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    How it would be if you had ships in Minecraft?
    What a ship would need? We would need mostly storage in our ship, something like a donkey mechanic, we could add chests to the ship and we could travel to new lands, get resources, store them in our ship, and get back home.

    If this were an online server, we would need a weapon for our ship, something like a cannon, we could add the Cannonball and add a special type of dispenser, something that you could aim, and with a command you could fire.


    So the little squares are the players post, this would be wooden squares that people would rightclick to enter the boat.
    The captain (ship's driver) would click the bigger square in the middle, so he can manage and drive the ship.
    It would be nice if you had sometype of order system that you could ring a bell to give an order like Fire at Will or Wait for my command
    If you opt for Wait for my command, obviously people would wait for you command to fire. (They wouldn't be able to fire even if they wanted to)
    Fire at will pretty says it by itself, people would be able to shoot freely without commands.
    Now talking about the captain, you would be able to press E to see the ship's management window, you would be able to see if the storage is full, if the cannons is loaded or if the ship's sails is ok.


    Storms would be able to damage the ship's sail and hull, if a ship's sail is destroyed, he can't move anymore, if a ship's hull is destroyed it will sink and turn in to a shipwreck that people can loot. If people doesn't loot it in five minutes the shipwreck will disappear.


    In the SMW (Ship's management window) you would have a hammer icon, it's the repair icon. to repair your ship you must remove its sails and add wood logs in the window, like a crafting system, you would be able to listen to a hammer hammering the wood. the highest the ship's damage, the longest and expensive the repair is, so don't damage your ship!


    Now we will go the ship's crafting part.
    You wouldn't be able to craft an entire ship in a little workbench, that is obvious, would would be able to create the ship's part.
    Three parts: Ship's Mast, Ship's Wheel, Ship's Hull.
    with those three and some wood logs you can create your ship.


    You can have two types of ship, storage ship, war ship, and hybrid ship (storage / war)
    Storage ship is simple, you simply placed chests in all slots.
    War ship is the same, you simply placed cannons in all slots.
    Hybrid ship is different from the two ones, you halved storage with cannons.


    Now let's go to the cannons part, to craft a cannon you would need Iron Block and Wooden planks. that way you can create a cannon.
    Everyone knows how to craft a chest so let's skip that.

    Now let's talk about the cannons control, a ship don't exactly need sailors to be controlled, only a captain.
    A captain can't shoot six cannons at the same time, so he would shoot a cannon at a time.
    They keys would be '1' ; '2' ; '3' keys for the left side cannons / and '4' ; '5' ; '6' keys for right side cannons.

    When you shoot a cannon it will appear a loading bar in the screen ''Preparing'' then ''Shooting'', and then a cannonball would be shot.
    With a player this process is way faster.

    Lets say you have one player at the left side. Then the player would be controlling all the left side cannons, and you, the right side ones.
    You would be able to change his state to Wait for my command or Fire at Will
    Now lets say you have two players at the left side, then the two players would be controlling the first cannon (1 key) and the second cannon (2 key) and you the third one and all the rest from the right side.

    (Yes cannons can be placed on the ground and you can create forts with it.)

    1 - What is the purpose of all this?
    R: The purpose is to urge players to adventure themselves in the sea, see new things and even battle with friends in a epic ship's battle.

    2 - We already have boats, why would you add ships?
    R: A boat is way too small to explore a vast area, like, a boat would be easily destroyed in a storm, and you have like no defense from attackers and no storage, like, a boat is only useful for a short travel.

    3 - You do know that this have been suggested a lot, right?
    R: Yes, i do know. But as always, people have different points of view and concept ideas, and I think that my idea would work if people supported it.

    (May add some next questions later)

    Post your questions below so I can respond them!
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