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    Nightshade, any plans on moving to 1.10 or should I not expect FN to move past 1.7 anytime soon? I realize its a huge update, but there's a lack of biome adding mods in 1.10 right now, we're basically reduced to BOP entirely.

    Not any time soon. It's pretty much status quo right now until I get requests to update. Also, remember how long it took me to update to 1.7? It was something like 3 or 4 months I think, so if I get started on it, it still might not be soon. That all depends on how complicated the update to 1.10 is.

    Anyway, if you have a number of people who want the update, get them to post on this thread so I can know there is a demand for it, then I will feel justified spending the time to update.

    Thanks :)

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    Was LCTrees

    Inspired by Nanodnalt's "More Trees" mod.
    Named by ChandlerBingUA

    Current Features:

    --Adds some content Minecraft 'forgot' to add :P

    --36 new trees/bushes and 7 new Biomes. Each tree is partial to a specific biome.
    --Many new trees grow fruit/nuts, have their own saplings and work with bonemeal.
    --Each tree and biome is optional inside the ForgottenNature.cfg file.
    --Includes something similar to the timber mod. Use an iron axe or better.
    --All blocks and saplings are available in the creative menu.
    --10 new flowers. These flowers can be 'bonemealed.'
    --44 new leaves, 22 new logs, 36 saplings/bushlings, 2 mushrooms/giant mushrooms.
    --22 new planks and half planks. Made from new logs and/or any log + colored stain.
    --16 new glass blocks.
    --6 new stones, 4 bricks and 4 half stone blocks: Granite, Gneiss, Hornfels, Marble, Chert, Titan Stone.
    --8 fruit blocks. Break to drop fruit.
    --11 crystal blocks including a crystal 'torch'.
    --11 new colored fences, 11 new colored stairs, 11 new colored half planks.
    --10 fruit items, 5 new breads, 15 salads, 3 drinks, 4 nuts, 7 stains.
    --13 new tools including a saw.
    --More miscellaneous items: Scythe, Surface Teleporter, etc...
    --Adds 18 crops including bamboo.
    --Crops have four stages instead of eight, yet they should fully mature at about the same time as wheat.
    --Adds rope to Minecraft.
    --Craft-able bowls of fruit/veggies each have their own unique set of benefits.
    --Added convenience recipes: 64 Charcoal to 1 diamond, Mycelium from mushrooms, etc...
    ---Plenty of configuration options!---


    Cherry Blossom Woodland:
    A forested area populated only by pink and white cherry trees.

    Eucalyptus Forest:
    A dense tropical forest populated only by eucalyptus trees and deciduous bushes.

    Greatwood Forest:
    Another dense forest, but consisting only of Angel Oaks, large Fig trees and deciduous bushes.

    Maple Forest:
    Only red and yellow maple trees here.

    Redwood Forest:
    You'll find Sequoias, Cedars and evergreen bushes in this dense forest biome.

    Tropical Forest:
    Another fairly dense forest with plenty of fruit bearing trees and bushes.
    Almost every Forgotten Nature tree and bush resides within this biome.

    Crystal Forest notes:
    -Light and Dark blue crystal trees.
    -Light and Dark blue crystal colonies.
    -Focus-crystals spawn underground and cause crystal colonies to spawn around them.
    -All crystal blocks glow (as shown) and are a bit translucent


    Angel Oak:
    -Grows in standard and greatwood forests

    Beech Tree:
    -Medium to large
    -Grows in standard and tropical forests

    -Tall and thin
    -Grows in standard and tropical forests

    -Medium size
    -Grows in taiga and redwood forests

    -Short to tall and bushy
    -Grows in plains biomes

    -Short to tall and bushy
    -Grows in plains biomes

    Deciduous Bush:
    -A small bush
    -Grows in most, if not all, biomes with deciduous vegitation

    Evergreen Bush:
    -A small to wide bush
    -Grows in taiga and redwood forests

