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    Quote from nico_21

    Adds a touch more realism...

    What planet are you from, because here on Earth when people talk I don't usually see a white bubble pop-up beside their head with whatever they just said written down in it.

    Honestly, without actual voice-chat the current chat system is as realistic as you can get (and why so many games use it)
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    posted a message on Way too many slimes in 1.4 prerelease
    Quote from EvanCraft

    Well I rarely see slimes in swamps I'm lucky to have my pet mini slime!

    Dude theres a large biome option in the generation menu right next to super flat use it!


    Dude, you replied to a post from October of 2012.
    I see you are new here, but PLEASE don't necrobump threads.
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    posted a message on who ate jebs brain!?
    Lol, who ate your brains?
    It is most obviously an april fools joke.

    You seriously thought he would add chickens that lay diamond and lapis? Come on.
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    posted a message on I don't like the new lava texture
    Nostalgia is the worst reason to keep something in the game. What if the world decided to only use typewriters instead of computers just because they were nostalgic.

    Anyway, the old one makes my eyes want to die.
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    posted a message on Iron/Gold Ore drops as an Item not a Block
    Variation is a pretty good reason, why make a game where everything works almost the exact same as other stuff?
    Anyway, it isn't like iron is rare, and gold isn't useful enough to be rare.
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    posted a message on EnderChests Copied?
    You can't copyright ideas AFAIK. The only thing you can copyright is actual products and the like, which is what ChocoCraft said, the code is copyrighted but the idea is not.

    Because think about it, lets say I write a book where somebody kills somebody else, and then the story follows the detective trying to solve the case. I just wrote a murder mystery, arguably one of the most popular genres of books there is. I can't just go copyright the idea of a murder mystery because that would be ridiculous. Granted that was a more broad generalization, but it was just to show why copyrighting an idea would be ridiculous (and would probably lead to a halt of progress in society because of only one person being able to make something like a computer or phone just because they thought of the idea of a computer/phone, for example go look up Apple attempting to sue because of other people making touch-screen phones, ridiculous right?)
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    posted a message on What era is Minecraft supposed to be in?
    It is whatever era you design all your buildings in. If you build Medieval buildings, you are in the Medieval era. Modern buildings = modern era. It is a sandbox, there are no specific era's!
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    posted a message on Removal of armor points from HUD
    Quote from Insurrection

    Armor points being on the UI is pretty pointless. It clutters up space needlessly, and takes up room that could be taken up by better mechanics (Thirst, stamina).

    "Better mechanics"? Thirst is a horribly tedious game mechanic that would literally not make the game harder (having even less of an impact than the food bar change) just because of the fact that water is EVERYWHERE! Literally, it is everywhere, even in the desert is everywhere.
    Stamina is also in the game in the form of the food bar, there are a few invisible variables that affect the food bar and one of those affects how fast the food bar depletes, and while running/jumping the food bar depletes faster. That seems like a pretty good substitute for stamina without taking up any more screen space.

    Second of all, being able to see how much armor defense you have on at any given moment can be quite useful. If I see a group of skeletons and I am deciding whether to go around them or take them on, I can just look at my armor bar to help me decide. Sure, I could open my inventory and look there like you are suggesting, but it is more convenient to just look at my HUD already on my screen.

    THIRD I actually like it on the hotbar because it makes the hotbar nice and square, satisfying my OCD, I don't think it makes it cluttered.
    Now the serious third reason, just because the armor bar is on the HUD doesn't mean Mojang can't add in new game mechanics, it isn't like "Oh darn, we have this armor bar already on the HUD, I guess we can't go implement (whatever game mechanic should have an HUD bar)"
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    posted a message on Minecraft was on Jeopardy!
    Apparently (after a quick internet search) Minecraft was the answer to a $12,000 question on Jeopardy.

    I have no idea why this would be on the news other than blogs with geeky writers or video-game sites.

    I also have no idea why they thought the question was hard enough to be a $12,000 question.
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    posted a message on Desert pyramids are OP
    Sounds like OP just wants to complain about something (as if we don't have enough of that already)
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