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    I'll test this and report back, that should do the job. Thanks for the help.
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    Hey there! I'm making a modded Super Smash Bros map and I'm attempting to add "Final Smashes" via command blocks. Well I have a general idea of what I want to do for this feature. Basically I'd use the Nether Star as a "Smash Ball" and then whoever has it then can use their final smash. For example, if someone is playing as Sonic, they'd have their score of "Sonic" set to 1, and then I'd use a testfor then they'd get their final smash buffs. However, I don't know how to work this.

    The issue is, one, I don't know how have testfor output to another command block, and two, I don't exactly know how to limit the effects to the person who has the Smash Ball. If anyone could help with this that would be great!
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    There is a mod exclusively for this and this is part of another mod.

    The mod exclusively for this is called the 'Uncrafting Table Mod' and the Twilight Forest mod has this.

    Uncrafting Table Mod - http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1290409-uncrafting-table-mod-works-for-all-items-even-from
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    This would be a relatively simple mod to create, however, I'm just learning mod-creation. You theoretically could rip out the glowstone and torch code then use it in this mod and make new textures for them in different colors.

    However, Flashlights and Colored light would be a bit tougher. The closest that I could come to colored lights is the effect that Lamps give off in Redpower or Project: RED. That's because of limitations with the rendering system in minecraft as mentioned earlier. Flashlights would be possible but either turn this simple mod into an extremely complicated mod or cause severe amounts of lag. The two possible ways to do it would be to make a model of a flashlight which would output light like torches, or have an invisible block being set on whatever block you're on. This would create lag issues and be glitchy.

    I personally wouldn't use this mod, but it is an excellent idea that I'm shocked doesn't exist yet. I've seen plenty of colored lamps and Mojang has added colored beacons, but this isn't a thing.
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    You. Also, I'm blind. Sorry. Well, insane. Or something like that. Anyways, Rei's Minimap is conflicting with something(s). Basically, what that means is, you'll have to remove it. If you need to replace it, Zan's Minimap is an excellent replacement.
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    I'm gonna rip part of your error log off to show you something I observed.

    cpw.mods.fml.common.LoaderException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/minecraftforge/common/config/Configuration

    Edit: I just realized that whole mess I just posted is wrong, so let's restart. IndustrialCraft does NOT work with ICBM without a config edit in ICBM. That is why this 'Configuration' message is appearing. I am not certain which option is messing it up, but it is something I have learned from past experience.
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    Based upon the way this sounds, you have a specific feature disabled. Have you attempted to type 'horse' then press the 'enter' button?
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    Is the pack using the vanilla launcher? If so, then he may not have forge installed, so although the mods are there, vanilla minecraft cannot load them, rendering them useless without Forge or something of that sort that's a mod-loader. This post is kind of vague. I need more info. Does he have forge installed? Where is the log? Is it giving him any errors? "The modpack isn't showing up modded" isn't the easiest thing to help, so any extra details you could provide would help.
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    It is a private modpack exclusive to my friends and I. I should've listed the mods, but for some reason, I did not think of their significance.
    Code Chicken Core + Wireless Redstone (Chickenbones) + NEI
    Thaumic Tinkerer
    Project: RED
    Ars Magica 2
    As I've mentioned, the modpack IS private. I think if there was a legitimate crash report, this thread probably wouldn't exist. I've seen similar threads, only one of which having a similarity, that being computercraft. I am going to test to see if it it the issue, or if there is something else.

    Edit: Apparently the 1.7.10 Verson of Wireless Redstone is broken. Found the issue.
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    Yes, and it worked perfectly fine. There were no issues. Literally, none.
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    The first time I created the world the world crashed with the message, 'A critical error has occurred and you are unable to connect'. However, the profile is still open.
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    Hello. I am having issues with a private modpack I created to play in single-player. It successfully loads, but when I start up a world, the 'server', even though it's single player, crashes because of a mysterious error that is not in the log. Also, there are two error logs, because although in the first one, it looks like Ars Magica and/or Thaumic Tinkerer is creating the issue, the second one clearly shows that there is no more reason for an issue, because I deleted the mods.