    Desert Willow:
    -Medium size willow tree
    -Grows in deserts

    Swamp Willow:
    -Grows in swamps

    -Short to tall and thin
    -Grows in standard, tropical and eucalyptus forests

    Wide-Top Eucalyptus:
    -Short to tall and wide
    -Grows in standard, tropical and eucalyptus forests

    Desert Ironwood:
    -Small tree that grows at an angle
    -Grows in deserts

    Joshua Tree:
    -Small with sparse greens
    -Grows in deserts

    -Small to medium with purple leaves
    -Grows in standard and tropical forests

    Red Maple:
    -Small to medium
    -Grows in taiga and maple forests

    Yellow Maple:
    -Small to medium
    -Grows in taiga and maple forests

    -Large, tall trees
    -Grows in taiga and redwood forests

    Nether Ash Tree:
    -Medium size
    -Perpetually smokes
    -Fire cannot consume it
    -Grows in the nether

    Nether Blaze Tree:
    -Medium size
    -Perpetually burns
    -Fire cannot consume it
    -Grows in the nether

    Apple Tree:
    -Small, fruit bearing tree
    -Grows in standard and tropical forests

    Banana Tree:
    -Small, fruit bearing tree
    -Grows in standard and tropical forests
    -There are bananas growing under one here

    Lemon and Orange trees:
    -Small, fruit bearing trees
    -Grows in standard and tropical forests
    -Fruit can be seen growing under the leaves

    Palm Tree:
    -Small, nut bearing tree
    -Grows on beaches

    Peach Tree:
    -Small, fruit bearing tree
    -Grows in standard and tropical forests

    Walnut Tree:
    -Medium to large, nut bearing tree
    -Grows in standard and tropical forests

    Ginkgo Tree:
    -Medium to large, nut bearing tree
    -Grows in standard and tropical forests

    Fig Tree:
    -Large, fruit bearing tree
    -Grows in plains biomes

    Cherry Tree (pink):
    -Small to medium, fruit bearing tree
    -Grows in standard and tropical forests

    Cherry Tree (white):
    -Small to medium size
    -Grows in standard and tropical forests
    -On average, 1 out of every 10 cherry trees grows as a white cherry tree

    Blackberry Bush:
    -Fruit bearing bush
    -Grows in standard and tropical forests

    Blueberry Bush:
    -Fruit bearing bush
    -Grows in standard and tropical forests

    Huckleberry Bush:
    -Fruit bearing bush
    -Grows in hill and tropical biomes

    Raspberry Bush:
    -Fruit bearing bush
    -Grows in standard and tropical forests

    Crafting Recipes - not updated to current version yet.

    --A sort-of 'how to' of the mod-- -As this mod does not currently have a wiki, this section will have to do for now. -It is a work in progress (eg. I will be adding more to this section as more questions arise).
    >Finding Trees<
    -Angel Oaks can be found in Vanilla Minecraft forests. Slightly uncommon find.
    -Both Crystal trees can be found in the Crystal Forest biome in addition to a giant crystal mushroom.
    -Sequoias, Evergreen bushes and Cedars can be commonly found in Redwood Forests and uncommonly in Taiga biomes.
    -Fig trees, Poplars, Acacia trees and Cypress trees can all be found in the Plains biome.
    -Desert Ironwood trees, desert Willows and Joshua trees can all be found in Desert biomes.
    -Bukkit trees, Beech trees, Jacaranda trees, Walnut trees, Apple trees, Orange Trees, Cherry trees, Peach trees, Cocoa trees, all fruit Bushes, both Eucalyptus trees, Ginkgo trees and Deciduous bushes can be commonly found in Tropical Forests and uncommonly in Vanilla Minecraft forests.
    -Yellow maple and Red maple trees can be found uncommonly in Taiga biomes.
    -Huckleberry bushes can be found in Vanilla Minecraft hill biomes.
    -Banana trees and Palm trees can be found on Beaches. Slightly uncommon.
    -WHITE Cherry trees are simply a rare version of cherry trees (1 of 10). They do NOT make cherries.
    -The Swamp Willow can be found fairly commonly in Swamps.
    -Nether Ash and Blaze trees can be found.... in the Nether >.> there's also a new mushroom there.
    Nether trees grow towards light.

