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Hi guys, its me Nathan. I was born June 1, 2000 and I Live in the U.S (in Ohio). i am a guy (Hope you knew that from the name). I own 6 guinea pigs at the moment (and have owned more at other times) and my favorite is dafinently the one i call Snuggles. If you didn't notice, my birthday is the same as notches; i was pretty surprised to learn this myself. anyways, If you would mind, do not try to get ahold of me over skype or anything like that. thanks. i play lacrosse, basketball, soccer, adn baseball. i DO NOT like hearing people chewing for some wierd reason, though my own chewing has never been a problem. thank you for reading a little about me.
Interests Minecraft (why else would i have a minecraft forum account), lacrosse, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer

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