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    Hello, everyone.

    So I'm a novice map maker, and I'd like some help from the community. What I ask of the community is to live, rate, and give feedback on my maps, and I'll change them accordingly. Unlike some other custom maps, these maps are more survival-oriented rather than vanity maps. I create them to be playable and unique in that aspect. I use this to create my maps: http://www.minecraft...rk-in-progress/.

    So please, download and enjoy my maps! Take screenshots or some media and come back here, telling me how I can make it better, whether it be looks, vegetation, biome transitions, shape; whatever. Or, just enjoy them.


    Ver1 http://www.mediafire...vn51cotvcfz39tq
    Ver2 http://www.mediafire.com/?47mxzjzkjlxabap

    My first map. This map is supposed to be slightly diverse.

    It has a rocky kind of west coast with pine forests, and an east coast with a regular deciduous forest and smooth, sandy beaches. There's also some plains and lakes on the east coast.

    For gameplay reasons, to get sand, you go to the bottom of the sea or the beaches. For gravel, there's only underground and the west coast. A large deposit of clay lies in one of the straits.

    There are large caverns all under the island, full of resources.

    Now, download the map, play, and show me what you do! It could be your buildings, or something you want me to fix. Explore, and tear this place apart. I want to know what you do and don't like.


    As the owner of all the maps posted in this post, I ask you to not take photos, record video, or use my maps in any public server without giving credit to me, the creator. These rules don't apply on this thread. Film, capture, and do whatever you want so long as it stays here. Please do not redistribute these maps without my permission.

    Thank you, and happy crafting!
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    Quote from Chris3dy

    I think you should be able to right click a slime ball on to a regular block, like cobblestone. Doing this would make the piece of cobblestone sticky, so more than one block can be pulled by a sticky piston. Makes sense, considering a sticky piston can push alot more blocks then the entire one that it can pull. And if you want to make the block un-sticky, just punch the sticky part and the slime ball will pop out and the block will be back to normal.

    You sir, need to start spamming Jeb's twitter. Bump
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    I'd appreciate pistons that can launch objects instead of moving them. This would make for some fun.
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