    >Finding Items<
    -Crystal shards drop from crystal stones and crystal leaves in the crystal forest biome.
    -Nitre drops from sand stone at a moderate rate and Gneiss and Horfels more commonly.
    -Sulfur drops from stone rarely and and Gneiss and Horfels more commonly.
    -New seeds drop from tall grass.
    -Nether mushrooms can be obtained by using bonemeal on the giant nether mushroom blocks.
    -If you want some netherrot or soul dust mix nether mushroom blocks with netherrack, or some soul sand with nether ash logs.

    >Harvesting Fruit and Nuts<
    -Most trees grow fruit under their leaves in the form of fruit 'blocks.' Break them to obtain the fruit.
    -Cherry trees, Apple trees and bushes produce fruit IN their leaves. To distinguish whether or not there is any fruit in the leaves, see if there are colored speckles on the leaves. If there are speckles, give the leaves a bit of a tap (right clicking won't work) to drop the fruit. For Apple trees, apples can be seen on the leaves when present. If not picked for long enough, they will actually drop.
    -All nuts grow under either Palm tree leaves, Ginkgo tree leaves or Walnut tree leaves. Break the nut blocks to harvest the nuts.

    >Using Certain Items<
    Right click on the side of a 'sturdy' block (cobblestone, stone, sandstone).
    The rope will deploy down starting from where you placed it, straight down 'till it hits another block.
    It acts as a ladder.
    To retrieve the rope, you must break it's highest rope block. Breaking lower ones will only shorten the rope.

    Try crafting nether logs with netherrack or soul sand...
    Right clicking dirt or grass blocks will change the block into netherrack when using netherrot, and soul sand when using soul dust.
    If you want some netherrot or soul dust mix nether mushroom blocks with netherrack, or some soul sand with nether ash logs.

    >Utilizing Features<
    You MUST use a diamond axe or better for lumberjack to work. Unless you've taken advantage of some other config options...
    As a precautionary measure, you should use a wood or stone axe when cutting down logs if there are other logs nearby that you don't want to be cut down. Lumberjack may cut down ANY logs that are touching each other when initiated.

    In order to initiate Lumberjack, you must use a proper axe on a log block that has NO logs underneath it or beside it, but at least one log directly above it. Lumberjack will then cut down ANY log blocks that are, in any way, connected to the block that was directly above the initial log block.

    If the "extraDamageToAxe" option in the configuration file is set to true, Lumberjack will deal damage to your axe equal to the number of logs that have been cut down, but the damage is capped in such a way to leave your axe with one use at least. An axe that has only one durability point left cannot initiate Lumberjack, but will break after cutting one more log as normal.

    The option "LumberjackPower" in the configuration file sets the maximum number of log blocks that can be cut down in a single initiation of Lumberjack. This is a configurable attribute because high numbers of items floating in the world can cause severe lag on most computers.

    ------I will add more as I remember or as more questions arise.------

    In Progress:
    --modify the aesthetics of some textures (ongoing)
    --Explore more options to fix lag.. (ongoing) --Code update: how it's written isn't all that efficient...
    --Bug fix...

    -Crystal Cave Systems
    -More minerals / stones, ores -- for testing


    for MC 1.7.10
    Required for both server and client:
    MCForge universal.

    Always back-up your .cfg file just in case.

    Download the needed files, install Forge, run Minecraft so Forge creates the needed files,
    drop the mod zips into the mods folder, then restart Minecraft to load the mod. DONE.


    HD Textures for 1.7.10

    Change Log:

    Trees shouldn't be able to be used for greifing so easily now.
    -All trees no longer consume durability or bonemeal when cut or fertilized in creative mode.
    -Nether shroom blocks can now be crafted into their respective.
    -Added sky islands. Works by moving a random portion of land to the sky. Their generation is a config option.
    -Added item: Surface Teleporter. This teleports the player to the highest point directly above them. Craft with two ender pearls and one blaze powder. Crafting this item is also a config option.

