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    I saw the exact same thing! But I was playing attack of the b team, and I was a bat, so of course the spider died of fall damage whilst I was trying to screenshot it. It was the weirdest thing, and it has been the only time I have seen it!

    It wasn't a spawner either, it was just in the wild
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    posted a message on Captainsparklez Ultra Modded Survival Pack 1.6.2 - Techinic Launcher
    So, I delved into this pack for the first time and quickly became indulged. I was having so much fun, until I was swarmed by several hundy mobs and I discovered that I could not sprint. I even had a full hunger bar and plenty of food to fill it up again if needed.

    I have looked at trying to change the controls, but I can't change it back to the traditional controls for sprinting (double tap 'W' key), and even when I change it to another key entirely, I still cannot sprint.

    Halp would be appreciated; please and thank you.
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    *****, try adjusting the amount of RAM dedicated to minecraft!
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    I don't know if i'm having a similar problem, but I can't sprint. I've tried changing the controls, but I can't get it back to the regular, vanilla way of sprinting.

    By using the little 'cog' button on the technic launcher you can change the amount of RAM that is dedicated to whatever pack you're playing I guess; but I put mine up to 3GB and the Ultra Pack runs fine. The only problem is zombies wearing weird hats.
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