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    Fancy man, this server is a nice humble experience. I hope we can achieve a small community of mostly active Veteran players.

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    posted a message on Corner Stone – Simple, Mature, Survival & Creative

    Cheers, hoping this server brings memories of another Vanilla based server I loved dearly.

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    posted a message on [Idea] Naval Battle Mod (A.K.A Better Boats)
    Bringing back this old thread of mine with some new input. Keep checking it out!
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    Quote from mattbuscus14

    love the idea but are there aircraft carriers

    Thanks for the feedback! :D

    This is primarily an expansion to Ocean's in Minecraft since really there are very few Oceanic related things to do. So in short, there are no Air-Ships of any type. BUT, that's a pretty good idea to make a Air-Ship mod but I've seen it done before many many times.
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    You need more detail in your Request then just barely having specifications for a single mob.
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    posted a message on [Idea] Naval Battle Mod (A.K.A Better Boats)
    Hi, I'm Kazuma, or Wolfmoonsword/Wolf if you don't want to call me by name.

    I've taken the time to make a sort of slightly incomplete mode idea that I will be adding to and updating. I don't have the skills or really the time to make a Mod of this scale but If you want to take it up as a project go right ahead as long as Credit is given where it is rightfully due. If you have any questions, concerns, loopholes, or more content I could add, please leave a comment below and I'll get back to you ASAP. Thanks a bunch.


    This Mod would function like an upgrade to the regular Minecraft Boat. Using 3 Boats, 2 Sticks, and a Sail on a Crafting Table you would make a Ship.

    Basic Crafting Recipes -

    Example of crafting a Ship -

    B = Boat
    SL = Sail
    S = Stick
    0 = No Item value
    | | = Crafting Table Slot

    0 | S | SL|
    0 | S | 0 | = | SH |
    B | B | B | (Ship)

    Example of crafting a Sail -

    St = String
    W = Wool

    | St | St | St |
    | St | W | St | = |SL|
    | St | St | St | (Sail)

    Ship Mechanics:

    Basic's of your ship

    After crafting a ship and placing it in water and using it by Right Clicking it, you are able to Sail about like using a normal Boat, only you move slightly more quickly. Once placing a Ship, you are unable to destroy it/collect it unless it is physically destroyed in Battle/Another circumstance. Make sure if you DO have a ship you place it in an Open Sea area, like a Ship would normally be.

    On top of your normal Health Bar would be a Ship Meter determining your Ship's current State.

    If the Meter is low, your ship is in need of repairs.

    To repair your ship, you can dock it with a Lead and use a Repair Kit to restore your Ship Meter by Right Clicking your Ship with it.

    How to craft a Repair Kit -

    Wd - Wood/Any type
    In - Iron
    St - Stick

    | Wd | Wd | In |
    | Wd | In | St | = RK
    | In | St | St | (Repair Kit)

    Special Ship Inventory/Upgrade System

    If you press the Inventory Key, (Commonly "E"), while operating the Ship, you will open up a screen with 4 Bars,

    Cargo - Inventory - Upgrades - Stats

    The Inventory tab represents your own current Inventory. When you Shift Click an Item in the Inventory screen it will automatically be sent to the Cargo submenu. Other than that detail, this Inventory section works like your normal Inventory screen anywhere else.

    When clicked on the Cargo submenu you will view the current Item's your ship is carrying. You can carry a max of 27 stacks, the equivalent of a Small Chest. This submenu functions as a portable Chest and can be later Upgraded every time the Player achieves a Hull upgrade.

    In the Upgrades Submenu the Mod begins to take shape. At the left of the menu there will be a list of current adaptions in this order with their current Power shown on the right in plus marks/bulletpoints. There is a max of 15 + P's. The screen is shown over your current inventory to drag the Upgrade accepted Items into the slots as follows;

    -Sail - P: +
    -Mast - P: +
    -Hull - P: +
    -Armory - P:

    How Sail Works}

    When you craft different types of Sails in the future, you can add them to the Upgrade screen. Each Sail will add a different amount of + P. The higher your + P is for the Sail tab, the faster your ship will go.

    How Mast Works}

    You can upgrade your Mast by crafting different types of Mast's in the future and adding them to the Upgrade screen. The higher your + P is for the Mast tab, the more Defense you have for Naval Combat.

    How Hull Works}

    Most likely a favorable upgrade. Upgrading your Hull is slightly more difficult than the other options since crafting Hull's take's a very large amount of resources. However, the more + P you have for this tab, the higher your Ship Meter becomes, meaning you'll be able to take more Damage in Naval Combat. Your ship will also look notably different after every upgrade becoming bigger and such.

    How Armory Works}

    This represents your Ship's Arsenal which at the start of your Ship's journey is always at + P: 0. In order to be able to respond to Naval Warfare and increase your Armory level, you must first craft a Cannon to add to your ship.

    How to craft a Cannon -

    InB - Iron Block

    Gp - Gun Powder
    Tw - Trip Wire

    | InB | InB | 0 |
    | Tw | Gp |InB| = Cn
    | InB | InB |InB| (Cannon)

    Once you make a Cannon, you can add one to your Upgrade Screen to increase your Attack and Armory + P levels. You can also craft different types of Cannon's leading to more Attack and a higher Armory level. This tab, like Cargo, is affected by your Hull Upgrade's. The more Hull upgrades you have, the more Cannon's you can add to your ship. The Default limit is 2 on each side.

