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    posted a message on Most accesible way to learn how to code for Java?

    Hello, so I've recently decided that I wanted to get back into learning how to code. I gained some basic knowledge around 2 years ago, but the sources I was using to learn were extremely limited, and I couldn't seem to find a steady and efficient way to understand everything I needed to know to code for modding. I wanted to know if there was a (not specifically easy) way to learn how to code that was effective, efficient and helpful all around source that could help me consistently. Pricing is not a worry, free or not, I want the safest form of learning available on the internet. (Besides taking actual classes for it of course; I want to learn at my own pace. This however is not out of the question and is likely a last resort.)

    Thanks in advance.

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    posted a message on <Minecraft Survival Only server 1.10> Looking for BETA testers.

    I'd love to be a part of the Beta, but what version is this, might I ask?

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    posted a message on Editing Vanilla Values
    Quote from Leviathan143»

    Not in the same way. How competent are you in Java?

    Competent enough, but there are some things I don't quite understand yet.
    Sorry for changing the topic but instead of going through the trouble of changing base values do you mind helping me with a way to add custom Harvest levels for blocks beyond the base ones in vanilla (i.e. levels 4 and 5)? I've decided that going through this process would be far more effective than risking compatibility by messing with base classes.
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    posted a message on Editing Vanilla Values
    Quote from Leviathan143»

    Item#setHarvestLevel() and Item#setMaxDamage() will allow you to change the harvest level and durability of tools. You may or may not be able to change other values depending on what they are, can you provide a list of all the values you are interested in changing.?

    So far this is exactly what I need. Thought not quite as a necessity, is it possibly to adjust variables such as Enchatability or Efficiency?
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    posted a message on Editing Vanilla Values

    I've already added ToolMaterials for seperate tools, but what I'm trying to do is edit the Vanilla values of tools to be more in line with the value chart I made beforehand, such as the Durability and Enchantability. (i.e. using a Wood Stick with Diamond makes the tool less valuable than using a Diamond Stick with Diamonds for a pickaxe, as a reference to how my mod will work.) Is there any way to apply my custom ToolMaterials to Vanilla tools or would I have to use a different method altogether?

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    posted a message on Editing Vanilla Values

    Hi, I just had a quick question about editing Vanilla tool values. I already understand that editing the base classes is a bad idea, but I'm having trouble finding out any safe workarounds to this method. I'd really appreciate if someone could help me. Thanks in advance.

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    posted a message on Adding Item Description

    Hey guys, just had a real quick question. How exactly does one use .addinformation() in the correct context? As in, what would be an appropriate stack, playerIn, tooltip and advanced? I'd really appreciate an example. Thanks in advance.

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    posted a message on Eclipse Class File Editor Sources Not Found

    I'm currently using Eclipse to code for a custom Pickaxe. I've done all the prerequisite coding for it but I seem to have run into a problem that I need to fix for both the task at hand as well as future items I plan on implementing. I'm currently attempting to use the ItemPickaxe.class for the code necessary to make my custom pickaxe. But when I attempt to open the class and view the class itself I get an error saying the Source isn't found, and giving me the option to attach a source, to which I can't figure out where I would get these files.

    I've attempted to decompile again twice, once with:

    gradlew setupDevWorkspace

    and with:

    gradlew setupDecompWorkspace

    Both of which don't seem to help.

    Thanks to anyone who replies in advance.

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    posted a message on Need help with Shaped Shapeless Recipes

    Great! Everything is working fine. Thanks guys!

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    posted a message on Need help with Shaped Shapeless Recipes
    Quote from sky_01»

    Use a shaped recipe, but don't specify any blank areas in the grid. The recipe handler is very flexible and can detect that a recipe does not, for example, specify a third row or third column -- which makes it a 2x2 recipe. If you don't even specify a 2nd column, you will have a 1x1 or 1x2 recipe.

    Thanks a lot! That's a great start, but now I've run into a different problem.

    Using this seems to only allow me to craft the sticks in the first slots in the 1st and second rows, as well the 3rd slots for the first two rows. I structured the recipe like this:

    {"1 ", "1 ", " ", '1', Items.iron_ingot}

    Would I need to fill the blanks in with a variable and simply not specify them or remove the third entry?

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    posted a message on Need help with Shaped Shapeless Recipes

    Currently in production of a mod that adds Iron sticks as a more durable material, and I've run into a problem with its crafting recipe. I've tried shaping a shapeless recipe, which I knew wouldn't work and tried it anyways, I've tried not shaping a shaped recipe, and I've tried simply adding it simply .addRecipe one. None of them seem to work to what I want. What my goal is is to make the recipe work like vanilla Sticks or Torches do, as in, one plank must be on top of the other in order for it to make a stick, but it doesn't matter where those two sticks go together on the crafting grid.

    Can anyone help me with this? So far this is how my Recipes class looks:

    package com.naaamemc.tawe;

    public class Recipes {

    public static void init() {


    Thanks to anybody who can help in advance!

