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    posted a message on [ABANDONED] Nether Plus Mod [1.6.4] [WIP]
    Quote from MrCafecito1212

    That would be good :)

    Well, that's a pretty good idea :) The name can change though
    I got aware of the WIP mods section after posting this xDI

    Yeah, name can be changed to whatever fits.

    Newbie mistake, it's okay. That is, as long as you don't do it repeatedly.
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    How about some little ghost like mobs? I would call it a "Boohoo". They could look like the classic sheet-over-head-Charlie-Brown-hallowenn-costume ghosts, with glowing little eyes. They would be about 1 block tall and 1 block wide, floating around the Nether. Upon being attacked, this mob would grow into a 3x3 block big ghost, with terrifiyng eyes. They would swarm you at very fast speeds, but only have 10 health(20 hearts) of health. Upon coming in contact with this mob, it has a 15% chance of giving you either Slowness or Blindness, as well as dealing damage if it has been angered.

    What do you think? If you like this idea, I have some more "Nether-ish" mob/boss/item ideas.
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    posted a message on [1.7] The Building Game server Now CLOSED
    You know what's fun? This minigame. You know what's great? That there's a server where I can play this minigame since I have no friends IRL with Minecraft. You know what sucks? That I can't join. There are only seven slots, I know, but can't you expand for a waiting area or, something? I want to play. D:

    EDIT: Great, now the server is down as well. Thanks for getting my hopes up. ):
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    posted a message on ✦InfiniteCreate✦ [closed]
    IGN: StarNomNom

    Yeah, I'll be using that /nick command ASAP.
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    posted a message on Vanilla Snapshot Server
    IGN: StarNomNom (Poor name choice, I know. I made this account when I was like 11.)

    Age: 13

    Why you would like to join: To be honest, just to have a good, decent survival experince. The pranks are a plus, and I know, no TNT, lava, or fire may be used.

    Skype: NOPE.JPG

    How long you have been playing: I believe since 1.2.5., as that's as far back as I can remember.

    How much might you play: Depends on how good the server is. If the server severely advances from when I first join overnight though, this might not be for me.

    Maturity: Suprisingly better than most people my age. I'm not the kind of guy who goes around trolling, flame-warring, etc.

    Past experiences with Vanilla servers: Somewhat decent.

    If you are accused of breaking any rule what would you do?: Immediaitely object, as I would only break a rule if I didn't know about it.

    If you are asked to help with any project whether is was an admin asking or a normal member what would you do?: Depends if I have the time/patience.

    Other info that you would like to add: Uhh...come on, gotta make this count...uh...QUACK.

    Random pics to some of your builds if you would like to add them: N/A.
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    posted a message on New boss: Juii Golldenopolis
    Quote from XDGrangerDX

    What? Lol.
    I think he was implying that epic is the only person who actually supports this idea. And to rub some salt on the wound, the OP even voted that this was the worst idea he's ever seen, despite it being his own. Not sure if troll thread or logic-defying time-god.
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    posted a message on New boss: Juii Golldenopolis
    Quote from ZekeZakKaz

    He spawns in the Reattoeey Biome, which is as rare as a jungle. He spawns at the top of a tower, guarded by Juii Golldenopolis guards. They have 40 hp and hit 5 hearts of dmg. There are spawners at the 5 floors of the tower. On the 6th floor the boss, Juii Golldenopolis, will be there, with 2,500 hp. He will hit 30 hearts of dmg per hit. If killed, he will drop a Juii Sword, which is as good as gold. Also about the Reattoeey Biome, it is filled with broken trees and is small and the grass is actually podzol mixed with a bit of red and there is little hills. The boss tower will be in the middle and be where you can get that sword.

    Ok, first of all, what is "Reattoeey"!? You don't see Mojang adding a "Fuhoosekashrmrodri" biome, so don't name biomes after random words. Maybe "Wasteland" biome? Second, what is the attack pattern of these guards? Appearance? Details are needed. Third, I can't tell if you're are saying there are spawners on all 5 floors, or only on the 5th floor. Fourth, again, don't name things after random words that make no sense. What does this guy look like? We need details. Fifth, 2,500 HIT POINTS?! The Ender Dragon has 200 hit points(100 hearts), and easily takes around 10-15 minutes to beat. This guy would be a NIGHTMARE if he has that much HP.