    The Stat's section is very important. It rounds all your + P into numerical stat's that you can easily read and determine your place among the Seas. It's a plain menu that shows the following;

    Lvl. (X)
    Attack - (X)
    Defense - (X)
    Speed - (X)
    Arsenal - (X)

    Your Level sums up your Stats and is shown to other Ships that engage in Battle with you as well as you seeing theirs.
    Attack represents how hard your gonna hit your foes.
    Defense represents how well you can take enemy hits.
    Speed represents how quickly you can maneuver different situations and general speed.
    Arsenal represents how hard you worked to add weapons to your Armory and reflects on Attack.

    These are all values that mainly relate to Naval Combat.

    Naval Combat/Ship Trading/Assists

    The Heart or heat of this mod Idea.

    When sailing the Seas, you may encounter Enemy Naval Ships. Some are friendly; manned by Villagers that will trade resources with you. Others have evil intentions and wish to destroy you in their line of sight.

    When you see a Friendly, you are allowed to Trade with them. This functions like normal Villager trading except the common currency is different from Sailor to Sailor. Some might want Gold while other's might want Coal for fuel, or even wood. This broadens your options for finding certain resources that may be valuable to you while getting rid of the things that you are plentiful in or just don't want.

    When you see an Enemy Ship however, the time is for Naval Combat. Most Enemy Ship's will fire on sight, you should do the same.

    In Naval Combat, you operate your Cannons by using the Left and Right Mouse keys. After Firing, you must await for your Cannons to reload. You can only Fire at your sides. After Destroying an Enemy Ship, you can rummage through the remains left to find Loot.

    On occasion you may find a Villager Ship being attacked by an Enemy Ship. If you decide to help them out, you are partaking in an Assist. Assist opportunities are very rare so if you decide to help a fellow Sailor out the Villager will reward you with extraordinary Loot and better trades. You also will be able to Loot the assailant.

    New Ocean Structures/Runes

    As you explore this new bustling Ocean, you may find new things in the world of Minecraft. Dotting the Oceans you may find tall Sentry Posts bearing different Flags. If you see a Green Flag, it's a Villager Post, meaning you are able to Sail by, Dock, and Trade with Villagers. Rest if needed.

    If you find a Black Flagged post, it means there are Enemies stationed and they will immediately attack you by firing Stationary Cannons from the Post. Thus sending you into Combat Mode where you can try and fire down the Post. If you do, Loot is rewarded.

    There aren't just Post's though, you may find glimmering lights at the bottom of the Sea. If you take the time to swim down into them, you'll find an Ancient Rune filled with Traps and Treasure. If you don't want to swim, you may even find Ocean Villages and Colonies manned by Villager's.

    Thank you for reading and have a nice day.
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    posted a message on How long has Creative Mode been around?
    I thought you were asking a question but turns out you're simple stating the obvious. Not to be rude, but technically if anyone really wanted to answer the question stated in the Topic of the thread, they could simply check out the Creative Mode Wikipedia page on the Minecraft Wiki. What was the point of this thread again?
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    Pokemon Diamond.

    I first played that game on my 8th birthday. It was an excellent game and even today I could still play it. In fact, I've replayed it many times and even now still holds up to my standards. Even though Pokemon Platinum and Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver were great successors, no game could still fill me with joy than my original copy, which no longer has a sticker but really that's what makes it even more "special" to me.
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    Quote from spawncowsoubi

    Hi there um im bad at mod's but this is the first md ever and what if you just want to play like normel minecraft and you dont want to play the zombie apocalypse or is the Zombie apocalypse permanent what im trying to say is when ever i log into minecraft i have to play zombie apocalypse or can i still acess servers and play singplayer without having to be attacked with Zombies? and can i remove technic launcher from my computer and remove all mod's without it damaging my Miencraft and me not being able to play it ? Sorry about the long questions im just scared it will mch up My minecraft cause it is really expensive

    Uhm, no. Technic is completely seperate from your normal Minecraft save files and such. You probably wouldn't be able to go on other servers with it unless it's a Crafting Dead server, but that's not a problem since you could just switch back to normal Minecraft.
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    Technically called "Movie Cliches-since-I-can't-be-creative-at-all" writing. Directors do that alot when then decide they don't care about the movie they're making anymore.
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    Banned because you're absolutely correct.
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    posted a message on Is greifing cyber bullying
    Greifing isn't exactly a form of bullying, it's really just to mess around with another person's buildings and hard work. Greifing doesn't make a person feel good, but it isn't bullying at all and in terms it's quite easy to control if you just go on a good server with a nice community or just play Singleplayer.
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    Minecraft and all it's update's, community content, youtube huzzah, and not to mention the game as a whole has all changed dramatically in such a short amount of time really. Makes me feel really old.
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    Banned because being an ­ is just fun.
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    Seems like it. May or may not be able to play again with you all, but I hope so.
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