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    posted a message on AEM-NETWORK [1.7.2] [SkyBlock] [PVP-RAID-FACTIONS] [HUNGER GAMES] [CAPTURE THE FLAG]
    - General Questions -

    1. How old are you?: I am 15 years old. Going on 16 in 2 weeks.

    2. What is your minecraft username?: NickTehBoss

    3. Are you a donator.. if so what rank and what server did you donate to?: I have not donated simply because I don't have a job yet, which means no income

    4. How often are you on the server?: Everyday unless something major happens in my life

    5. How often can you be online?:Everyday you ask me, if I am home.

    6. Which server are you applying to be staff on?: Zombies please

    7. Do you vote for the server every day ( this is required )?: Yes, of course I do. I would love to win that sweet donator package.

    - Advanced Questions -

    1. Can you provide your experience with moderating? Give examples: I have hosted my own server before. I get about 20 people on it and was able to manage by myself. After losing money I ended it.

    2. Have you broken any rules of the server? (This can be checked): No I have not.

    3. Do you have any experience with forums/forum moderation?: No not really but I can learn.

    4. Do you understand the punishments that coincide with the rules?: Yes completely, I would not want to be banned.

    5. Why do you think your best for this position out of all other people that have applied?: Because I think, frankly I am more mature, and I can handle tough situations if I am the only one on.

    - Hypothetical Questions -

    1. You are the only moderator on and you have 10 people that need you at the same time.: I would tell them politely to please ask 1 at a time, since I am only staff on at the moment.

    2. Two players are arguing, one of them has been griefed by the other. The victim is threatening to grief the player who didn't really grief but mistakenly broke a block. You are the only staff member online: If it is only one block broken, I would tell the person who reportedly got griefed, to simply replace it and I will diffuse the situation.

    3. A player comes on the server and is advertising and spamming chat: I will warn him once or twice, before kicking/banning.

    4. A player needs help with something that requires you to do something you aren't comfortable doing: If I am the only staff on, I will simply ask him specifically what he wants, and proceed.

    5. You see a moderator abusing their powers banning players for no reason at all. What action do you take?: Well few options, 1. Warnings. 2. I can go and get higher ranked authority to step in. 3. I could unban and wait for higher authority to handle punishment.

    6. A new player is in spawn and constantly complaining about not knowing what to do: I will simply guide him. ask him what he would like to play, and how to use the tools he is given at the start, and how to play each game there is.

    Thanks for considering!!
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    posted a message on Try and let me know what you think!
    Hey guys! This is my first texture pack I've made, so let me know what you think!!


    Thanks Guys! P.S there are still regular blocks in the texture pack!
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    posted a message on Awesome PVP Server
    OMG Guys, I was looking around and saw this great PVP server. No joke it is probably one of the best ones I've ever seen. If you guys love PVP Hardcore, then this is the server for you. COME CHECK IT OUT!!!


    Image Link http://imgur.com/G4r04
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    posted a message on NickTehBoss Parkour
    Thanks Man, but Im still having trouble with it.
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    posted a message on Beast Parkour Map! Uploaded Now - NickTehBoss
    Hey Everyone!!!!

    Just Uploaded a Great Parkour Map, That I Made Myself.

    Check it out with this link http://adf.ly/DB1Z1 , or look up NickTehBoss, or Go Under Maps


    Now In Server Form To Play With Friends!!! Check it out!

    Its on the same post, or just click here http://adf.ly/2465726/parkourserver
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    http://imgur.com/X2Si4 - Click Here for the Pic for the Map

    This is my Parkour Map!!! There is no errors on this map,but if there is just let me know. Rules.....

    #1 No Breaking Blocks
    #2 No Going Outside of Map - There will be parts where you can get out, please don't.
    #3 Play on Peaceful
    #4 Make Sure You Have /killall command. - you'll need it for the slimes.
    #5 And Have Fun

    And Remember Vote if You Like!!

    Have Fun!!

    P.S. My minecraft name NickTehBoss, Xbox - Snickahz

    Download Link - http://adf.ly/2465726/parkour
    Server Download To Play With Friends - http://adf.ly/2465726/parkourserver
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