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    Ok, ok, ok.

    You may look unsatisfied but i will make you understand.

    I know how[/i] to craft, silly. I'm asking what
    resources are used to craft the components. Please also figure out how
    much health a ship has. That's kind of important. Again, I want to know
    what playing with a ship would be like.

    The resources to craft the components is pretty much wood logs, all of them.

    There's one last component that I forgot to add, is the Ship's Sail, that is made of wool.

    The recipe would be decided later.

    The ship has 20 points of health (20 hearts)

    A cannon would take two points of health of a ship.

    The cannon explosion power and radius are lesser than the TNT one, I could say is the same power as a Ghast fireball.

    Playing with a ship would be somewhat invigorating, you could explore things, while having firepower and movable storage, if you spot out mobs in the land, wreck them down with your cannonballs.

    Playing with a ship on a online server? Way funnier, having players to help you manage your ship would be awesome. But then, you are in a factions server, you're exploring with your ship, then you spot another ship, it's the enemy faction ship, you prepare your cannons to fire, and then a battle starts, whoever gets to 5 points of health cannot move anymore, and you can 'board' the ship, you can either hurt the players and the captain or if just wreck the ship, the ship's wreck will be available to loot after 1 minute, and it will disappear after 5 minutes. The factions then start to fight for the Ship's loot. You, that was defeated must defend your loot and recover it, the enemy faction that defeated you must kill you and your soldiers if they want the ship (Assuming that the factions plugin doesn't let you recover the loot if an enemy faction player is nearby).

    Storms? Storms is not a new type of weather, it's just the 'thunder' weather, I said storm because it's a habit of mine, Storm is the Thunder weather and it will not break boats or ships, just damage them a little, something like one or two points of heart.

    Ship is pretty much a boat with a bit more complexity and utility.

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    Sorry for bumping the topic (got warned cause of this)

    I've made several changes to the topic, made it a bit easier to read and a bit more attractive, I may also add more things to the suggestion, so keep an eye out.

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    posted a message on Make Slime Blocks Less Sticky(adding paper to improve redstone builds)

    This should be useful, since slime blocks too much slime blocks can clash with each other, so inhibiting one of the sides should actually be very useful to redstone mechanisms.

    Also a tip for you, try to make your suggestion a bit more attractive by adding custom fonts or some images explaining your suggestion.


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    We already have Elytra and Super Jump potions, they can pretty much do it.

    You want flying in survival? Mod your client or run a server with plugins, flying shouldn't be on vanilla survival.

    Unfortunately, no support.

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    Yes, ships will have a moving wheel like boats have those moving oars.

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    No i'm not expecting to Minecraft be like real life, what i'm trying to add is variety.

    There is many things to do at the sea, you can fish, you can explore, and you can even create bases in the sea, I did that thousands of times.

    I also have plenty of questions: How do you place the components of a
    ship to make a ship? How do you make those components? How do you make a
    cannonball? How much damage does a cannonball do? How far does a
    cannonball go? How quickly does a ship repair and how much does a log
    repair? How much health does a ship even have? Are cannons on the ship
    aimable? If not, how do you expect someone to hit anything?

    How do you make a ship? Create all parts and merge them in the crafting table.

    How do you create these parts/components? Way more simple, you collect the resources, and craft them, as you would do with whatever item.

    How do you make a cannonball? You would need iron, you would melt the iron in order to make ingots, then you craft it at the crafting table.

    How much damage does a cannonball do? A bit less than TNT (not too exactly but i think you can get it)

    How quickly does a ship repair and how much does a log repair? Depending on the ship's damage, the repair will be longer and will cost more, for the logs it's the same, If your ship is at 50%, logs should repair 5% of your ship's health, if your ship is above 50% logs should repair 10% of your ships health, it also repairs faster if above 50%, but below 50% it can be long.

    How much health does a ship have? Don't know exactly, but a bit more than a horse's health would be good i think.

    Are cannons on the ship aimable? Yes, they're aimable, they can be aimable even if placed on the ground.

    About the captains order, this is subject to change, I designed it to not be something ''trollable'', like, people wasting your cannonballs for no reason would be completely annoying, so adding some type of order would balance things out.

    Also it would promote role-playing which is quite fun to do at Minecraft.

    About storms, it's like normal rain, it can happen sometimes, but as you said it would be too inconvenient to go out to sea.

    Storms are like a obstacle to make your travel a bit harder, a thing that you may worry about, but not limited to, like, ''omg if i sail now i'll get caught by a storm'', its not like that, it'll hurt your ship, but not wreck it, it would ruin many adventures.

    Hahaha, since i'm not too good at english i cant simplify things too much.

    Yes, a player can control multiple cannons, they can alternate it by using the arrows keys then pressing the number keys to fire.

    Of course it wouldn't be instant, if so, people would spam it a lot and ending up lagging servers.

    So adding a delay between shots would balance it out.

    About the suggestion being ignored, I personally think because i'm a new member and people would think, ''ah, another stupid suggestion, let me pass''

    I did that too sometimes, there's suggestions that are so crazy and unpratical that I can't be arsed enough to read.

    This is my very first suggestion, and I want it all explained so people can understand even the minimal details.

    Talking back to ships, I would say it's a powerful tool for exploring, since boats are unpratical by itself, i mean, it can break easily and it almost has no utility rather than moving you faster at sea.

    Ships would be a solution, like, Minecraft should expand their adventure-creating capacity to new grounds, or ''new seas'' if i may say.

