you guys will give me one more chance. Thanks, appreciate your time and decision.

    Its called doing our job, not being harsh.
    Do you really think people who mod for further
    advantage above people deserve a 2nd chance?

    I can never understand some people sometimes,
    if you know what you're doing is wrong; why do it.

    Also, I can care less if you're a donor or not.
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