    -Solved a bug where rotated vanilla logs would drop as rotated items named "oak log" no mater the original log name.
    -Attempted to fix the problem where the new nether mushroom blocks would cause an array index crash upon block harvest... I was unable to recreate the reported crash.


    -Added "false" block. Behaves like a ghost of whatever block it was placed on.
    -Added "one-way camouflage" block. Behaves like the "false" block with two exceptions: 1) Entities can't walk through it. 2) Once side of it can be set to be transparent by right-click with no item in hand.
    -Added scythe (tool that clears leaves and tall grass on right-click)
    -Fixed RTG compatability bug.
    -Fixed Array index OOB on itemblock.
    -Fixed Break block event null pointer.


    -Fixed server crash bug


    -Fixed tools: they dig / mine as they should now.
    -Items dropped by new stones fixed.
    -Crystal stuff is now a bit translucent.
    -Crystal torches now behave as they should.
    -"Lumberjack" works for vanilla logs now.
    -Vanilla stone and sandstone drop a couple modded items.
    -Fixed titan stone pickaxe to NOT destroy chests on right click.
    -Changed bukkit tree branch growth slightly.
    -Added biome height config.
    -Added various fluids and ores, but they are only accessible via creative menu when they are enabled via the config.
    -Cherry Blossom Woodland
    -Eucalyptus Forest
    -Greatwood Forest
    -Maple Forest

    Updated for mc1.7.10

    --Added new material for tools and armor. Semi-secret... could still use recipe mods to find out :P
    Can be disabled of course.
    --Fixed over a dozen bugs.
    --Can craft ice with four snow blocks.
    --Indexed all new stair IDs together.

    --Lumberjack now drops all logs at the initial chopping location (huge reduction to lag when cutting down trees).
    --Added obsidian tools. Very low enchantablility, high durability.
    --Can obtain 2 flint from 4 gravel.
    --Can make glowstone by surrounding a gold ingot with 8 redstone.
    --Can make "thin carbon wafers" with two rows of string 'sandwiching' a row of coal or charcoal. A row of wafers under a stick and flint make 4 arrows, making an effective substitute for feathers. Can also be used as semi-effective coal.
    --Can craft 2 bones into 4 sticks.
    --Can craft saplings into sticks.
    --Fixed bug with Buildcraft.
    --Can make 8 obsidian from 8 lava buckets and 1 water bucket.
    --Can surround flint with 8 coal to make a coal chunk. Also can be used as fuel (lasts 8x as long as coal, or able to smelt a stack of items).
    --Can surround obsidian with 8 coal chunks to make a compressed coal chunk. can be used as fuel (last 64x as long as coal, equivalent to smelting 8 stacks of items).
    --Can surround a crystal chunk with 8 compressed coal chunks to make a diamond (requires 8 stacks of coal in all).
    --Made maple trees less rare.
    --Made sequoias more rare in taiga biomes.
    --Flowers are a bit more rare.
    --Nerfed crystal tools a bit.

    --Added new stone brick stairs (4 blocks)
    --Adjusted banana "tree" generation
    --Fixed banana fruit growth (turns out it was a bug...)
    --Fixed game freeze when loading dimensions from other mods

    --Fixed rendering bug
    --added flower pots. Craft with vanilla pots
    --updated for MC 1.4.7
    --fixed fast/fancy graphics to work from in-game gui.
    --fixed sheering of new leaf blocks.
    --fixed height limit bug for fruit trees.
    --added half Blocks for all new stones and stone bricks :)
    I know I said I wouldn't add anything... but I wanted it :P

    --updated to MC 1.4.5
    --Fixed some sideways log textures

    --Reorganized some code.
    --Fixed a texturing bug
    --Fixed bug with superflat worlds
    --New logs can be placed sideways

    --Fixed the end not generating.
    --nether nature: 2 trees, 1 giant mushroom
    --Added blocks: Nether ash sapling, leaves, planks and logs, Nether Blaze sapling, leaves, planks and logs, nether mushroom and spore blocks, 7 parquet planks, granite bricks, hornfels bricks, gneiss bricks, marble bricks, and crystal bricks.
    --Added items: Netherrot and Soul powder.
    --Added reverse crystal item crafting.

