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    posted a message on HydraMC looking for owner

    Hey man! I have an offer for you guys! I was gonna add you, but there seems to be something wrong with your discord

    Nonetheless, my discord is NipNacks#6354 if you wanna contact me.

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    posted a message on ✰TheAbyss✰ 》Featuring: ⋆Earth 1:1000⋆MMORPG⋆Quests⋆CustomMobs⋆CustomEnchants⋆《》Versions: 1.8-1.16《》✰JAVA⋆BEDROCK⋆VR✰《 APPLY NOW!
    Good Day!

    I am NipNacks, the Founder and Developer at TheAbyss.
    TheAbyss is An Earth Server with Unique Features. We support Java, Bedrock, And VR Players!
    We Have been developing the server for a Month now, and we can proudly say that we are About to release
    on the 10th of July at 12PM PST! Hope to see you there!

    What Features you ask?
    The Earth Map is 1:1000 with 7 Kingdoms scattered across the 7 Continents. Towns would capture
    the Outposts to get Boosts on Exp's, Money, and more! These events would be held weekly. To prevent
    Overpowered players bullying new players, We used the plugin AdvancedEnchantments, and turned off the Vanilla ones!
    These would be obtainable from the Quests and The CustomMobs at the Fantasy Map. The FantasyMap and Earth Map are
    Integrated with each other, meaning you can transfer your items from the FantasyMap to the EarthMap and vice versa.


    ◈125+ Custom Enchants
    ◈Unique Storyline and Quests
    ◈Unique Mobs
    ◈Weekly Capture the Outpost event
    ◈Paypal Payouts at the end of the Season
    ◈Earth Map 1:1000
    ◈Fantasy Map 6k x 6k
    ◈And much More!

    We are also one of the first Towny/Earth server that will Introduce Payouts at the end of the Season!

    What to Expect?
    TheAbyss hopes to establish A network that will feature GameModes such as
    And Much More!

    How to Apply?

    Apply at Our Discord!

    Hope to See you Soon
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