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    posted a message on Expansive Research - Expanding Vanilla! [WIP 1.9.4 - 1.11]
    EXPANSIVE RESEARCH: Currently a WIP Mod, aimed at expanding Vanilla tools and how they can be upgraded!
    Current version: 0.1

    All bolded text (not including sub headers) is/are subject to change.

    This thread is a WIP, too! Expect frequent changes!

    BACKSTORY: Expansive Research is a company and brand that specializes in bringing consumers top quality tools, enhancements, and all around helpful items for one's everyday needs!

    STATUS: This is a mod currently in development, and will stay that way until all aspects, ideas and plans are finished. This might take a long time, as currently ( 1 ) person is/are working on it! To read a list of planned features, visit the Features tab below.

    FEATURES: Click on the Spoiler below to read a list of planned features. This list will eventually be moved to a more eye-friendly spread sheet.

    > ITEMS: Items that will be integrated into the game, and can be obtained via 100% Vanilla means.

    Sticks or Rods are the base of all tools, and they all work identical to Vanilla sticks.

    ~ Ender Stick
    ~ Nether Star Rod
    ~ Netherrack Stick
    ~ Nether Quartz Rod
    ~ Obsidian Rod
    ~ Diamond Rod
    ~ Iron Rod
    ~ Coal Stick
    ~ Gold Rod
    ~ Sandstone Stick
    ~ Redstone Rod
    ~ Lapis Lazuli Rod
    ~ Emerald Rod
    ~ Glass Rod

    ~ Blaze Stick

    ~ Nether Brick Rod
    ~ Flint Rod

    ~ Charcoal Stick

    Ingots are created after Raw Ingots are smelted, and Raw Ingots can be created from their Chunk counterparts. Ingots are required in making Rods, as well as the tool heads themselves.
    ~ Ender Ingot
    ~ Nether Star Ingot
    ~ Netherrack Ingot
    ~ Nether Quartz Ingot
    ~ Obsidian Ingot
    ~ Diamond Ingot
    ~ Coal Ingot
    ~ Sandstone Ingot
    ~ Redstone Ingot
    ~ Lapis Lazuli Ingot
    ~ Emerald Ingot
    ~ Glass Ingot

    ~ Blaze Ingot

    ~ Flint Ingot
    ~ Charcoal Ingot

    Chunks are dropped from their respective ore blocks. They each drop 1 of the listed chunk, but vary by vein numbers.
    ~ Ender Chunk
    ~ Nether Star Chunk
    ~ Netherrack Chunk
    ~ Obsidian Chunk
    ~ Sandstone Chunk
    ~ Emerald Piece
    ~ Glass Chunk

    Raw Ingots;
    The Ingots section has counterparts that are essentially raw versions of themselves. All the ingots need to smelted before hand to be used in any crafting recipe. This adds a sort of necessary buffer to the crafting process.

    Every Ingot and Stick/Rod listed above can be combined to make a tool that varies in efficiency and durability. Some might even have special perks.

    : Blocks that will be integrated into the game, and can be obtained via 100% Vanilla means.

    Nothing here yet, check in soon!

    MAP: This mod will also come with a companion map, specifically designed for the testing and creation of all Tools, Modifications, Ores and other newly implemented features.

    DISCLAIMER: This mod is NOT intended to be a copy of Tinker's Construct. Tinker's adds a variety of new metals as well as a well thought out smelting system. This mod is intended to add more variety to Vanilla Minecraft, rather than new materials.

    This is currently the end of this thread! Be sure to check in for more updates and amazing content. I hope to have a stable test build running by the end of April of 2017 ; Hopefully sooner!

    Stay tuned. Thanks!


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    posted a message on Iguanas Tinker Tweaks
    Quote from Zenth_»

    Hi, I don't know whether it's a bug or I'm doing something wrong, but even if "allowPartReuse" is set to true, the game won't let me reshape tool parts. What I'm doing is putting the desired pattern in the pattern slot of the Part Builder, and the component to be recycled in the material slot. I tried moving them around, but there's never any output. Thanks in advance to whoever can help me.

    Here's the list of mods I'm using, they're all updated to the latest version:

    Biomes o'plenty
    Carpenter's blocks
    Dense ores
    Dragon API

    Extra bees
    Extra TiC

    Extra trees
    Extra utilities
    Flat signs
    Forge multipart
    Gilded games util
    Magic bees
    Malisis core
    Malisis doors
    Mariculture deluxe
    Mr. Crayfish's furniture mod
    NEI addons
    NEI integration

    Plant mega pack
    Tinkers' Construct
    Thaumic Exploration
    Thaumic Tinkerer
    The Erebus

    Twilight Forest
    Version checker
    WAILA harvestability

    Can I see your config file? And are you sure you're using the correct material for that specified pattern? You can check what materials are usable for that pattern. There's also the limit of how much the original tool part is worth (1.5, 1, .5) of a material. Perhaps the tool head you're trying to apply it too doesn't meet this requirement?

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    posted a message on TooMuchArmor
    Quote from avocadojoe»

    I added the rest of the armor screenshots to the thread.

    Actually names of the armors, I mean.

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    posted a message on Longer Game Days

    Will the days be extended to real time 12-120 hours or ingame ticks? I think the idea of having days like several hours would be quite interesting.


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