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    Is it possible to tie custom entity models to optifines random mob feature? I dont want to replace every creeper in the game with a new model for example, i want to give various textures and have them spawn randomly.

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    okay for one, the convienience of having a taplet pc is that you can carry it around anywhere without dragging a keyboard and mouse with you or a heavy laptop. you can simply slip it into your pocket or whatever and while your waiting around or sitting wherever there is wifi, you can pull it out and play minecraft. but with the touch screen so limited it is impossible to play without also having your mouse and keyboard. so if it had fully implemented touch controls, then it would have all the same mobile convienence as minecraft pe. but it would be on windows and obviously better. i agree 100%. they should add it as an option in the controls menu under settings. then the game would be fully playable with or without a keyboard.
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