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    posted a message on Minecon tickets so expensive?
    I wanted to get a gang of friends to pitch in to go to Minecon, but the tickets are a burden in them self. I was expecting about $60 and then I was $150 per ticket o_o can someone give the reasons why? I understand to pay for the location and all... but minecraft is already a very successful game and there will be a huge amount of people at minecon. I just don't understand, i'm only 15 DX forgive me if I sound cheap here, I would gladly give mojang more money (they deserve it srsly) but our family/friends wouldnt be too happy. We're not the wealthiest.
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    posted a message on How do you mine?
    I apparently mine the way that gets me no ore ._.
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    posted a message on I Want New Music!
    I actually came up with a music concept for the nether. I thought it best represented what the community wanted in a soundtrack for the nether. I did a bit overkill with the ambient sounds, but the idea is fresh. This was made a while back so I have no Idea if anyone has taken music like this into consideration or not.
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    posted a message on How to craft...
    Okay, I believe you aren't trolling. Here is a tutorial:

    1) Be in the game and chop down at least 1 log from a tree.
    2) Hit your inventory key (By default, it's 'i', but you can configure it to whatever you would like in the controls menu)
    3) Click and drag the wood you got from the tree(s) into the 2x2 squares in the top right. Place all of your wood in one of the squares, if you fill up all 4 of them with wood logs, you wont get anything.
    4) Click and receive 4 wood planks for every wood log you have.
    5) NOW fill up the 4 crafting squares with wood planks, and take the crafting table you get and put it in your quick select. (The very bottom bar of the inventory screen)
    6) Right click and place the table down, and right click the table to access the 3x3 crafting grid!

    Congrats, you can now craft everything in the game. If you need crafting recipes, just search the internet or the wiki for how to craft certain items. If legit helped you with something, please hit the green arrow in the bottom right of my post! :D
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    posted a message on why did you buy minecraft
    Well, at first (this is going to get me hate probably) I pirated it back in alpha 1.2/1.3. Then, I told my friend, he pirated it for like a day then bought it. After seeing I was not able to play online, update, or change my skin, I started considering purchasing it. After 1.5 came out, I couldn't take it any longer. I wanted to play with my friend! I got my own money and told my mom I wanted to buy this game. After like 2 days of asking her, she let me use my money and buy Minecraft with her credit card thus; I was born into the brotherhood of miecraft. There is my story.
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    posted a message on PVP Improvement?
    Wow I wasnt expecting this great of replies. Now I actually see both opinions on the table! Thanks guys!
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    posted a message on PVP Improvement?
    I am loving all the new stuff and the form of currency (Emeralds) coming into minecraft, but what is really getting me annoyed sometimes is the PVP. Usually when I am in a PVP situation 1 of 3 things can happen:

    1) The battle is one sided because the other player sprint hits + has armor or weps and I can only 2 or 3 good hits.

    2) I can kill the other player, but it was very costly in hunger and health

    3) The person got destroyed because I had good equipment.

    I find myself raging time after time of unfair fights that are totally one sided and I have no chance of victory. Once I see some one with Iron, I say my prayers. BUT, my idea for this would level the battlefield out a bit, even though they have iron gear, it could give good old me who has leather and a stone sword a chance at victory.

    The armor could have cons such as:

    Drains more hunger when doing battle and jumping around
    Makes your sprint considerably slower
    And possibly other cons

    The advantages would be
    Taking more hits to kill
    less of knockback on your side

    This could possibly give the other player a chance of survival, or at least to get away from the walking iron made tank. Now I know you could use bows but the other player having the same speed as you and able to jump around just makes you angry. Or at the least, I would like to make PVP battles last a bit longer, so your not constantly knocking each other out of your reach just to sprint back in and get hit again. I'd just really hope Jeb works more on pvp in the future so I dont spend most of my time rage-quitting over one sided battles and sprint knockback wins. Please tell me if you agree or disagree. If you disagree please tell me why so I can have a better understanding about how the community feels about PVP.
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    posted a message on Built-In Graphics Card
    sadly, no :sad.gif:
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    posted a message on Am I a wimp if a play on Peaceful until Im stronger?
    That's what I used to do, then I found out about Multiplayer :tongue.gif:
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