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    posted a message on Planex Prison Facility - Prison in Space - Reopening Soon
    Q1: What is your Minecraft username
    A: KnuckleSammich
    Q2: How old are you?
    A: 14 Nearly 15 ( have been told i am very mature for my age )
    Q3: What time zone are you living in? (GMT/UST)
    Q4: What country and/or state do you live in?
    A: I am Canadian
    Q5: Do you have any experience in prison servers?
    A: yes i have played on a few servers most will not remember but they are

    Furnace Penitentiary and LockedUp

    Q6: Do you have any experience in guarding on prison servers?
    A: Yes i got up to being a an elite guard on locked up.
    Q7: How many hours per day do you spend on Planex Prison Facility?
    A: None the server has not been up yet but it sounds very interesting from the back ground.
    Q8: What prison block are you currently in?
    A: Technicaly Foyal
    Q9: What makes your application stand out?
    A: Well i am a youtube commentator with very little subscribers but trys his best. i am

    also canadian and i am nearly always on my computer. i also have alot of free time. it also stands out because
    i read the rules .:)
    Q10: Additional information?
    not really

    Well thanks for taking time to read my application and i cannot wait till this server starts it seems like its going to be the next top
    prison server.
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    posted a message on ║ [Request]►►Minecraft Server◄◄[Staff] ║
    i would love to apply as a staff position
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    posted a message on the Brotherhood | RECRUITING MATURE STAFF
    IGN: Powr56
    Age: 14
    Previous management experience (have you been an admin on other servers?):I have been a moderator on 2 other minecraft servers so I have a tremendous amount experience and I am also a private server owner (just for my friends and I) and I love to donate But seriously I will donate if I find that I like this server. I also am extremely diplomatic and responsible and of course I know the ins and outs of how servers work.
    Building experience (what have you built in the past? pictures recommended, though optional): you will see.

    im also a pixel artist

    there is more pixel art just add my skype UnrealHD
    Why you'd like to help: I am familiar with all of the plugins you have listed and I am also trained as a moderator/admin as well. I know most if not every command by heart and I have macros to make it quick and easy.
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    posted a message on GirlCraft ♥(For Girls Only ;D)♥
    Are you a girl :tongue.gif:? no but im gay does that count ? :biggrin.gif:
    How old are you (optional):
    Have you been banned?: no
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