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    Hello all, my name is nick and im currently one of the admins operating on BearSmp. I have a quest to fill to try and inspire some new players who are looking for a vanilla as possible smp. We are inspired by a few youtube smp's, you may know dreamsmp or hermitcraft.

    Now with the server pushing season 2 out very soon we have been adding content to bring the game into the direction of roleplay, lore whilst keeping the vanilla aspects. We will be rolling out updates and hosting monthly events too.

    How do you join? Well we ask you join our discord for updates and information and when the server opens its doors you can join. We will be operating with no whitelist and staff support 24/7 via discord or online.

    We also will be looking for content creators and supplying a thumbnail they can use for videos on our server. We will also be looking for some artists who can produce some nice art for our server and content creators.

    What's been added well new advancements and harder challenges have been added onto the vanilla advancements but if you like to find out more we will be releasing very soon with full list of updates.

    Discord link: https://discord.gg/DMdUuCfzm2
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