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    Gizuchan, I need some way to instantly message you, not an email.

    Bennyboo, you've been added to the list.
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    Quote from Gizuchan

    Minecraft Name:Gizuchan
    - snip -

    Quote from dexmark5

    Minecraft Name:
    - snip -

    Quote from Kelleo97

    Minecraft Name: Kelleo97
    - snip -

    You've all been added to the list of people to join. Because of the difficulties contacting people, I may be contacting any one of you soon. Dexmark, if you're going to Let's Play, may I have your YouTube account? And Gizuchan, I need some way to contact you if you want to get on.
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    No there are not any, though some Equivalent Exchange features are disabled so that the super destruction things aren't acquired.
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    Quote from Novarefuge

    Alright, but how would that be fun?
    Restricted to a small square, and knowing that no matter what you create, it wont matter, you wont ever see it again.
    Thats realy depressing

    It's partly how you react that decides how long you stay. If you're good at Tekkit, and nice to others, there's a fairly good chance you'll stay on for quite some time, if not permanently.
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    Well, contacting you guys is quite difficult since you guys won't go check your contacts -_-

    Anyways, the server will be nearing the point where we can now add people, so I've sent contacts to a few of you. The first four hopefully to join the server will be: RussianBoii, MuneyMan, Vundrur, and Taylerlrox. Everyone else will be joining shortly after to do whatever you guys end up doing, but we can only accommodate four people at a time right now, (not server limitation, just limitation on our part).

    So you guys, go check your contacts! Please!
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    Quote from Augdawn

    Minecraft Name: Augdawn
    - snip -

    Quote from RussianBoii44

    Minecraft Name: RussianBoii
    - snip -

    Quote from jar499

    Minecraft Name:jar499 (no caps)
    - snip -

    You've all been added to the list of people to be allowed on!

    Is there a particular time when we will be allowed to join? Because I do have hamachi and if the server is 24/7 I will be able to join whenever.

    I'm currently working on getting a dedicated server for Tekkit Town, and it might be a little bit longer than expected before you guys are allowed to join. I'm doing my best to get it done though, so hopefully in a couple weeks it'll be up and running!
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    Quote from Tolgrimnst

    Here goes...

    Minecraft Name: Tolgrim
    Age: 16
    Steam Name: Phospherous
    Skype Name: I have a private account I use for family and close friends, which I would rather not use here, but I have one for youtube now, WolframGames :D
    Reasons for wanting to join: I have recently started making some Minecraft videos, and have been playing Technic for a long time, and thus I was interested in the possibility of making some Tekkit videos.
    What will you do: Build a small house, start my mineshafts and then become annoyingly neat with everything I do xD
    Will you lets play: As much as possible, yes. It would be quite fun to just come on without recording to finish up the boring jobs off camera or just chat :)
    Timezone: GMT (I'm from Scotland)
    Youtube: WolframGames

    Thanks :D

    Quote from TekkitPro

    Minecraft Name: dylan006

    Age: 14

    Skype Name: Dylan Gawronski or TekkitPro

    Steam: N/A

    Reasons for wanting to join: I would like to join because I love tekkit, I love the way you can really design and be like a engineer. I would like to make my own house and help the town.

    TimeZone: AEST(Australia)

    What will you do: I will do quests and always listen to what I am told to do.

    Will you do lets play: Nooo

    P.s NetBlitzer your really good with your commentary and your a great designer and a great builder,
    So I am hoping you will let me join Plzzzz

    Minecraft Name: MuneyMan
    Age: 13 (14 in November)
    Steam Name: MuneyManMC
    Skype Name: MuneyManMC
    Reasons for wanting to join: I want to play tekkit and have fun with the people I play with. I have been on some servers and did very good but they didn't have a good community.
    What will you do: I will build a house and do what anybody tells me unless they want me to nuke town. I will also help you guys out with power and ores if you need them.
    Will you Let's Play: Maybe depending on who is around me/if it is loud. (Probably yes and youtube account is MuneyJackson)

    You've all been added to the list of soon and probable people to join the server! When you'll be joining has yet to be determined, but we may soon have a dedicated server for Tekkit Town!

    Quote from Monkeybanana

    P.S Know any good free game video things for recording?

