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Used to be a regular here on the forums years ago, now I'm mainly on Twitter @xNightingqle. Old name was NightingaleMCPE, Nightingale or Night for short. Been active on Minecraft: Pocket Edition since 0.7.0 and still going.

Was staff on NoreGaming Survival Server and Xenoncraft before they shut down. Maybe you've heard of those servers before.

I'm trying to get back into being a regular on the forums again while also being active on Twitter. It's interesting because here you have one side of the MCPE community while on Twitter you get a completely different perspective of the MCPE community. Both are separate due to being on different websites yet they're one at the same time due to being in the same overall Minecraft: Pocket Edition game community. It's pretty surreal.

I have a YouTube channel named xNightingqle that'll recount my experiences with the Minecraft community as a whole from day one. It should be interesting considering the fact that I've seen and been involved in some unbelievable things that you'd most likely have never experienced playing this game, so tune in for that.

That's the gist of it. Other than that, I'll see you around random bio viewer.


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