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    Do you wondered where disappears the precipitate experience of dead players? It doesn’t disappear traceless, but plunge into the ground and, dissolves in water, accumulates there for centuries!
    Together groundwater experience falls into underground lakes and (because concentration of experience is hight) on their banks begin to grow special plants - Soulkeepers. They consists from material, which may holding parts of experience into itself.
    This material – dark crystal. It form and harden only in low light, and it is less than, the faster it goes. Planes crystal repeatedly reflect light and from this can seem that Soulkeeper lighting and shimmering in the darkness of caves.
    Material is very frail, so you can pluck Soulkeeper only by instruments, which charmed “silk touch”. Otherwise, it will break. Experience is extracted from the fruits is very simple: just click the right mouse button on a riped plant. Then the fruit shell collapses and content gets to you. A plant will form new vessels and accumulate experience in them.
    I note: the higher 58 level the concentration of experience is very small, and the plant will not ripen. At the same time, the deeper it grows, the more experience will harvest. But the fruit in any case not be filled, if within two blocks at the roots will not stagnant water. And more than her, the faster the ripening.
    Besides all described above underground lakes you can find a crystal stalactites. They contain no experience, but if you break its, you can get dark crystal shards. Various objects of this material will be presented in next additions.
    Official Review (Russian language)

    How to install:
    1. Download and install Forge
    2. Copy the mod folder in the "mods"
    Version 1.1.3
    • 1.7.2 release
    • 1.7.10 release
    • Generation of items in chests
    • Generation (chests) options in config
    • Graphical menu settings in "Mods" (only for 1.7.10)
    1.7.10 - version 1.1.3

    1.7.2 - version 1.1.3

    1.6.4 - version 1.1.3
    1.6.4 - version 1.0
    Addons is development
    I don't know English language very well, so please do not be offended if I don't understand your comments correctly, or you misunderstand me.

    Translation of exposition, provided Holda.
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