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    posted a message on Junkers Minecraft [Vanilla- No mob damage] [18+][Teamspeak][White-listed]
    Its a pretty basic server for people who just want to play Minecraft and talk to others whilst doing so.

    Mob griefing is off otherwise pure vanilla.

    You must be 18 years or older to join and must be active in teamspeak, as this is a social server!

    To join just hop on our teamspeak server and talk to the resident admin: Nerdygoth

    Teamspeak info:

    Address: junkers.hopto.org

    PW: Scrapmetal

    Thanks, and have fun!
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    posted a message on What will be the best part of 1.4?
    I wouldn't mind multi-threading either, more performance boost would be amazing aswell (they should get the guys with optifine on-board!)
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    posted a message on A new Biome- The Meadow
    It sounds like more to the game, which to me is always good, even if its a little in total it adds a lot more to do, remember when you hunted for a jungle biome when they first came out?
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    posted a message on What will be the best part of 1.4?
    What do you think will be the best part of minecraft 1.4, I am personally looking forward to the sounds of bats swooping in the caves, maybe we need a new echoing sound system for minecaft make the caves more, cavernous!
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    posted a message on Mob (zombie, skeleton, pic of bats)
    It will be interesting when they are fully released, woo 1.4!
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    posted a message on No people left in the village
    you should away lock 2 villagers in with some blocks just in-case, I do that or wall the whole village in and light er up!
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    posted a message on Seasonal Content.
    I would love to go trick-or-treating where for Halloween all the mobs drop various candies!
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    posted a message on Minecraft Mystery: Odd symbol found at The End...
    I sense, this is the next attempt at....the brine...I didn't say it so don't call me out ahhh! lol
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    posted a message on 【✙Chaotic Uniformity✙】[1.3] SuperNatural RPG {No Whitelist} 24/7 -Voting Rewards- 《Hardcore PvP》Shops┋Jobs┋Towns┋Bounties/Kill $
    • In-game name: Naruchico
    • Real life age: 22
    • Did you read the rules? Yes
    • Do you agree to follow them?: Yes
    • Where did you hear about us?: Stumbled onto it via mcforum
    • Why do you want to join?: Something I can enjoy in my off time from the others things I do
    • Did you vote for Chaotic Uniformity?: Yup
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    posted a message on Mod API
    The mod API basically gives modders the proper format to alter aspects of minecraft.

    The idea behind it is to hook into events, like say a creeper blowing up.(simple example incoming XD)

    Creeper Explosion= 10 radius
    (Modded) Creeper Explosion = 20 radius

    Of course it would be a completely different wording and such for coding but the basis is altering the game code in a controlled enviroment, so the original code is still there but the mod tells it to expand the radius.

    The Mod API is basically the modders special languages to alter the game without breaking it. Think of it as a translation book, it has the original language say english, and the new language spanish.

    Rojo=Red, in the most basic terms lol

    Hope this helped :-P
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    posted a message on What Minecrafter are you?
    forgot Server Admin XD, I work on minecraft more than I play minecraft half the time haha!
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    posted a message on What age is your machine?
    I see a lot of people complaining about how their computers are have issues with running minecraft, so I wanna get a rough idea of what your using.

    My Personal Opinions,

    If your complaining about your computer being drained by minecraft, upgrade, update, and understand that you may be running a machine out-of-date or have Incompatible parts(EG. ATI/NVIDIA having issues with specific options).

    Minecraft has seemed to cause some outraged people due to performance, and I can't understand the issue personally, other games don't get this much anger if their minimum specs are higher then you can run, so why minecraft?

    Is it because it looks simple you get enraged that your computer feels crappy cause it can't play such a "simple game".

    Let me clarify some things that you may not understand.
    • Graphics are not why your minecraft is slow.
    • Minecraft is CPU/RAM dependent unlike many games this requires a lot of resources because it has to generate thousands of interact-able items.
    • Others games often have a lot of visual items that are simply that visuals, they don't require much for resources because they sit their doing absolutely nothing, they can't be interacted with, and are stationary. Unlike minecraft where almost everything is interact-able, effected by light, and moveable.
    • Your FPS is low why? its not simply your graphics card isn't powerful enough, your looking at thousands of little blocks that have to have their light calculated by your CPU and RAM and every time you change a single block it needs to update light and other block around it, (you notice lag spikes when large amounts of sand/gravel and pistons are going?)
    • In some cases these things simply don't apply, sometimes it is the game, but optimizations are always on the horizon, if your unsure, ask around, or you can look at the specs of other gamers who play minecraft. A good thing to check is youtubers, you can usually find out their specs to get and idea of what machines run well with minecraft (like Antvenom 100 FPS always -yes I'm jelly XD)
    • If your machine is sluggish don't say its the games fault, the game is made for up-to-date computers, not a 10 year old single core, 1gig of ram white cased dust trap, I know it cost money to update your computer, but I would say, its about time, save up. All Good things come to those who wait :-)
    These are just my personal opinions, take them with a grain of salt.
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    posted a message on DnD-Gaming USA Presents Survival Island: Tribes
    Quick News
    • Added Lockette (chest/furnace/door locking with signs)
    • Added /home /home set

    players requested these, so we decided to grab them for your benefit so you can enjoy your start just that much more!

    If you have any suggestions for the server post here!

    I hope this will help anyone who joins feel a bit safer, and far less concerned about the loss of their items.

    As always please be respectful to all members, and have fun.
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    posted a message on Heroes Class yml's
    try talking to them on their IRC they generally respond quickly(but be ready last I heard from them they are closing up shop soon because of bukkits movement)
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    posted a message on Book and Quill Crafting
    recipe of the book now uses leather, and then add "new" book plus feather and ink sac :-)
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