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    In-game text chat. The native message system in PS3 is rather clunky, and trying to communicate with multiple guests (especially for folks who do not have headsets) can be frustrating, if not death-inducing (Since the game never truly "pauses.") Losing 30+ levels of experience trying to help a friend get logged in was frustrating.
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    Quote from yatta99

    Can't seem to trade with villagers and can't find the way to turn bones into bonemeal.

    Yeah, we're all praying for villager trade, and bonemeal is available in crafting under the last tab, under the dye section.
    Quote from Dmiars

    Well I tamed a wolf, and each new wolf i tame simply disappears after a while is that normal?

    Yes, sort of... All farm mobs and wolves (maybe bad mobs too?) will despawn if they are not enclosed with fewer than 20 blocks of movement space in any direction.
    Quote from dutchdouche

    Hi all,

    since it came out i bought the minecraft version for my ps3,
    its a very nice game want to let u know that.

    lemme get straight to my problem/question i encountered

    Whenever i try to enchant a book on the right side in the enchanting table it doesn't show anything
    now my question is, is this someting called a bug or am i doing something wrong.
    i had this discussed with person on the mincraft irc help channel but he/she referred me back to this page
    can anyone confirm this for me if this behavior normal or not.


    book ( made of 3 pages )
    pages ( made of sugar canes )

    to be clear a weapon or tool for example: pick axe / sword, they do work if i put it in the enchanting table
    its only the book that does NOT work

    Enchanting Books and Fishing Poles is not available (Coming soon we hope?)
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    No sir. To quote Owen from Mojang on the PS3 blog:
    Does Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition feature everything from the other versions of Minecraft?
    Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition comes with everything present in other console versions. They’re pretty-much identical to play, and will be developed in tandem from now on.
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    "diamondhunter" is pretty epic, I can post coordinates of villages, end portal if requested. The numerical value for this one is: 259084756
    "SWAG" starts you out near a village.
    ironically, "nickscream" starts you off in a tiny village with a decent size one just out of sight to the east. A third small village is further southwest. The whole southern region seems to be desert.

    Edit: Additionally, thanks to Maxxamillion6 for the seed Peniscastle, which has numerous mineshafts around it, and a zombie spawn room at 195, 34,-43 (where I found Saddles finally)
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    Unless you have an unfathomable love for your PS3 (like myself) I wouldn't as this version seems to be the same as the XBLA version... Essentially a far cry from the PC version. Then again, there's that good feeling of having a well-rounded collection. So I leave you with an ambivalent maybe. :)
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    The ability to view trophy progress (or in-game achievements rather) in game (like on pc)
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    Quote from yatta99

    Is it possible to see your trophies from in game (like in the PC version)? Or can you only see them from the PS3 trophy menu?

    I don't know of this feature being in the PS3 version, so no, only from the trophy menu. (yet)
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