    --fixed a rope bug
    --Villages will spawn in all new biomes
    --Fixed bug with breaking new stones when gunpowder crafting is off
    --Organized textures and added a texture file.

    --Made ALL new logs craft into some type of new plank
    --Fixed buildcraft compatibility bug
    --Fixed tool enchantments
    --Added crystal mushrooms

    --Fixed bug which caused crystal tools to be overpowered

    --Organized mod into files
    --minor tweeks

    --Fruit salad increases speed slightly
    --Fruit nut salad regenerates 1.5 hearts
    --Multiples of the same fruit can no longer be used in making a salad
    --Decreased fruit and nut growth rate again
    --I found that some food items were .... crazy overpowered. Fixed that.

    -Fixed rope exploit.
    -Fixed grape drops.

    -Changed config options for logs and saplings back from an index to individual settings.

    -Fixed crafting compatibility issue with buildcraft.
    -Fixed lumberjack dropping sideways logs when cutting down large oaks.
    -Fixed Stone blocks sounding like wood.
    -Added the option to disable gunpowder crafting and dropping.
    -Added options to disable any or all new stone generation. Disabling all of them also frees the block ID for the new stone.
    -Moved biome id options into the general category.
    -Added labeling for biome options, crafting options, tree and bush options.

    -Fixed bulbs and roots planting properly.

    --Fixed ropes.
    --Fixed seeds not planting.
    --Fixed name issue with blueberries.
    --Added a .info file.
    --Fixed hoes that were not... hoeing.
    -Forge update fixed tilled land. No longer reverts to dirt if not near water when planted on.

    1.0.0 latest additions

    --Fixed another naming issue.
    --Added sulfur and nitre. Mix with coal/charcoal to make gunpowder.
    --Leaf, log and sapling IDs set by an ID index for each group--1 for leaves, 1 for logs, and 1 for saplings. There are 6 leaf block IDs, 3 log IDs, and 3 sapling IDs. If, say, you set the leaf index to 200, LCTrees will set the 6 IDs to 200-205. The same pattern goes for the other indices.
    --Added the option to disable the generation of bamboo all together.
    --Added the option to set the drop rate of new seeds. Setting to zero will disable new seeds all together.
    --Apparently there was no way to craft colored half planks... so I fixed that.
    --mod merge complete.
    --added bamboo and dried bamboo stairs, fences and half blocks.
    --bamboo and dried bamboo can substitute for normal planks.
    --Added new windows.
    --Added aesthetic stones: Chert, Granite, Gneiss, Hornfels and Marble.
    --Fixed some Texture Bugs.
    --Fixed saw not cutting vanilla wood quickly.

    >>Previous changes seen in LCTrees mod.

    Old Versions:

    MC 1.7.10
    MCForge universal.



    MC 1.6.2
    MCForge universal.

    MC 1.5.1
    MCForge 7.7.1 universal.
    FN_1.2.9 for MC 1.5.1

    MC 1.4.7
    MCForge 6.6.0 universal.

    MC 1.4.5
    MCForge 6.4.0 universal.

    MCForge 4.2.5 universal
    ForgottenNature v1.0.7


    Banner by Sionw

    !!! Important !!!
    --Do NOT post crash bugs without posting an error log; it's a waste of my time and only distracts me from making updates quicker.
    --When posting non-crash bugs, include details! Do not just state what the bug is.
    --If you have this mod installed with many other mods and your game crashes, don't bother posting it here unless you are sure which mod it is incompatible with. If you aren't sure, install the mods one at a time and load up the game for each install to see if it crashes.