    Next up, 30 hearts of damage? That's 60 health points down the drain, and easily an instant-overkill. Also, what does this "Juii Sword" look like? DETAILS! And as good as gold? Gold does as much damage as a wooden sword! Who would want a sword that just looks diffirent, but is still as crappy as Gold? And finally, this sounds too much like the "Battletowers" mod, to be honest.

    The boss:
    30 dmg per hit, 15 hearts. If in diamond armor its like 7 hearts.\

    Ok, so it's 30 DAMAGE points, not hearts. Gotta make sure what you type makes sense.

    He can fling you off the side of the tower and you take the fall damage (about 35 blocks down)

    35 blocks down? That's an instant kill with no armor, and in unenchanted Diamond Armor!

    He can spray fire at you.

    Well it's something the none of the Vanilla Bosses of done yet, I'll give you that.

    He can throw potions of poison, slowness, naseua, and damage.

    Oh, so even MORE annoying than a witch?

    He can steal your gear and throw it.

    Yeah, then follow that up with one of his many overpowered attacks for an instant loss!

    He can steal your weapon.

    Yes, as if fighting him WITH your weapon wasn't hard enough.

    He has full diamond armor, protection IV enchantments on each.

    JUST incase you though this boss could get killed too quickly.

    He drinks potions of healing and regeneration.

    Again, why would you need to spend time in this game making ACTUAL progression?

    He has his sword with Sharpness V and Knockback II.

    Which deals around 11.5 hearts of damage, along with his normal 30 damage points.

    He can summon 20 guards every 10 seconds to attack you.

    Because why not. Not even at a certain point of the battle, like when he's weakened, nope. Just every 10 seconds.

    You need some SERIOUS help if you think this boss has any more than a Snow Golem's chance in the Nether of getting into the game.
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    posted a message on 1.6.2 Mature Vanilla Survival Server [ No Lag | Dedicated ]
    IGN: StarNomNom (I regret nothing when choosing this username SAID NOBODY WHO HAS THIS USERNAME EVER.)
    Age: 13, suprisingly a lot more mature than some trolls I meet on other servers.
    Why do you want to join our server: I want a good, decent survival experince, without griefers, overload of people, or plugins that ruin the fun.
    What do you look forward to the most in our server: Basically what I just said above.
    Do you have Skype or TeamSpeak 3: Nah, not really.
    Tell us about yourself: I'm a fan of building small civilizations and (sometimes) making traps. I also like joining the survival experince with others!
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    posted a message on Skins for the Needy!
    Can you make me a sheep skin with a...a...what's it called? A bandana that covers only his eyes, with two holes for his eyes. Make it black, and have solid white eyes and a normal mouth. Also, can you make his expression somewhat serious yet angry? I know this sounds confusing, but thank you in advance.
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    posted a message on emerald madness map download
    Sure is madness alright...

    I'M A MINECRAFTER AND WHAT IS THIS? Ok...this is not a map. It's a survival world with a single sign, a crappy house with a few applicances, and the best part of all, you ask? Freaking rows of slapped together ores. You CANNOT, I repeat, CAAAAAAANNNNNOOOOT, slap together a few blocks and things and expected this to be a legit map. If I wanted too, I could make THIS EXACT SAME MAP in under 10 minutes flat. I apologize for my critisism, but think of it as constructive critisism, and learn from it.
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    posted a message on Megaman RP
    Quote from 444TARIK444

    ((Since I probably wont be on much, I'm making NoNames a moderater, meaning he can now accept/deny apps, and control Megaman, Bass, and Duo. Congrats!))


    ((Er...never really agreed to this...on hand, I'm flattered you gave me this responsibilty, and on the other, I'm not the best at controling a lot of characters. I already have mine to deal with, heck, this the first thread where I've had multiple characters. Could I pass this on to someone else? Don't think I can handle something like this quite yet.))
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    posted a message on [INTREST CHECK] Mario RP
    Ok, got three people intrested so far. Anybody else intrested before I make this?
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    posted a message on Which of the above two avatars would you punch first?
    Punching a sign would hurt a little...so, Snorkydo.
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    posted a message on Make a Mega Man Boss out of the above avatar!
    This is what you get when I'm up at 2 in the morning...

    Anyways, the title is somewhat self-explanotory, but I'll explain the rest.

    You make a Mega Man Boss out of the above avatar(duh) by posting something like this:



    Let's go!
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