    I hope to see this issue resolved, however, I fear it will remain unresolved because of the mysterious lack of an error. I thank you for your time, and even if you didn't help, reading this, as for, even if you read it, there is a chance you could potentially help. Have an excellent day.
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    Bump - still waiting for other people so we can start RPing...
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    Admiral position has been removed for an indefinite time, as for that is essentially GM.
    News section added to OP.
    'Starfleet or Klingon Empire' changed to Allegiance (Thanks to Meritania).
    I am officially applying, as for Kri'nig is an example app.
    Name: Leon Von Baron
    Race (See the list for choices): Human
    Age: 23
    Appearance: Leon is 6'2, and stands in a military fashion. He has brown hair, and a brown beard, with ocean blue eyes. He has a somewhat muscular figure, but is rather thin.
    Personality: Leon is a man of dignity and honor, but is willing to throw that aside to get the job done, even willing to go as far as ignore direct orders and to finish missions and handle situations. He's friendly, but is easily angered and tends to attempt to rely strictly upon himself.
    Class (Medical, Science, Trader, Command, Combat): Command
    Weapon of Choice: Plasma Blast Assault Rifle/Disruptor Assault Minigun
    Strengths: Ship and Ranged Combat
    Weaknesses: Melee Combat and Patience
    Biography: Leon Von Baron was born in Germany in the year 2377, in a family who's fairly close with Klingons. The Klingon friends taught him to use a Bat'leth so he can handle a fight with Klingons, since they knew about the upcoming war (being close with the Klingon Empire and United Federation). In the year of 2390, Klingons attacked Germany and him and his Klingon friends ran, however, his parents were killed. Leon was resolved to join Star Fleet and fight the Klingons until he found the ones and destroyed them.
    In the year 2395, Leon joined Star Fleet after graduating from the Academy on the new ship, the USS Caliburn, and to his shock, he was made second in command. During a battle with a Klingon fleet, the ship was heavily damaged, and the captain was killed by the Klingon captain. As he was fighting, a Vulcan lead ship saved him, and gave him a temporary promotion to lieutenant, and when he got back to base, he was given a permanent promotion, and the ship. Although the ship may be small and lightly armed, it can put up its own in a fight and can handle a chase or run.
    Allegiance: Star Fleet
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    posted a message on Star Trek: Blitzkrieg - Star Trek RP [Always Accepting]
    Welcome to Star Trek: Blitzkrieg. The premise behind this is Star Trek (more specifically, nearing the end of DS9/Voyager). The story is constantly updated, and there will soon be other races to choose from.
    It is the year 2400, and war is beginning between the Federation and Klingons, and the Dominion is beginning to start reappearing. The universe has become a place of war and strife, with nobody safe. There's constant battles, sabotages, and hatred towards the other side. What few Klingons are left in the Federation are dishonored by the Klingon Empire, and disrespected by Federation citizens. The USS Enterprise is now at F, and is under consideration of whether it should still be in commission or not. The Defiant class starship is once again in production, and the Klingons are making moves upon furthering their starship weaponry.
    While this is all happening, the Borg are getting stronger, assimilating more planets, and beginning to confront the Dominion. Both sides have found out about the Mirror Universe, and are trying to take Deep Space 9 as an attempt to conquer the Mirror Universe. Romulus has recently been destroyed by a new prototype Klingon weapon, and the Vulcans and Romulans are trying to reunite their cultures, and build a new Romulus. The Vulcans are beginning to break away from their traditions of mental control, and war is beginning between the two groups of Vulcans.
    The Ferengi Alliance is beginning to fall apart and the Ferengi people are falling into the greatest depression of the known universe. They are beginning to resort to warfare and plain blatant theft, without any terms and conditions. Ferengis are joining Star Fleet left and right, and the Ferengi Alliance is attempting to be let into Star Fleet and use it as a safe haven.
    Tensions are beginning to rise again between the Bajorans, Cardassians, and the Maquis is beginning to reform. This time, however, the warfare shall not be as clean cut for the Cardassians, as for they've been weakened, and the Bajorans have been strengthened, and still know how to fight in their terrorist ways.
    You must take sides, and choose whether you will fight, be a medic, or generate the new weapons and engines. Who will you choose to side with?
    • No Metagaming or godmodding,
    • Please don't keep battles going for pages, I'd like to see 2 pages AT MOST, and MAYBE 3 if you're having a fight between Jem'Hadar and Borg.
    • Please don't choose a race not in the list of races.
    • Keep the characters non-canon
    • If you are a captain of a starship, don't play it too op, this heavily goes with godmodding
    • Follow Star Trek strengths and weaknesses, you can't just go and beat up a Borg with your fists, or win a fight against a Jem'Hadar fleet
    • If you're changing alliances, please notify an Admiral.
    Special Positions Available
    -USS Enterprise Captain
    -IKS Negh'Var Captain
    -IRW D'ridthau Captain
    -D'Kyr Captain
    -1 Head of Engineering, Defense, Science, and Medicine for each race
    -1 Chief of Operations, Engineering, Science, and Medicine per starship
    -3 Klingon Generals
    -3 Ambassadors per race
    THIS IS NOT DEFINITE, check back and maybe request a promotion if you see one you want that wasn't there before!
    Race (See the list for choices):
    Class (Medical, Science, Trader, Command, Combat):
    Weapon of Choice:
    Name: Kri'nig
    Race (See the list for choices): Klingon
    Age: 27
    Appearance: Kri'nig is 6'7, has brown dreadlocks and brown eyes. He wears the usual Klingon warrior clothes, and stands straight and tall. He has a battle scar just beneath his left eye, and has a muscular set.
    Personality: Kri'nig is rough and serious and 'enjoys' taking part in Klingon traditions and singing about his victories.
    Class (Medical, Science, Trader, Combat): Combat
    Strengths: Combat
    Weaknesses: Command positions
    Biography: Kri'nig is the head of the house of Batlth, and has had a long history of famous battles. He took part in a major role in the Battle of K7 securing the Neutral Zone in Klingon hands, the Battle of Alpha Onias, and the Battle of Acmar.
    Allegiance: Klingon Empire
    • Humans
    • Klingons
    • Vulcans
    • Romulans
    • Dosi
    • Jem'Hadar
    • Karemma
    • T-Rogorans
    • Vorta
    • Yaderans
    • Son'a
    • Borg
    • Trill
    • Ferengi
    • Cardassian
    • Bajoran
    Added a 'News' section
    Changed 'Klingons or Starfleet' to 'Allegiance'
    Added Trill, Ferengi, Cardassian, and Bajoran races.
    Updated plot
    Neon00 - Fleet Admiral (Head of GMs)
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