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    Quote from Famine55

    I am having a problem with the NEI F7 and F9 keys. They will not show the grids properly. If I look at the world at certain agles I can see them but not in the correct spots and they will move and disapear as I change my view. Any ideas? I have tried this on the DW20 pack and the WGT packs.

    I get this too even on the newest versions of all the mods. It's really annoying me because it seems like this has been broken for quite a few updates now and has gone completely unnoticed and unfixed.
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    Is wireless redstone only being updated alongside redpower? I thought it was still meant to function without redpower.
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    If we get to 1 can we go into minuses?
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    **** YES
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    posted a message on Am I the first ausssie to get a CS:GO key?
    I litrely woke up today with CS:GO in my libary.

    BRB, exploding with total exitement.
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    posted a message on Funny quotes.

    Despite your assumption, I have the highest amount of respect for authority. I actually wanted to become a police officer but failed the IQ test when I arrived on time at the correct building.
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    posted a message on Why Do People Think Minecraft is Good for Architecture?
    You would have a point. If it wasnt for the fact like already stated IN REAL LIFE THE LAWS OF PHYSICS AND GRAVITY APPLY AND EVERYTHING IS MADE OF ATOMS NOT 1x1 METER PURE MATERIAL.

    Also it would ruin minecraft to have the things roblox have, minecraft looks beautyful in its own way and If you cant apreciate it:
    1. get a good looking HD texture pack.
    2. Ragequit and go back to roblox *SHUDDER* (not reccomended)

    One more thing. Roblox building is iffy. It has a dogy editor, 9/10ths of everything is stolen from free models and at the end of the day roblox is full of little brats who would choose "free modeled game 30942304" over "I put like 100 hours into this building, it has no free models and the only thing you can do is look at my work".

    Its like yahtzees argument in his MC review where he talks about MC and Gmod.

    "In garrys mod where you can summon a few barrels, drape a ragdoll over it and shoot the barels for an explosion its about as entertaining as eating your own snot.
    Minecraft is a good daddy: He knows that if he GIVES you your giant 40 ft golden cock and balls then you would get bored. So he pays you to wash his car for a few months so you can use that money to buy your gaint 40 ft golden cock and balls so when you finally do have it you love it all the more.
    You see in minecraft its not the fact you have a giant 40 ft cock and balls its the fact you exchavated a whole continent to get the recorces to make it." (Extemely paraphrased: havent seen it in a while)

    Its inpressive in a game where if you do it legit its extremely hard and the result is all the more impressive. Your being bias have hooked a few classic pictures of shitty castles you probally built yourself (umad you cant build good?).

    One last thing: wach and try to say to my face minecraft looks ****.
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    While cleaning my minecraft files I found this:

    And on checking Inside I found this:

    Im not sure what this means, I sure as hell dont remember putting that folder there and according to the modify date its been there sice August.
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    In the 1.8 PAX video when they were touring the NPC villages it looked like glass has been changed to be flat. Anybody else notice this?
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    Idea: add custom blocks that when the craft becomes driveable they turn into stuff like propellers. Maby like a base of a piston and when activated (its flyable) then the rod for the propella comes out.
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    The youtube vid wont load but from what people are saying Im guessing your talking about the normal piston pushing the sticky piston up and the sticky piston grabs the normal piston and rinse and repeat.

    The problem is if that is the case is that technique is really slow especially now that notch made it so if a sticky piston retracts too fast it wont pull back blocks.

    EDIT: Video loaded and my theory is correct. Its nice and good job but its a little too slow.
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    Quote from simo_415

    Also now fixed -

    freecam speed

    Just noticed you were a fellow QLDer. epic :biggrin.gif:

    It is pretty easy right now to go "OMFG UPDATE ALREADY YOUR SO LAZY" but if you stop and think you realise that lazy is not the trait of somebody who is behind such a pure epicness mod. This mod has helped me soo much and I plan to use it in the future for a custom map :biggrin.gif:

    Good job! Keep it up!
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    Quote from CoffeeBean

    Not working. It gives me 17 half-doors. :dry.gif:

    It's working now. I typed /give 17 2 64. Unfortunately this isn't working with '//set' command. :dry.gif:

    Worldedit has different commands, to do damage values its ItemValue:damageValue
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    1. Castles are sexy
    2. Cobblestone in the tens of thousands.
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    H44444444444X you cant win I win
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