    Free? No. I think there's a couple out there that are only a few dollars though. If you want the real best though, you're probably going to have to go with Fraps, which is 37 dollars. That's what I use, and what most of the YouTube gaming community uses.
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    Quote from Monkeybanana

    Minecraft Name: Vundrur
    Age: 13
    Steam Name:Vundrur
    Skype Name: N/a
    Reasons for wanting to join: I want to play Tekkit with some people! And get some good building in.
    What will you do: I will build a house in the town and follow what Rsd tells me to do! :D
    Will you Let's Play: No.

    So Am I in?

    Quote from Taylerlrox

    Minecraft Name: taylerlrox
    Age: 13
    Steam Name: taylerlrox
    Skype Name: taylerlrox
    Reasons for wanting to join: I have been watching yours and Frostcrags videos for quite a while and love playing tekkit. I just believ it would be awesome to play on a server with both of you.
    What will you do: I will do what I am told to do and avoid what I'm told not to do.
    Will you Let's Play: I am hoping to try doing tekkit let's plays and would really like to do it on your server and I know there is almost no chance I will stay permanently but I would just like to do a let's play regardless on the server with people I can trust will not "troll" around.

    P.S. I am not getting my replacement computer until possibly Wednesday and the best way to contact me will be Skype. Thank you regardless of your choice and good luck with tekkit town! (sorry about rambling :/ )

    You've both been added to the list of people to join, and seeing as not many others have added their own applications, there's a good chance you'll be on for awhile.

    By the way Taylerlrox, can you tell me what your YouTube account name is? Just another thing I need to know if you're going to be a Let's Player.
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    Welcome to Tekkit Town!

    Hello Minecrafters! My name is NetBlitzer, a Let's Player of Minecraft.

    My main series is called Tekkit Town, a place where I, NetBlitzer, as well as my friend Frostcrag64, help to build a town from a quaint little place into a thriving city, while also competing with each other to be the best engineer in the land. The town in question is controlled by another friend of mine, who helps us in return for helping him by giving us some power, and also giving us quests and competitions to go complete.

    Here's a YouTube preview of the most recent episode of Tekkit Town!

    However, the town with just us three players isn't very fun. As the creator of the series, I decided to make the executive decision to allow the community to join with us, and possibly even make their own Let's Plays out of the Tekkit Town idea!

    Some things you'll need to know:
    • If you are a normal player, and you get accepted, you'll likely only have a few days on the server. This is to allow other players to get onto the server and also enjoy it.
    • If we are experiencing fewer players asking to join, your time will likely be extended.
    • When you are on the server, your progress and personality will constantly be monitored. How you act and what you do will determine how long you stay on the server.
    • While you are on the server, if Rsd1012, the town mayor, asks you to do something, it is highly recommended that you comply.
    • If Rsd1012 hasn't asked you to do something, you are allowed to construct your house in the town. We will likely show you where to build; otherwise, be sensible on where you build your house.
    • Your house will be constructed by materials you partially collect. However, you can ask Rsd for some town materials.
    • The server is griefing protected. If you attempt to grief, you will instantly be banned and removed from ever coming back on this server, or any future server that NetBlitzer may create.
    • Also, if you grief, you may ruin the chances for other players to join on the server.
    If you follow all of that, and you understand what is expected of you, and you still would like to join, then there are some things that you must have to be able to play.
    1. First and foremost, you must have a legal copy of Minecraft.
    2. You must have the latest recommended build of Tekkit from the Technic Launcher (www.technicpack.net/tekkit)
    3. You must have either Steam or Skype to be able to join the server.
    That's about all the things that you need to know and have to be able to join the server! An example application would look something like this:

    Minecraft Name:
    Steam Name:
    Skype Name:
    Time Zone:
    Reasons for wanting to join:
    What will you do:
    Will you Let's Play:

    And that's about it! If you want to include more stuff, then go right ahead! The better your application, the higher the chances are of you getting on.

    Hope you guys enjoy the series as much as I've enjoyed making it!

    If you want to Let's Play on the server, there's a few extra things you need to know:
    1. You must have both Skype and Steam.
    2. You must have a YouTube account and add the name of your account to your application.
    3. You will be monitored even more than normal.
    4. You must PM me with your YouTube name, Skype name, and Steam name. You must also tell me what time zone you're in.
    5. I will likely do an extra little interview with you so that I know you better.
    And that's it guys! If you want to join, just write out a short little application as a reply. I will be reading them all and making a list of possible players to join. If you are accepted, I will then PM you or add you on Steam to tell you the news!


