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    From the manual: Thanks for purchasing your personal Dimensional Pocket for only 6 baziptimorillion dollars!
    It will be a great help for your everyday mining, storage and base building needs.
    Just give it a right click, step inside and use the space it offers you to your liking!

    (Sleeping inside a Dimensional Pocket is strictly prohibited. There were a few "accidents" during the testing phase, which suggest not to use a bed in there.)

    What this mod actually does:

    This mod adds a block that can be "entered" so to speak. The Dimensional Pocket. Right click with an empty hand to enter it. Sneak-right click a wall, floor or ceiling inside the pocket to exit it. You can build stuff in it, for example a storage room or a small base. If you pick up the Dimensional Pocket you can place it down elsewhere, the content will remain. You can even place a Dimensional Pocket inside a Dimensional Pocket :D

    Changelog for the latest version

    "This is a ripoff of Compact Machines!" - No it isn't. Let me explain.

    Yes, Dimensional Pockets is incredibly similar to Compact Machines. The base idea is pretty much exactly the same.
    But both were developed independently, without us authors even knowing of each others mods.
    We got in contact with Davenonymous and turns out he's a really cool guy. Long story short, I just quote the essential part of his response here:

    I did not know about Dimensional Pockets until after I released CompactMachines. I had the idea in a "under the shower", "just went to bed" moment. I don't feel ripped off and I hope the same goes for you.

    You can quote me on this if you like, but i would rather see "Dimensional Pocket + CompactMachines" than "vs", i.e. the best way would be to remove that whole section from your project page, ignore all the ignorant haters and say something like this: "I talked to Davenonymous and neither of us feels ripped off from the other one - quite the opposite, we will try to work together on improving our mods by sharing ideas and living the open source spirit."


    We need your help:

    If you see Dimensional Pockets hosted anywhere else than here on Curse or on our GitHub, please write us a private message, leave a comment, tweet us (@Jezzadabomb338, @NPException) or even open an issue on Github.
    Those sites might have outdated versions or even modified ones to contain Malware.

    Lookup more info on the topic on http://stopmodreposts.org/

    Roots: This mod came to life during the ModJam 4 in May 2014 and even placed 2nd in the "Most Inventive" category.

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    Well nevermind. Just took a look at how much time it would take to implement fluid support... and kinda just put it in on the fly :D

    So the next version will be 0.11.0 instead of 0.10.7, and it will contain fluid support.

    yay \o/

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    New version 0.10.4

    • Added
      • Ability to transfer items into and out of the Dimensional Pocket. The DP forwards all items to inventories that are adjacent to it or it's inner Connectors. (Given that the mode of the side in question is set to "Transfer")

    • Changed
      • Changed "RF-Transfer" mode to "Transfer". There is no need for two different modes. (At least not yet)

    • Fixed
      • Disabled teleport ability of EnderIO Traveler Staff and Ender Pearls inside of Dimensional Pockets

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    Updated to 0.10.3
    Kind of a critical bugfix, so you should probably get it.


    • Added
      • Config option to disable/enable chunk loading of pocket rooms

    • Changed
      • Pocket room generation. No more "noisy neighbours". Pockets are now spaced 20 chunks apart, so you neither have to render stuff from other pockets, nor hear noises from them or even have them loaded. That's just the case for newly generated pockets though.
      • Buffed up the update check a bit

    • Fixed
      • Horrible, horrible bug which was fortunately not noticeable in earlier versions

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    Hey folks!

    Are you trying to run minecraft through a password protected proxy?
    Did you recognize that there is no simple way to accomplish that?

    Well i had the same Problem.
    But I am a Java programmer and had nothing else to do within the last couple of hours, so here it is:

    Minecraftproxy 1.4_1!
    (works with Beta 1.5)

    its basically a modified launcher, which enables the game to run through a protected proxy.
    You can still play the game without using a proxy, like you did before.
    MinecraftProxy asks if you want to connect through a proxy. Just click "no" if you don't want to. ;)

    That means you just need MinecraftProxy. You do not need the original launcher in addition.
    So here it is:

    :Diamond: http://www.mediafire...tproxy1.4_1.rar :Diamond:

    :Diamond: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LZZ6W10J :Diamond:

    Please post here if it works for you or not, it would keep the topic up and help me to see if it needs bugfixing.

    Please spread the word to everyone! Even if you do not have this problem, maybe a friend of a friend of a friend of you does.
    I'm surely not the only one who had this problem, so I want everybody to know that there is a solution.
    I'll try to post updated versions of the launcher if it's necessary.

    If you feel generous and the Launcher works for you, you can donate me a dollar or more.
    Donations will be used to fund my electronic projects.

    Thank you guys for helping!

    Just execute as you would the normal Launcher. Windows users just need to execute the .bat-file. If there are questions, read the README.txt first.
    If it does not help your case: Contact me.
    Important: Make sure that you have JAVA added to your PATH variable. Here is a guide on how to do that: http://www.minecraft...f=1036&t=251346

    When you run MinecraftProxy you will see something like this at the beginning:

    If you click "No", Minecraft will start like it would with the standard launcher.

    If you click "Yes" you get to this screen:

    If you sit behind a proxy and need this tool, you should be familiar with this kind of config window ;)
    If you use the "Use first setting for all" option, the checkboxes in front of each protocol type will still set wether the proxy options will be used for the according protocol or not.

    After entering the needed data just press "Ok" and Minecraft will start up using the given proxy settings.
    If you click "Cancel" Minecraft will as it would with the normal launcher.
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