    Known Issues
    --Excessive amounts of trees in certain biomes can cause a lot of lag on loading.
    --Vanilla biome removal non-functional.
    --OP needs an updated crafting recipe list / picture.
    --OP needs a spoiler that shows off all crops in the mod.
    This document is Copyright ©(2012) and is the intellectual property of the author. It may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use as long as it remains in its unaltered, unedited form. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this mod on any other website is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. Exception: ScottKillen and MisterFiber have my permission to use this mod and all or any of it's source for any use as they deem fit.

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    Finally finished that update, however, nether trees and the nether mushroom still need to be planted on grass/dirt to grow. I want them to be able to be planted on both dirt/grass and netherrack. They are meant to change the soil they are planted on into netherrack as they are corrupting by nature.

    Anyway, check out the change log!


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    Quote from Jhary»

    I know that maybe sounds a bit weird, but do you still have versions of LCTrees for MC 1.2.5 somewhere on your HDD? The mod topic sadly just has the 1.3.2 version. Or didn't I remember correctly and there never was a 1.2.5 version? Also the dropbox link to the 1.4.7 version (ForgottenNature 1.2.2) is broken. I am currently reassembling old server worlds and try to get the mods. ForgottenNature is the last on my list, so it would be awesome if you can help out :)

    Sorry Jhary,
    I only have one version which is the only one linked on the LCTrees OP.
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    Quote from tjwhisper»

    Put your spoiler

    [05:03:09] [NEI Item Loading/ERROR] [NotEnoughItems]: Ommiting [email protected]b:7 ItemNewHalfPlanks2

    java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 7

    at ForgottenNature.Blocks.BlockNewHalfPlanks2.func_149691_a(BlockNewHalfPlanks2.java:55) ~[BlockNewHalfPlanks2.class:?]

    at ForgottenNature.Items.ItemNewHalfPlanks2.func_77617_a(ItemNewHalfPlanks2.java:48) ~[ItemNewHalfPlanks2.class:?]

    at net.minecraft.item.Item.func_77650_f(Item.java:440) ~[adb.class:?]

    at codechicken.nei.ItemList$1.damageSearch(ItemList.java:165) [ItemList$1.class:?]

    at codechicken.nei.ItemList$1.execute(ItemList.java:206) [ItemList$1.class:?]

    at codechicken.nei.RestartableTask$1.run(RestartableTask.java:24) [RestartableTask$1.class:?]


    Next update will address this as well as compatibility with RTG.

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    Quote from Jhary»

    Oh my ... thank you dude! Thats great news!

    You're welcome :)
    Quote from tjwhisper»

    OMG, I...I love you so much right now

    This was my favourite mod for so long, and now it has returned... I think I'm going to cry joyous tears...

    Happy to hear it :D
    There are updates planned for the future as well.
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    Quote from crunkazcanbe»

    No crash it just hangs while generating a new world . I have to select world type as Realistic ,and as the world is generating it hangs ,and I never get to the world . I let my PC set for 2 hours while I left the house to take care of bills today and when I got back it was still setting on the making world screen . :/

    I'm assuming you're using the suggested add-ons from the other mod, right? It's commonly required for mods like mine that add biomes.
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    Quote from crunkazcanbe»

    Do you plan on adding intergration for other mods and or is there anyway you could work with the mod author for this mod to make sure it 100% compatible ?

    Does it crash? If so, please post the crash report.
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    posted a message on Forgotten Nature [1.7.19] A Natural Addition to MC: Trees,Crops,Fruit,Flowers,etc...

    Good God, it's done! Forgotten Nature for MC 1.7.10 woot!

    I'll be making changes / additions here and there.

    The main thread is kinda garbage right now. I'll have to work on that.

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    posted a message on Forgotten Nature [1.7.19] A Natural Addition to MC: Trees,Crops,Fruit,Flowers,etc...

    I prefer keeping you guys in the loop even if it seems like a tease :P

    Tasks left to do:

    1) Test crafting recipes

    2) Restore functionality of rope

    3) Fix flower pot texture

    Won't be long now :D

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