    Q: NetBlitzer, why all the formalities?
    A: I'm adding all the rules and everything just so you guys know what to expect. They are not to get you angry or afraid in any way. In fact, they're partly there to save this Let's Play from any rage or complaints about not telling everything.

    Q: Why do I need Hamachi?
    A: You don't anymore! We've removed that limitation!
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    I hate to bump the thread, but does anyone have any suggestions about what we could do to make our build style better?
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    Hello everybody, NetBlitzer here!
    I just wanted to show you guys what Frostcrag64 and I made for the Multiplay UK's XMas Creative Competition Build! Though not as mighty as some, I believe our build still turned out fairly nice! I hope you do too!

    Here's the video:
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    Hmm, an explanation seems to be needed here, so I'll give it to you guys.

    Minecraft Revamped was a mod idea I came up with this last year, around a month before the time of this post. I didn't really get to doing anything until I told everyone about the mod. I was ambitious you could say, what with knowing basic C++, some advanced code for GMod in E2, and barely any Java. But I was also willing to learn. Unfortunately, Notch has other plans.

    He told everyone that he would make a Modding API. This was after the initial push for the mod was gone. I had failed with MCP, and most everyone else who had tried had also failed. You could say the reason I stopped using MCP was because I tried the hardest part of the mod first, which was to rewrite terrain gen. But the Modding API gave me hope, so I teamed up with ThePalindrome to get it done. Unfortunately again, Notch had other ideas, and never released the Modding API. He still hasn't.

    So now, more than a year since the idea was formed, I'm officially giving up. At June this year, I knew it wouldn't happen. But somewhere inside me, I thought I might do it. Nope. Notch intervened.

    And anyways, there's no reason for the mod anymore. Notch has added weather (though not very dynamic), hunger, beds, more mobs, etc. You can get the majority of the stuff that was to be included in this mod in Minecraft itself. There's no reason FOR the mod in the first place now! And about height gen, Notch changed that somewhere in 1.9 and there's already many mods that change it. If you want the full Revamped experience, go get one of those and just play Minecraft!

    I don't want you guys to be sad that the mod won't continue. As a matter of fact, I want you guys to be happy. That's why I'm telling you this. Just go look at what all the other modders have done! Their work is phenomenal. I wish I could be half as good of a Minecraft modder as most of them. Check out their work. Just because I failed does not mean they did.

    If you guys want to know, I'm not modding Minecraft again, ever. The idea of changing it has shrunk on me. I still would add a few things, but I know I'm not meant to. That's for everyone else who can do that. However, I'm not modding other games. As a matter of fact, I am planning something for another game that will be much larger than Minecraft Revamped. I won't be announcing which game just yet, and what my plans are, but if you want to find out when I do, go check my youtube channel.

    The mod was abandoned because you can get most everything from standard MC, or from another mod. Also, Notch didn't release the Modding API. Ever.

    Thank you guys for supporting me, but I have failed you.
    Signing off, (of this message)
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    Oh boy! Guess where I'm going!
    (Hint: Look at my name)

    Also, does this mean that I am Net? And I made the Nether?! AND THE MOBS?!!?
    And who thought that chickens were evil :wink.gif:
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    Good news everyone!

    This mod is not dead! Yes, yes, rather it's even more alive!
    "How?" you may ask. Well, I have teamed up with thePalindrome, creator of Necrocraft! He'll be doing a majority of the coding, while I help and make the textures! Unfortunately, we're both going to be going away for awhile. ThePalindrome will be going away till this Saturday, and I'll be leaving the Saturday after next until the 21st.

    In other news, the server will be finally going public tomorrow or Tuesday! I've been working very hard to get ready for this moment, so it'll be exciting for me. Little teaser, the entire world for around 2.5km in each direction from spawn will be hand crafted using the Worldedit plugin! That means everything you'll see will have a real purpose that we gave it! Exciting, I know! I'll post the IP later on when I get it.
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    You guys do know that light is added to a block when the block is first called. So when you make the block, you add a new variable to the block that allows it to emit light. Not sure what the variable is right now, especially with modloader. Also, to make blocks look like torches and what not, just edit the render mode. Again, not sure of the exact variable, but it's also very simple.
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