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Hello everybody! I'm NeoLink and I'm just your average normal PC/Console Gamer. My Birthday is on November 15 and I'm full Filipino part of the Asian culture. I live in Canada Winnipeg Manitoba. I have joined Minecraft since Beta 1.7.3 and have started an account here recently in 2013.

I usually browse the Modding section of the forums. (Looking for mods, texture packs, etc.) You will rarely see me post in any section though lol.

I usually only play a set amount of games installed on my computer. Hardly games on Consoles

These are:

- Minecraft
- League of Legends
- Super Smash Bros
- The Legend of Zelda
- GTA 5
- Osu!

I have a YouTube and a twitter so go ahead and subscribe/follow if you want.

My YouTube:

My Twitter:

P.S I have a secret addiction to Cookie Clicker :3


Minecraft, Technology, League of Legends

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PSN NeonColorzz