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    Having a problem using command blocks and hoping its really basic.

    I have a pressure plate, connected to a command block that has "setblock 38.69 10 diamond_ore 0"

    This works and when the plate is activated a Dimond ore block is created at that location.

    Now i have another command block attached to this one with the command "setblock 38 69 10 air 0 destory"

    if i run "/setblock 38 69 10 air 0 destory" the block is destroyed leaving the diamond and xp. But in the command block get the error "Syntax error: Unexpected "destory": at " 10 air 0 >>destory<<"

    If i change the command block to "setblock 38 69 10 air 0" the block disappears, So its the whole destory part it doesnt like.

    Any ideas?


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