    There's mods that adds ships and cannons, but not everyone likes installing mods, like me.

    Personally, i never liked mods too much, i think they end up breaking my game that once was clean, now it's full of garbage, and i may also end up getting java crashes and lag.

    You also asked me, why I think boats are only useful to a short travel, very simple to respond. They're small and fragile, they shouldn't be able to move too much, even the most unlogical game doesn't rely too much on boats when it come to sea travel.

    You could easily travel with a ship, you have your cannons to protect yourself from whatever threats (sea raiders?) and your chests to store all your new found treasure and travel provisions.

    You could easily invade the Sea Temple which people likes to explore, it can be done with a boat, but with a ship would be even better.

    In my opinion, prismarine blocks are one of the most beautiful blocks in the game, and I would like collecting it, but I can't, my inventory is too full... this is where your ship comes into action, you can easily store all the blocks you want in your ship, and the guardians drops too.

    But you may be asking yourself. ''But i can use shulker boxes instead of an entire ship.'' Of course you can, but shulker boxes are an endgame item, and not everyone, that is adventure themselves through an survival playthrough get them so early and easy.

    Let's talk about the ship's management.

    There's only one type of slot, you may place a cannon or a chest.

    You may balance your ship with cannons and chests, or just place chests, or just cannons, you decide.

    As I said above, Minecraft should expands their adventure-creating capacity to a new level, They've added Horses, you can now explore the land with ease, they've added Elytra, now you can even explore the skies! What about the sea? I don't think boats are a solution for this, do you?

    At this point, we've got no threats at sea, maybe in the future we can have pirates? Skeleton pirates? Or even a new boss, a sea boss, something like a Kraken? We don't know.

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    How it would be if you had ships in Minecraft?
    What a ship would need? We would need mostly storage in our ship, something like a donkey mechanic, we could add chests to the ship and we could travel to new lands, get resources, store them in our ship, and get back home.

    If this were an online server, we would need a weapon for our ship, something like a cannon, we could add the Cannonball and add a special type of dispenser, something that you could aim, and with a command you could fire.


    So the little squares are the players post, this would be wooden squares that people would rightclick to enter the boat.
    The captain (ship's driver) would click the bigger square in the middle, so he can manage and drive the ship.
    It would be nice if you had sometype of order system that you could ring a bell to give an order like Fire at Will or Wait for my command
    If you opt for Wait for my command, obviously people would wait for you command to fire. (They wouldn't be able to fire even if they wanted to)
    Fire at will pretty says it by itself, people would be able to shoot freely without commands.
    Now talking about the captain, you would be able to press E to see the ship's management window, you would be able to see if the storage is full, if the cannons is loaded or if the ship's sails is ok.


    Storms would be able to damage the ship's sail and hull, if a ship's sail is destroyed, he can't move anymore, if a ship's hull is destroyed it will sink and turn in to a shipwreck that people can loot. If people doesn't loot it in five minutes the shipwreck will disappear.


    In the SMW (Ship's management window) you would have a hammer icon, it's the repair icon. to repair your ship you must remove its sails and add wood logs in the window, like a crafting system, you would be able to listen to a hammer hammering the wood. the highest the ship's damage, the longest and expensive the repair is, so don't damage your ship!


    Now we will go the ship's crafting part.
    You wouldn't be able to craft an entire ship in a little workbench, that is obvious, would would be able to create the ship's part.
    Three parts: Ship's Mast, Ship's Wheel, Ship's Hull.
    with those three and some wood logs you can create your ship.


    You can have two types of ship, storage ship, war ship, and hybrid ship (storage / war)
    Storage ship is simple, you simply placed chests in all slots.
    War ship is the same, you simply placed cannons in all slots.
    Hybrid ship is different from the two ones, you halved storage with cannons.


    Now let's go to the cannons part, to craft a cannon you would need Iron Block and Wooden planks. that way you can create a cannon.
    Everyone knows how to craft a chest so let's skip that.

    Now let's talk about the cannons control, a ship don't exactly need sailors to be controlled, only a captain.
    A captain can't shoot six cannons at the same time, so he would shoot a cannon at a time.
    They keys would be '1' ; '2' ; '3' keys for the left side cannons / and '4' ; '5' ; '6' keys for right side cannons.

    When you shoot a cannon it will appear a loading bar in the screen ''Preparing'' then ''Shooting'', and then a cannonball would be shot.
    With a player this process is way faster.

    Lets say you have one player at the left side. Then the player would be controlling all the left side cannons, and you, the right side ones.
    You would be able to change his state to Wait for my command or Fire at Will
    Now lets say you have two players at the left side, then the two players would be controlling the first cannon (1 key) and the second cannon (2 key) and you the third one and all the rest from the right side.

    (Yes cannons can be placed on the ground and you can create forts with it.)

    1 - What is the purpose of all this?
    R: The purpose is to urge players to adventure themselves in the sea, see new things and even battle with friends in a epic ship's battle.

    2 - We already have boats, why would you add ships?
    R: A boat is way too small to explore a vast area, like, a boat would be easily destroyed in a storm, and you have like no defense from attackers and no storage, like, a boat is only useful for a short travel.

    3 - You do know that this have been suggested a lot, right?
    R: Yes, i do know. But as always, people have different points of view and concept ideas, and I think that my idea would work if people supported it.

    (May add some next questions later)

    Post your questions below so I can respond them!
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