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    I apparently mine the way that gets me no ore ._.
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    Quote from Jackertud

    part 3 begins production around end of oct and beg of november i think.

    Got it, thanks!
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    Quote from copoluke

    Whitelisted. :)

    Didn't see the edited, whitelisted. :)

    Yeah, I accidentally skipped some stuff, sorry about that XD 1:21 am woohoo!
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    Age:15 [non squeaker :)]



    Favorite thing to do in Minecraft: Upgrade equipment and aid others!

    What you can contribute to the server:I can contribute anything you need me to pretty much haha. Well, I'm a good social addition because I get along with everyone, and I have experience working in small social groups! (that means I wont be obnoxious and grief and ill actually form personal bonds with other players :D )
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    Quote from Jackertud

    STEAM FAN COMMUNITY JOIN TODAY!: http://steamcommunit.../heswatchingyou
    LEAVE FEEDBACK OF FIRST PART AND WATCH IT AS WELL http://www.minecraft...-your-feedback/

    The Man with no Eyes Part II Coming October 30th
    Written by Jackertud
    Length: 20+ minutes

    Police guards
    (Atleast 3)

    Applying for:


    Darn, I missed out on this round of actors :( heres my app anyways:
    Applying for: Any actor/editor or tech manager
    Ts? I do have a teamspeak

    Do you know when you're estimated to start working on part 3? I really want in. I have been real hungry for youtube work lately, as I just invested in and built a $900 gaming PC. I got some really good skills I can put to use. (experienced advanced After Effects editor, experienced all around actor, can record, shaders and all. Im a tech/drama club nerd :P ) If you could send me dates/remind me or something my skype is flare26. Ill try to mark it on my calendar and prepare!
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    Get utorrented Dxtory, best decision of your life. learn to use Dxtory and you will LOVE it!
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    posted a message on Free good quality recorder with mic
    Dont go with FRAPS, go with Dxtory. It's much more customizable when you learn to use it, and it doesn't take as much of a performance hit as fraps does. (aka, lowering fps while recording) If you wanna get really advanced you can download different video codecs and decrease filesize of the videos (they can get up to 1GB/min) and still have great quality! You can set it to record multiple sound devices, so you can have one device the speakers, the other device your mic. You can then afterwards bring the video into your editing program of choice, render it, and KABAM! Ready to upload to youtube. Render in MP4 and it will upload in about about 1 minute or less per an actual minute in the video!
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    I recommend fraps/dxtory. Take the time on youtube to learn how to use them and get their full versions. They can record anything playing through your speakers, and all you have to do is tell it to record your headset through a setting and it will.
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    If you need any more help, I can pretty much do anything you need me to. Edit, host, record, voice act, you name it. (well, almost anything) so, if you're ever short a man or need backup, send me a message on skype flare26 i got ya covered.
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    posted a message on Need People for Minecraft Machinima Series -(Vanilla except for server plugins)-
    Age: 15
    What Job: Editor/any actor. I've got theatrical experience, in addition I can record in whatever resolution you want, and I can handle GLSL shaders (when they update, of course). Some of my random tests/editing can be found on my channel http://www.youtube.com/videogamer1010
    Gender:(Boy or girl):Male
    contact info:(Skype preferably but I should be able to work around things): Flare26 - skype
    Commitment Level:10/10 I may not be fully available some time during the school year but I can get stuff done. I will be available more often than not. I have much experience in Adobe AE. In addition, I can work with Vegas Pro12, and video pad.
    I'm totally looking for some youtube community work, as I just invested in a 900$ pc. Built the baby myself :)
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    YouTuber application:
    1. IGN: (In-Game-Name): Nateboy57
    2. Skype:Flare26
    3. Age:15
    4. YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/videogamer1010
    5. What recording software do you use?: Dxtory
    6. What do you use to edit your videos?:Vegas Pro/After effects
    7. Extra info: not a squeaker (Yay!)
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    Quote from TheLoafoBread

    i just want to say that anybody could do what you are doing. Im not trying to be rude, but i am a graphics artist, and this is simple.
    what you are doing:

    a graphic artist you say? I've dove into that field a bit, but I've had trouble finding good software. I favor gimp, but Photoshop seems easier to use. Any software suggestions?
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    I highly doubt Google will agree to this but I guess it's worth a shot to try to get it in the drive app store thing. HOWEVER, mojang has mentioned sometime in the future releasing a cloud like save system for settings and stats. What I really want to see saved in the mojang servers are statistics, and server address lists.
    Quote from 0_Zippy

    I don't think you knew what I was driving at...

    Pun intended? Lol
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    posted a message on I Want New Music!
    I actually came up with a music concept for the nether. I thought it best represented what the community wanted in a soundtrack for the nether. I did a bit overkill with the ambient sounds, but the idea is fresh. This was made a while back so I have no Idea if anyone has taken music like this into consideration or not.
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    Quote from FoxRacer30

    WD will always be my first choice for Mechanical HD's, however Seagate has stepped up their game recently.
    WD caviar black or the Seagate Barracuda line will hopefully serve you well. Stay away from any powersaving or "intellipower" drives... you won't get optimum performance. Keep in mind, however, especially with mechanical HDD's, it's not a matter of if, but when it will fail. If you're going to install multiple drives, drives used purely for storage (such as archived videos) you can drop down to a 5400 RPM drive and save some cash... keep all active drives at 7200, however.

    If you're up for investing a bit more cash, I highly recommend investing in an SSD and making it your primary boot drive (C:).
    I'm currently running the OCZ Agility 3 and have zero complaints. Samsung and Intel make excellent drives, as well, however they will run you more per GB.

    In terms of the PSU, I don't trust Rosewill for anything vital, especially electrical. i've experienced many of their shortcomings firsthand. If it's served you well, thus far, by all means, continue to use it, but if you're looking to upgrade that at some point, Corsair, Antec, and CoolerMaster (in that order) will serve you well.

    Although AMD does offer more bang for your buck, next time I do a (re)/build, Nvidia will be in my system. I've currently got a non-reference ASUS HD7870 in my system, and I frequently run into driver problems, it gets tiring having to find workarounds, or unofficial patches to issues AMD hasn't addressed in 16+ months. The GTX 650 is considered a mid-grade card by today's standards, especially with the 700 series being dropped by Nvidia as we speak, however, it will still serve you well... Don't expect much future proofing, however.

    Well thank you for all your help sir! I really appreciate it and I'll take a look at all of those products you mentioned and mix and match. I will definitely upgrade my Power supply and graphics card in the future. That's the beauty of PC's, you can swap out parts when needed :) Since this is my first build, I just want to be able to throw something together that actually works you know, then find the brands that are reliable and not. Trial and error is the best way to learn :) Right now I'm pretty desperate for anything because I'm running on a laptop, 4 years old with windows 7 and a 1.6 GHz AMD single core. I'll definitely be willing to shell out a few extra bucks in the future to replace parts. Thank you for all your help again! Have a great weekend!

    PS: I'm glad you mentioned AMD, since my laptop is AMD based. I have had to deal with countless driver and compatibility issues in the past with this thing, and the trade off for good price/power I would have to say is stability and having the time to get drivers all sorted out.
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